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Welcome to our Year 1 Class Page

Below are some key pieces of information for parents:

1) Rabbits PE days are Monday's and Friday's each week - Please ensure that your child brings in a full PE kit and appropriate footwear. On Tuesday's this term the children will be taking part in some fun Tennis themed PE sessions with a coach who will be coming in to teach them lots of new skills.

2) New spellings are issued on Fridays with our spelling test for previous spellings also taking place on Friday afternoons

3) Reading logs are checked on a weekly basis so please ensure that when you are reading with your child at home you record how they are getting on in the log. Please ensure that you are commenting in your child's reading log each week to share with the teacher how they have been getting on with reading at home - this communication is very important.

 4) Banded books correlating to the children's phonics knowledge are issued on Friday afternoons. The children are able to choose a new book to take home and share with their adult over the weekend and into the following week - Please ensure these are bought back into school on Friday's for your child to exchange for a new book. We have already had books missing and not arrive back with the child. If the banded book is not returned then we cannot issue a new book until all old ones come back to school.

5) Once the children are given a new phonics book to read at home to an adult, their old phonics book should be returned to school to given to their teacher. It is important that these are returned, as the school have only purchased a certain amount of these. New phonics books will not be issued until the old ones are handed back. 

6) It is important that children come into school with a water bottle which can be accessed throughout the day. This helps them to stay hydrated. Can all water bottles that come into school be labelled with your child's name on.

7) Tuck shop: tuck shop is open Tuesday-Friday every week. If your child would like to purchase something from the trolley then please ensure they have the correct change.

Update 11 Wk beg 11/7/22

There will be no spelling text new week due to it being the end of the academic year.

The children have had yet another busy week in the lead up to the final week before Summer Holidays. On Monday the children were welcomed into school by the olympic athlete Ezekiel Ewulo! Ezekiel lead an assembly as well as class fitness sessions! The Rabbits children really enjoyed the activities they took part in - especially the push ups which they had to do for 1 whole minute! Pictures to follow.... For the second part of the day on Monday the children went up to the playing field to take part in a range of activities for sports day. It was wonderful to see so many children return with stickers and be able to explain what they had to do to get them!

In Maths this week the children have been continuing their learning of money by counting out coins. We had a good go at this, we used our knowledge of counting in 2s, 5s and 10s to be able to find different ways of representing the value of coins. Towards the end of the week the children completed a time assessment ready for our next unit. During the beginning of next week the children will be looking at time on a clock - looking at o'clock and half past. If you would like to practice time over the summer holidays please follow the links below to some games:

https://www.topmarks.co.uk/time/teaching-clock and https://mathsframe.co.uk/en/resources/resource/116/telling_the_time# and https://www.sheppardsoftware.com/math/time/clock-splat-game/

In Phonics the children have blown us away with their final assessments. We will be collecting the phonics and banded books back in before the Summer holidays so that they are ready to go for the children moving up in September. If your children would like to continue reading over the summer holidays there will be a communication via the office explaining how you can access eBooks on the Oxford Owl platform. Please do take part in the schools summer reading challenge and why not choose a book from the WI book hut outside school?. 

It has been a pleasure teaching the children in Rabbits this year and I wish them all the best of luck as they move into Year 2 next year! :-)

Thank you - Miss Cox

Update 10 Wk beg 4/7/22

Spellings for next weeks test are as follows:

these, delete, complete, even, theme - the split digraph e-e (phonics)

Please ensure you practice these spellings daily before our test commences on a Friday afternoon

  This week has been transition week where the Rabbits children went up to visit their new class and teacher for next year. The children had a lovely couple of days Monday and Tuesday, returning with lots of positives from their time in Tigers. It was wonderful to see them so enthusiastic about their next step up in the school - I have every ounce of faith in them and just know they will showcase their learning abilities and upcoming achievements from the areas they wish to work on :-)

The children have taken part in their final round of phonics assessments this week and have continued to maintain great phonics knowledge and showcase fabulous progress in this area. They have all worked extremely hard to get to where they are in phonics and I know they will continue to shine in Y2 so we are very proud of all achievements in this. 

In maths the children have now moved onto learning about coins and notes in our unit of Money. They shared great early knowledge with myself through a pre assessment where they had to answer questions based on different areas of money. Moving throughout the week the children have been able to recognise different coins and notes which will support their further learning of this unit in Y2. Early on next week we will be looking at counting money and then move onto our final unit of Time. 

The children had an exciting PE transition day on Monday where they worked alongside myself, Mrs Cheriton and the reception children to participate in a mini prep for sports day. We did lots of wonderful activities like sack races, bean bag throw and girls and boys race. It was lovely to see the children merging again and to see friendships begin to blossom so early on.

A reminder to all: Next Monday (11th July) is sports day. Please ensure the children bring sun cream, a hat and a full bottle of water. This will be vital due to the increase in temperature over the weekend and into next week. We are all very much looking forward to the event and cheering each other on in our small house groups! Any queries or questions on the day Mr Flynn will be around at the rest station or I will be on Station 8 doing the egg and spoon race.

Thank you.

Miss Cox

Update 9 - Wk beg 27/6/22

Spellings for next weeks test are as follows:

plate, safe, made, came, rake - the split digraph a-e (phonics)

Please ensure you practice these spellings daily before our test commences on a Friday afternoon

This week has been a week of visitors coming in to see the children. The first was during Tuesday mornings assembly. Scooby Doo! A great Dane came in with his owner. Scooby is a well trained dog who visits schools around the area. The children were able to ask lots of dog related questions and were fascinated by how big Scooby was!! 

Friday afternoon the children were very lucky to participate in a KS1 garden centre workshop. Miss Cox's partner came in to visit the children explaining all about his job role in a garden centre, what he has to do to keep the plants healthy and alive, what jobs other colleagues in the garden centre had and even made a video of 'The Plantman' garden centre to share with Rabbits and Tigers - in the video the children had a virtual tour of all the areas in the garden centre and an explanation relating to each one. It was such a joyous experience for the children and one which they will remember! Especially the part where everyone was able to plant up their own Petunia to take home and care for :-)

The rest of the week consisted of our normal routinely lessons. In Maths the children have been continuing their learning of numbers up to 100. They have very much enjoyed creating their own 100 square, comparing numbers practically and looking at how many tens and ones a number within 100 has. During these sessions we discussed numbers beyond 100 as a challenge and thought about how a 3 digit number differs to a 2 digit number. The children discovered that numbers 100 and beyond have an extra digit and therefore we need to add a hundreds column if we were to break the number up!

During our Writing lessons the children have been continuously embedding their knowledge around speech marks. We have been practicing using them in conversation and learning about our checklist of 4 when adding them into sentences which haven't been correctly punctuated. Rule of 4: 1. open speech, 2. capital letter, 3. punctuation - full stop, question mark or exclamation mark, 4. close speech. The children will soon be writing their own finding tale hot write piece which I am looking forward to reading - especially now we know how to add speech into our writing.

On Monday and Tuesday next week the children from Rabbits class will be transitioning into Tigers with Mrs Cheriton. Mrs Cheriton has been working in Y3/4 to cover Mrs Griffin and now she is back will be taking the place of Miss Dudley-Smith whilst she is on Maternity leave. Therefore, during these mornings and afternoons please ensure that you send your child to Tigers classroom door and pick up from the same place. I wish them all the best with their transition and hope they enjoy their first experience as Y2.

Miss Cox :-)

Update 8 - Wk beg 13/6/22

Spellings for next weeks test are as follows:

dolphin, elephant, wheel, white, which - words with ph or wh spellings (phonics)

Please ensure you practice these spellings daily before our test commences on a Friday afternoon

This week has been healthy eating week! The children thoroughly enjoyed celebrating this event by recapping on the 5 food groups and making their very own fruit kebabs. We devoured these, sitting under the shade of one of the trees on the very hot day of Friday! (pictures to follow)

healthy eat

During the past couple of weeks the children have taken part in various assessments for reading and maths. We have also assessed the children's writing through a couple of activities. Completing these assessments will help in creating a picture of what the children have been able to achieve this year against the Year 1 government curriculum. The children have worked extremely hard and have shown dedication in all areas of core learning during this time. We are very pleased with them!

Next week the children will be completing a Salford assessment which assess their ability to read as well as answer comprehension questions based on what they have read. I am excited to see how the children get on now that we are reaching the end of the academic year!

Next week will also be heading back to normality in terms of timetabling and routine now that phonics screening and other assessments are over - look out for our newsletter class update next week - there will be lots discussed about our areas of learning in school :-) 

Miss Cox

Update 7 - Wk beg 6/6/22

Spellings for next weeks test are as follows:

coach, toast, soap, boat, road - The 'oa' digraphs.

Please ensure you practice these spellings daily before our test commences on a Friday afternoon

What a busy week it has been for Rabbits class!

We started the week in preparation for our Phonics Screening Checks which have now been completed. The children put everything into their check and we were really impressed with the hard work and determination by every single one of the children. A huge well done :-) The screening results will be sent away to the Local Authority and you will find out the scores at a later date. Thank you for your patience with this.

On Thursday this week the children went on a school trip to the National Space Centre in Leicester! There was so much to see and do during our visit, lots of interactive activities and wonderful objects to see. The children thoroughly enjoyed their visit and it was so nice to see their faces light up when we took our seats to watch a show in the planetarium. It was like a cinema surrounding us - we had to look up at the ceiling to watch the animations. You could hear so many WOWs happening during the short film! I want to say a huge thank you from the school staff and children to those parent helpers who came with us on the day and shared the exciting experience with their group - we wouldn't have been able to do it without you so THANK YOU!! Below are some pictures of the trip to the space centre if you are interested in seeing what we got up to :-)

space trip 2space trip 1


Update 6 - Wk beg 23/5/22

There are no spellings coming out this week as it is half term next week. The spellings will resume as of the first Friday back whereby children will be issued with a new set.

This week the children have been extremely busy on the lead up to half term!

On Thursday the children spent the afternoon celebrating the Queen's Platinum Jubilee with a playground street party! The children had such fun doodling, eating lots of wonderful food, listening to music and even being treated with an ice lolly right at the end! Please see some pictures below of the event!

E4569F67 CC19 4030 B15A 4EF75B81B41B

This week during English the children have been preparing for their poetry hot write. Together we planned through boxing up a new innovated poem using different characters and settings. We looked at including rhyming words to each verse as well as thinking about how best our poems would flow. I can't wait to see the final outcomes of the children's work to see how they have gotten on. The children will start their next unit of a finding tale. 

In Maths this week the children have been looking at halves and quarters during our Fractions topic. The children spent time in round robin activities looking at what quarters and halves actually look like as well as answering some tricky challenge questions relating to these. We will be continuing this learning after half term. 

Update 5 - Wk beg 16/5/22

Spellings for next weeks test are as follows:

girl, shirt, burst, first, church - These spellings contain the digraphs 'ir' and 'ur'.

Please ensure you practice these spellings daily before our test commences on a Friday afternoon

This week there has been some infromation sent out to parents regarding the phonics screening check which will take place wk commencing June 6th. Please do have a read of the document and support your child at home over the next couple of weeks to practice their phonics by using the attached resources sent out with the letter. 

During PE this week we spent some time on ball skills. The children partnered up and practiced passing a big and small ball to one another using 2 hands, 1 hand and then a controlled kick. The children thoroughly enjoyed practicing hand eye coordination and keeping control between themselves and their partners. In the last week of term we will be playing some football typed games whereby the children have to try and get the ball into each others goals. The children will then be applying the skills learnt to a game which will be set up for them to play. At the end of our PE sessions the children have time to reflect on what they have learnt and share their thoughts and ideas with one another - this allows them to not only debrief but to congratulate one another on their achievements.

During Geography this week the children created a key for their own island maps. Every child accessed this independently - thinking about the areas they had included and drew some simple pictures to represent the items on their maps. They then labelled the keys to give an indication as to what was drawn on their maps. I was very impressed with the end result as the children tried extremely hard with this piece of work. Next week we will be looking at comparing our island map areas to that of an area surrounding where we live in the UK. 

Miss Cox

Update 4 - Wk beg 9/5/22

Spellings for next weeks test are as follows:

horse, torn, north, score, more - These spellings contain the /or/ sound

Please ensure you practice these spellings daily before our test commences on a Friday afternoon

As we have now covered counting in: 2s, 5s and 10s, this week I have set up some TTrockstar activities that the children can play along to. This will be a rolling schedule week upon week for example: 2x tables 1 week, 5x tables the next and 10x the next. You can access the website using the following link: https://play.ttrockstars.com/auth/school/student/10918/pin Upon logging in the children will need their 4 digit character code which will be in the front of their reading logs. If this has been lost or misplaced then please do let me know and I can provide your child with a new copy which can go home with them.

During Computing this term we are looking at a unit called 'Moving a Robot'. So far the children have explored ways in which BeeBots (small bee floor robots) are instructed to move by typing in a set of codes in order to tell it which way to turn or go. We have really been updating our knowledge of our left and right by using our 'L's an image of this can be seen below for reference. Once the children understood the instructions and movements they needed to input a code they have put their understanding and knowledge to the test. They have used an ipad application called Bee-bot. This game allows the children to move a robot around a maze of obstacles and get to the object/item needed to collect in order to move onto the next level. Upon completion of a level the game then becomes more difficult - encouraging them to really think hard about how they are going to move the robot around the screen.

During PSHE this week the children have delved into Loneliness. We had a discussion about what Loneliness means to us and how it makes us feel. The children were given a post it note to record their thoughts on. After thinking about this the children were then handed another post it note and were asked to think about how we could help someone who might feel lonely. There were many brilliant ideas shared in our circle time and it was good to share these with one another in the class. 

left and right


Update 3 - Wk beg 2/5/22

Spellings for next weeks test are as follows:

high, light, tight, bright, fright - These spellings contain the long vowel sound /i/ spelt igh

Please ensure you practice these spellings daily before our test commences on a Friday afternoon

During Maths this week the children have started a new unit of work for Multiplication and Division. We have managed to solidify more of our learning for the 2s and 5 times tables. The children also looked at the 10x tables which were very easy for them to learn. They took part in a range of round robin activities to carry out their learning in this area. They especially enjoyed the physical counting of numbers 10-100 in 10s. Once ordering these numbers they choose a practical fitness card for example jump, leg raises or hop which they would carry out whilst counting aloud in 10s. The children have ended the week looking at how to make equal groups. We also discovered what unequal groups look like and how we would be able to tell when counting the amounts in each group - if there is an odd number then this would show an unequal amount.

During English this week the children have been boxing up a new innovation text for our persuasive writing unit. We carried out a class box up and then the children went off to complete their own version in their books. We have also completed 2 lessons of shared writing where as a class we use our ideas from the boxing up grid, build these into sentences and use our toolkit features to make our invitation come to life. The children could clearly see the features used during our writing sessions as these were pointed out clearly and discussed with them whilst writing our sentences.

Miss Cox

 Update 2 - Wk beg 25/4/22

Spellings for next weeks test are as follows:

book, cook, wood, shook, brook - These spellings contain the short vowel digraph 'oo' as in 'foot' 

Please ensure you practice these spellings daily before our test commences on a Friday afternoon

During History this week - The children have continued learning through their Space and Discovery topic where they have learnt about Neil Armstrong, creating a factfile about who he is and what he did as an explorer. The children thoroughly enjoyed watching the video which told us some more information!

In Geography we have looked at the 7 continents and 5 oceans of the world. The children were given some information about each of the continents and thought about which was the biggest and which the smallest. The children will be creating their own imaginative island which will be placed in either a hot or cold area of the world. We are going to be looking at this more in detail next week and we will be able to create our own map of what this looks like.

In Art we have been looking at Portraits. This week we looked at the artist Leonardo da Vinci and some of his most famous works of Art! The children were impressed by his famous piece the Mona Lisa which most of them had heard of before. We also looked in detail at Leonardo's own self portraits which, for one of them, he drew using a red chalk!

self portrait

Miss Cox

Update 1 - Wk beg 19/4/22

Spellings for next weeks test are as follows:

moon, food, spoon, booth, boom 

Please ensure you practice these spellings daily before our test commences on a Friday afternoon


I hope that everyone enjoyed their Easter break and that the transition back to school has been calm and enjoyable. This week the children have been getting stuck into their new Topic of 'Discovery and Space' we have managed to gather some information on explorers and what we think they are as well as thinking about what we want to find out during this unit. The children came up with some great ideas during this session and we can't wait to start our journey through discovery by looking at Neil Armstrong next week!

During English this week the children have continued their learning of persuasive writing through the form of an invitation. We looked at using the conjunction 'and' in many different ways. We worked in teams to produce our own text maps of the model text 'A Knight's Tea Party' and we even compared our model to that of another persuasive text which was in the form of an advert. The advert explained to the reader that there were some Magic Beans for sale, trying to convince us to buy them. It was really interesting to see the similarities and differences between both texts and having the children provide feedback on this through discussion was fantastic!

If you would like to look at the model text at home it is as follows:  A-Knights-tea-party-model-text.docx

During Maths this week the children have continued their learning in Measurement by looking at the capacity and volume of different containers. We had lots of fun in the water tray outside measuring and using the language of 'full', 'empty', 'almost full', 'more than half full' and 'almost empty' when comparing them. The children had some challenges to think about where 1 question asked us to look at 3 different sized containers. All were half filled with a liquid and we were asked if the containers had the same amount in - this was an interesting discussion point as some children replied with yes and some with no. Some of us had a discussion about why they thought that. This will lead to some more investigation needing to be held next week!

If you would like to look at Volume and Capacity further then please follow the links here: https://www.tinytap.com/activities/g3u8s/play/volume-capacity https://wordwall.net/resource/45524/maths/capacity-game https://uk.splashlearn.com/measurement-games


Whiterose has launched a new Maths application for tablets/phones. This is a brilliant home learning resource which allows children to practice 4 main areas of maths learning: subitising, addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. I would strongly recommend downloading the application and looking at subitising, addition and subtraction with your children as having a deep understanding of these areas will support development in other areas of maths. If you would like more information then please follow this link to find out more: https://whiterosemaths.com/resources/1-minute-maths#download

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