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Useful information:

Rabbits PE days have now changed to a Monday and Friday - Please ensure your child brings in a full PE kit for definite on Monday mornings.

Please continue to complete your KS1 homework if you haven't already done so and then hand these to either Miss Cox or Mrs Parker so that we can have a look at how the children have been getting on with work at home.

New banded reading books are to be issued on Friday's weekly.

Children have a copy of their weekly spellings in the front of their reading logs, including ed shed login and ttrockstars logins. Don't forget to practice spellings weekly using the spelling shed website - children will have an updated copy of spelling lists weekly. Timetables will be available for the children to practice on ttrockstars website once the children have learnt about multiplication and division. The links below will take you to both of the websites.



Here is some addition parent guidance for both Spelling Shed and TTRockstars: https://s3.eu-west-2.amazonaws.com/files.edshed.com/docs/Parent+Guide+for+Spelling+Shed.pdf and https://www.dixonstc.com/uploads/files/TTRS-Parent-Guide-in-Dixons-format.pdf

PLEASE continue to read at home with your child and make COMMENT in their reading log - this is very important for their learning and development and will be checked weekly by Miss Cox.


Home learning boosters as discussed during parents evening:

Please see below a grid which gives provides documents/activities for you to complete with your children at home. These can be done in your own time and when you feel necessary to do so. These will support children's learning further from what has been taught at school:



Writing.docx and Writing-4.docx

Week beginning 15th November

This weeks spellings are as follows:

catch, hutch, ditch, fetch, notch (please practice these during the week - these will be available to practice on spelling shed too)

This week was Anti-bullying week, the children had an assembly on anti-bullying on Monday and during their PSHE lesson have learnt what bullying means, how we can use kind words to each other and in a scenario how we would feel and what we would do to resolve the issue - the children enjoyed learning about this and knew that kind words were to be shared throughout the week to show respect amongst themselves and others.

During Phonics this week the children have continued learning their Set 2 and 3 sounds and completing their 3 day or 5 day storybook scheme. The children have wowed an in school visitor with their phonics knowledge and are showing real progress throughout the read write inc scheme. With regards to the phonics screening which will take place officially in June 2022 there is some guidance that you can access to learn more about this: https://www.youtube.com/wat?v=LbKGLJPp6ww

This week in English the children have been acting out the model text 'The Unigoat' and learning how to read the words in the text. It was excellent to see all of them able to retell the story and read it aloud as a class. Their retention and memory of the text has been brilliant. Following this the children completed a 'never heard the word' grid which allowed them to think about some of the vocabulary used in a report. The children compared 2 facts about a rainbow dragon and tree giant - we looked at what we thought was good and picked out some of the interesting facts that were shared about these mythical creatures, later in the week the children answered some questions about the model text and also delved deeper when reading the model text to find key features such as capital letters, full stops, the conjunction 'and' and verbs. 

In Maths this week we have had a focus on addition and subtraction. The children looked in more detail at number bonds - finding out which number bond addition sums relate to that number and which do not. They also found a part of a part whole model, knew that adding 2 numbers together would make a whole, knew how many were left when some are taken away and also understood how the subtraction symbol was used to take a number away from another to find a total. The children enjoyed exploring a range of addition number facts in the maths tuff tray this week which has encouraged them to think about different ways to solve an addition number sentence using resources as well as seeing number sentences in pictorial form too e.g. adding some lollypops to some flowers and finding the whole of both the lollypops and flowers (how many altogether).

In DT this week the children begun to create their moving toy vehicle. They used cylinder wood and small cardboard wheels to create the chassis/axle. They used DIY skills to saw the wood as well as use of a hot glue gun to stick the pieces of wood and wheels together. The children have loved this task and are really looking forward to getting stuck in again next week :) The cardboard boxes bought into school will be used for the body of the vehicles.  Please remember to bring in a cardboard box early next week if you haven't already :)

Week beginning 8th November

Weekly Timetable:


What another busy week Rabbits class have had - we have done all sorts: school photographs, watching the Lion's class assembly and celebrating remembrance day at the church on Thursday morning. 

During Phonics this week we have carried out some Screening assessments to see how the children are getting on with learning sounds and being able to spot the special friends, fred talk and read the word. Children were shown some alien words and real words which they were then asked to use their phonics knowledge to decode and blend. Below is some parental information regarding the screening for phonics which will take place properly in June 2022 : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LbKGLJPp6ww

This week in English the children have developed their knowledge of sentences including: verbs, use of capital letters and appropriate punctuation, building sentences and making sure that sentences make sense. Towards the end of the week children worked in partners and came up with a sentence to describe the landscape that the Unigoat lives in. The chidlren were asked to hold the sentence in their head by saying it over and over to themselves and then having a go at writing it down. We also completed the mapping to go with our model text and the children even had a go at mapping out the text themselves really focusing on the different features: title, introduction, information 1, information 2, information 3 and a conclusion which are the crucks of report writing.

In Maths this week we have had a real focus on number bonds to 10. This began on Monday where we looked at systematic number bonds whereby addition sums can be seen in an order/pattern. On Tuesday the children looked at number bonds to 10. On Wednesday we were comparing number bonds and seeing which addition sentence had a greater total, smaller total or the same total when added together and on Thursday the children looked at adding numbers together using the plus and equals symbols consistently. The children had a lot of practical activity time including a tuff tray activity in the environment which they really enjoyed participating in.

As part of our PSHE lesson on Friday we had some circle time together as a class. During this time we discussed families and the differences between them - including the fact that all families come in different sizes, religions and faiths. We looked at how some families include 2 mums, 2 dads, 1 parent, a mum and a dad, grandparents or adopted families. The children enjoyed sharing ideas with each other about who is in their family and who looks after them. We then delved deeper to discuss where families could live and how we have lots of emotions which we share in our family from happy to sad to anxious to worry to proud moments. The children were then asked about a special person in their lives which could be a friend or family member, we talked about who this person was, why they were special to us and how we felt about them. The children were given a 'special person balloon' to take home and complete. Inside the balloon the children have been asked to draw a person who is special to them and then write down why they are special or draw a picture of why they are special if they are unable to write it down. Please complete this with your child and bring it back into school next week so that Miss Cox can create a display of these.

Week beginning 1st November

Subject Learning:

In maths this week the children have started a new unit of Addition and Subtraction. The children have looked at part-whole models. Exploring how these are used to find addition number sentences as well as fact families. Towards the end of the week the children have learnt number bonds within 10. This learning has been supported by our continuing learning of the rekenrek and maths mastery number knowledge.

In writing this week the children received a mysterious box from an unknown creature. They explored and discussed who the box could possibly belong to - ideas ranging from santa's reindeers to goats and unicorns. The mysterious creature also left us some glittery footprints to follow and a table full of sparkly snowflakes. The children were amazed the next day to find a letter had been left for them which introduced them to a 'Non-chronological report' of a Unigoat. There were many features included in the report and we found out what the unigoat looks like, what it eats and where we would find one. The children compared 2 types of unigoat looking at Lancelot Unigoat and a Rainbow Unigoat, the children were told about these special unigoats as they were just a few of the very rare sightings in the world. 


In history this week the children bought in their own favourite teddy bear/toy. We had some circle time whereby the children shared their toy's with each other and we discussed what they looked like and why it was their favourite. The children came up with some excellent ideas to describe their toy and had a go at writing these ideas down in sentences on paper. They drew a picture of their toy to go alongside this piece of writing. The children were asked to use their previous knowledge of descriptive character writing and apply these skills learnt to another area of the curriculum = History. The results were great and I was very impressed!

Week beginning 18th October

The final week before the half term has been fantastic in Rabbits class and as our learning continues the children are building upon independence and confidence each and every day. 

Parent notice: After half term the children will start to receive 5 spellings that they will need to take home to practice. New spellings will be issued on Friday's each week. The children will then be tested on the spellings learnt to see how they got on with learning them.


Subject Learning:

In maths this week the children have continued their learning of place value. They have very much enjoyed the Halloween themed tuff tray challenge this week whereby they had to order numbers from greatest to smallest and represent these numbers with objects. This was some consolidation work of place value which the children have really worked hard on.

Ordering numbers and objects

In writing this week we finished our unit of character description writing, the children choose their own character to describe and I was very impressed by the standards of some of the work achieved. For our next unit we will be looking at non-chronological reports which is a non-fiction unit the focus will be on a mythical goat creature. I am really looking forward to delving in that bit deeper into this unit with the children after half term.

In science we have been looking at carnivores, herbivores and omnivores - discussing which animals eat what, how we know this and then grouping the animals dependent on what they eat. The children loved having a good go at this and sharing their knowledge. 

Other areas of the curriculum (construction): Children have been working hard in the construction area this week building tall towers with duplo as well as creating a tower home to sleep in.

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Week beginning 11th October

I can't believe how the weeks fly by! It's crazy that there is only 1 more week left until half term and celebrations of the spooky season!! Rabbits have continued to grow in confidence this week, we started the week with the harvest festival celebrations down at the church. The children continued to amaze me with their well presented song 'Bean Harvest', there were lots of laughs and smiles shared among us all and Rabbits class received lots of praise and positive comments including a sticker from Miss Cox to celebrate how well they performed and behaved during the church service. A huge well done!

Upon writing the blog this week I wanted to share our weekly timetable with you so that you are able to see what we learn and when (please note that this is subject to change after half term as we will no longer have Cricket on Tuesday afternoons. The children will be doing PE with myself on Wednesday afternoons):


As you can see Tuesday afternoons and Friday mornings are different with different times scheduled for fitting subjects in - as mentioned Tuesday afternoons will be different after half terms and we will get our slot back for maths!

Subject Learning:

In Phonics the children have been continuing to learn new sounds in Set 2 and 3 - red group are currently reviewing special friend sounds in Set 1 and next week will be moving onto learning new sounds in Set 2 as well as being introduced to new Green Storybooks which they will be able to bring home and read to an adult. 

Special friends are 2 letters that make one sound - below are some practice sheets to practice if you would like to at home. I would strongly urge Red Ditty group to continue practicing these at home.


In Handwriting the children have been learning that capital letters for one armed robot letters: r,b,n,h,m,k,p and towards the end of the week they were introduced to the curly caterpillar letters: c,a,d,o,s,g,q,e.f

If you want to practice these letters together at home to strengthen letter formation then please use the alphabet sheet and writing guidelines below:

penpals alphabet Lined-Small-Paper.pdf

In English the children have been continuing to learn about character description, at the beginning of the week we looked at some vocabulary that we were unsure of earlier in our learning, we then created a writer's description toolkits using adjectives, verbs and use of our sense to describe the troll in the three billy goats gruff. The children then used their toolkit knowledge to describe the big pad pig and the gingerbread man. They have come up with some brilliant ideas and have really surprised me with what they have learnt and now know.

In Maths the children have continued their learning of greater than, less than and equal to as well as having a go at ordering objects depending on whether the amount is greater or smaller. With this knowledge and together with Miss Cox's help we worked towards ordering different amounts of objects and questioned how we knew which amount was the biggest and which was the smallest. 

The children have also been continuing their learning during sessions towards the NCTEM Maths Mastery Progamme. This week, alongside the rekenrek, the children have been introduced to Hungarian Dice patterns. They used these to show that 2 numbers add together to make 5. _____ and _______ together make 5. Below are the children in action using these:

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NCTEM Maths Mastery Programme:

We are lucky enough to have joined a maths mastery number sense programme that has been pushed out by the NCTEM. This consists of children learning through use of a rekenrek (as seen below). The contents of the 5 themes for the mastery number programme are as follows: the children will subitise, look at cardinality, ordinality and counting, then composition, comparison and finally addition/subtraction number facts. The past couple of weeks the children have been getting used to an online version of the rekenrek (before we recieve the hand held ones soon) and knowing how it should be used, looking at subitising (being able to tell what a number is straight away by for example seeing an amount of dots on the screen and saying how many there are and not counting) and also how we are able to make 5 in different ways - 0 and 5, 5 and 0, 1 and 4, 4 and 1, 3 and 2 and 2 and 3. The children have so far loved the scheme and look forward to using the rekenrek each day we teach it.

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If you would like to practice number bonds to 5 with your children (whereby they recall 2 numbers that add together to make 5) you can use the online version of the rekenrek to achieve this. The children know how to use it so please do have a go and test their knowledge.


Class Update - Week beginning 4th October

The class have settled back into live in Rabbits very well this week. They love our new carpet and it is great to see so much enthusiasm and enjoyment filling the classroom everyday now that we are back! 

This week has been a busy week for Rabbits what with being placed into our new phonics groups, the children have done ever so well with some moving onto Yellow Storybooks already - absolutely fantastic. The children have been reenacting the story of the Three Billy Goats Gruff together with Miss Cox as well as building sentences with capital letters, full stops and using the conjunction 'and' to join sentences together. In maths the children have been learning about comparison language for example: greater than, less than and equal to - alongside this they have also been introduced to BLOCKZILLA!! Who is our favourite comparing symbol monster! The children thoroughly enjoyed watching BLOCKZILLA and how he shared his knowledge of greater than, less than and equal to when comparing different numbers. 

Please see the videos below if you would like to share these together at home:


During science this week the children have learnt about birds and why they are so special. It was brilliant to share vocabulary in terms of the features of a bird and when comparing them how they are the same and how they are different. The children came up with some brilliant sentences to describe this which we were able to jot down and complete together. The children have also bought home some models which they completed in the Nursery unit last week. We looked at different Amphibians and reptiles and the difference between these as well as looing at the different features of specific animals. From this the children chose to create either a lizard, iguana, frog or crocodile. These turned out excellent and the children really enjoyed using the clay to build these (pictures to follow).

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