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Rabbits Class Blog

Key Information:


PE days are Thursday and Friday.


Spellings will be given on a Friday and we test the following week. 
Tuck shop is running from Tuesday-Friday.
Reading logs will be checked weekly. 
Children following the phonics sequence will have their book changed weekly by their phonics teacher. Children following the spelling sequence can change their books as and when they need to. 

Book and a Biscuit Dates: 
Friday 9th February  3.00-3.30pm 

Friday 8th March 3.00-3.30pm

Friday 10th May 3.00-3.30pm

Friday 7th June 3.00-3.30pm

Spring term 1


This week in Maths Year 1 have been learning about Counting backwards and subtracting to find the difference.
Year 2 have been learning about using arrays to represent multiplication problems. We then moved on to learning about division by grouping.

In Science we have been learning about Habitats of the world. We are able to identify that most living things live in habitats to which they are suited and describe
how different habitats provide for the basic needs of different kinds of animals and plants, and how they depend on each other. 
Here are some more resources and videos to help you with your optional homework challenge this week: 

What is a Habitat?



How to identify the habitat of an animal: 



Interactive Habitat Explorer from the Open University: 



Homework Year 2 2.2.24Homework Year 1 2.2.24



This week we took a trip to Pizza Express at Rushden Lakes to understand the basic principles of a healthy and varied diet to prepare dishes. We also went to understand where the ingredients in our food comes from. 

Pizza Express trip

During the trip we stretched out our dough, spread our passata and basil and sprinkled our cheese. We are going to use our pizza making expertise to write a recount of our trip next week. 

Homework: Homework Year 2 26.1.24Homework Year 1 26.1.24 


This week we have been learning about he Oceans of the World. Miss Dudley-Smith set us a challenge of learning the location all of the oceans by the end of the week. 

Here is a video to help you remember them:  

Year 1 Homework 19.1.24Year 2 Homework 19.1.24


12.1.24 Homework Year 212.1.24 Homework Year 1


Welcome back to school for our new term!
We hope you had a peaceful Christmas. 


Friday 5th January

We have started learning about Programming Robots in Computing. 
We were able to explain what a given command will do. We predicted the outcome of a command on a device, we matched a command to an outcome and we ran commands on a device.

IMG 0177IMG 0176IMG 0175IMG 0174

Homework and Spellings for this week: 

Year 2 Homework 5.1.24Year 1 Homework 5.1.24




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