ELSA at Bozeat

The role of an ELSA (Emotional Literacy Support Assistant) is carried out by an experienced TA at our school (Mrs Parker) who has received specialist training from educational psychologists and will continue to be supported by them half termly.

Our ELSA ensures that positive relationships are built with the children and supports them with their emotional development.

One to one and group sessions with our ELSA will help children to begin to understand their emotions and those of others around them by learning specific skills and strategies to help them cope in difficult situations.

The ELSA will regularly liaise with class teachers and monitor the child's progression. A program will usually run for six weeks in a safe, designated space, offering consistency with day, time and adult unless unforeseen circumstances arise in which case the child will be informed and the session will be rearranged. The program will be specific to the individual child's needs and planned accordingly.

ELSA work is time to build positive relationships and help children think about and reduce negative behaviours. 

If you would like any additional information, there is a website you can visit here:

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