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Rabbits Class Blog

Below are some key pieces of information for parents:

1) PE Days for Rabbits class are Wednesday's and Friday's - please ensure that your child is sent in with their PE kit every week so that they are able to join in with our PE sessions.

2) Reading logs are checked on a weekly basis so please ensure that when you are reading with your child at home you record how they are getting on in the log.

3) It is important that children come into school with a water bottle each day. These are then made accessible to them as and when they need a drink. It is extremely important that we keep hydrated! Can all water bottles that come into school be labelled with your child's name on.

4) Tuck shop: tuck shop is open Tuesday-Friday every week. If your child would like to purchase something from the trolley then please ensure they have the correct change.

5) The children will now be sent home with spellings every Friday to learn for a test the following week (Friday's). Spellings will be uploaded to the blog as well as placed in the children's reading logs. The children have also been given a copy of the Spring 2 Homework Grid. These have also been sent to you as electronic copies.

Spring 2 - Week 3 Update - 10/3/23

This week has been another busy week for children in Rabbits class.

Our highlight this week was definitely our class assembly where we got to showcase our learning to the rest of the school and all of our lovely parents too! We hope you thoroughly enjoyed it just as much as we did. I would like to say another big thank you and well done to the whole class who have received star of the week this week due to their amazing efforts and fact recall in order to bring our assembly together and make it the best it could be!

I also want to say a massive thank you to those who have already started bringing in their homework that was set last week. I have received a LOT of amazing work which has been completed to a fantastic standard. I am at this moment in time working my way through the pieces I have received and am giving children time to share their efforts with other in class. This will be carrying on over the course of the term. 

This weeks learning: 

The children have been discovering and exploring our new model text 'Tiger's Tea Party' this week in Writing as well as dramatising and adding actions to it. They have also enjoyed delving a bit deeper into question and exclamation marks - thinking about how these are used in writing and why. If you would like to continue this learning at home then please use the following websites:

https://www.roythezebra.com/english-ks1/punctuation-games/question-marks/ https://wordwall.net/resource/16669504/punctuation-marks/group-sort-full-stopquestion-marks

In Maths the children have been practicing counting forwards and backwards from 20-50 this week as well as working hard to use manipulatives to represent these numbers in different ways. The children have started this new unit with excitement and interest as they delve back into numbers and place value once again. Please use the following link to practice these at home with your grown up:


As part of PSHE this week the children have been looking at Loosing something important to them. We discussed that there are times were we loose our missing object and find it again and times were we loose it and never find it. The children told me what their missing item was and how they felt when they lost it. We created some post it note images to show feelings and emotions for when we lost our special item and placed them into our class floorbook. We also drew pictures to show us finding our item again and on the flip side never finding it again. The children were very much engaged with this learning and enjoyed being involved in the discussion that the lesson created. Watch this space - for pictures to come.

Spellings for next Friday's test are as follows: 

spelling pic week 3

Spring 2 - Week 2 Update - 3/3/23

This week has been an extremely enjoyable and busy week for the children - jam packed with special events as well as our continuing PIXL assessments.

On Tuesday the children participated in a World Book Day Event online. They had the book 'Dick the Delightful Duck' read to them as well as some early fairy tales by Julia Donaldson and Axel Schiffer. They particularly enjoyed Alex's illustrations from the books he read aloud. On Wednesday, the children were involved in a West End Dance Workshop which centred around the book 'How to catch a star' - they reenacted the story through actions and without using their voice. It was really exciting to see all of the children getting involved and thinking of ways in which they could represent different pictures in the book. On Thursday, the children joined up with their reading buddies in Jaguars class to complete a World Book Day special story time. The children shared their banded book with their Y3 reading buddy and were asked questions about what they had read. 

During Writing this week we have been mapping our new model text 'Tigers Tea Party'. We linked this model in with the story of 'The Tiger who came to tea'. The children enjoyed seeing the relationship between the two as well as delving into the meaning behind persuasive writing. If you would like to practice reading the text at home I have attached a copy below:


During Science this week the children planted seeds of different kinds. They looked in particular at poppy, cress, sunflower as well as gladioli bulbs. They took it in turns on their working tables to plant their seeds in a pot with some soil and write a label for each of the pots so that they know which is planted where. The children will water these and watch as they grow over the course of the term. 

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At the end of the school day this week the children have been getting involved with a new way of Reading. We have begun 'Book talk' sessions. This is where the children read together in small groups with 1 child taking the main leader role as 'Reader Leader' and another child who supports them with their reading 'Supporting Leader'. The children have been looking at the book Piece at Last and are discovering different elements of the pictures and words. We have been focusing on questions that surround 'feeling', including: how the character is feeling and how we know this and what the pictures tell/show us. I am very impressed with how engaged each child has been during these sessions and what they have got out of them - even though we are at the early stages of developing this practice. Well done!

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Spellings for next Friday's test are as follows:

spelling pic

Spring 2 - Week 1 Update - 20.2.23

This week we have completed some assessments based on writing and reading comprehension. The children have really tried hard to meet expectations for their Year group and show us what they can do. Well done to all.

In maths this week the children have been finishing off their learning in maths of addition and subtraction within 20. They have done this by: looking at number bonds to 20, reviewing there doubles to 5 and pushing their learning on to secure doubles within 10, looking at near doubles where they have to add or subtract by one either way and subtracting ones. 

If you would like to have a go at practicing your doubles at home then please use the following web link: https://www.topmarks.co.uk/maths-games/hit-the-button

In Science the children have started a new topic with Mrs Carey called 'Plants' in weeks to come they will be having a go at planting their own seeds and bulbs and watching them grow overtime. This is a very exciting unit for us and we are looking forward to getting stuck in!! 

In our History lesson we have been rounding off our learning of the GFOL events and what happened during the time of the fire - we role-played the GFOL story pretending that we were a child at the time of the GFOL and showing what we would do and how we would get to safety. The children showed some excellent freeze frames of emotion and things that they were doing during this. They could recall the story independently and have loved every moment of the topic so far.

If you would like to share your Great Fire of London learning at home then please use the following link:https://www.fireoflondon.org.uk/game/

role play pics

Finally - An important note. I will be handing out spellings and homework grids as of next Friday (3rd March). Please ensure that you practice the spellings as there will be a test the following Friday 10th March 2023. Spellings set will be linked to the phonics sounds learnt. Homework must be sent in during the last week of the Spring term week beginning 27th March 2023. 

Update for week beginning 30/1/23

Rabbits class have been doing a great deal of learning this week alongside having a variety of teachers!

The children have been preparing for class assessments which will take place after half term. We have focused on Reading comprehension and Mini maths assessments to see how well the children have go on and what they have remembered from their lessons!

During PSHE this week the children have learnt about the PANTS rule: P = privates are private, A = Always remember your body belongs to you, N = no means no, T = talk about secrets that upset you and S = Speak up someone can help. During the session the children engaged in a video about a small dinosaur called PANTOSAURUS who sings a song about looking after yourself. The children also completed various activities to do with their bodies and thought about Good and Bad touches. If you are interested in the PANTS rule and would like to revisit this at home please follow the video link to view this with your child: https://www.nspcc.org.uk/keeping-children-safe/support-for-parents/pants-underwear-rule/

During our Writing sessions this week we have continued to focus on shared writing and warm write writing using our class and own innovation ideas for our journey tale. The children have been able to adapt our class version and introduce new ideas to uplevel our writing - making it even more interesting. Next week will see us Hot Writing and also producing a Cold Write for our new unit after Half Term. 

I would like to thank all the parents who came to our class Book and Biscuit on Friday. It is lovely to enjoy these together in school and allowing children time to spend sharing their love of books with others around them.

Update for week beginning 16.1.23

In maths this week the children have continued looking at their place value with numbers to 20 unit. They have used the base 10 resources to split numbers between 11-19 into tens and ones. They drew these on whole part model diagrams once built.

In Writing this week the children have focused on different features of action within a journey tale. We have looked at verbs, nouns, onomatopoeia and sentence starters used for action. The previous week was also a focus on capital letters and full stops to ensure that the children are able to use these throughout sentences they read and write. We used 2 punctuation actions to be able to remember these - they can be seen below. 

kung fun punctuation 

In Science the children have started a new unit looking at Living things and their Habitats. For our pre unit assessment the children had to find the odd one out between a range of 3 pictures. These pictures showed living, non-living and once lived things. During our first lesson the children went out onto the playground and looked for things which are living, never lived and once lived - they ticked these off on a sheet and also added to with drawings. See below:

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During History this week we have began to look at our new topic 'The Great Fire of London' - We started our lesson thinking about anything we already know about the GFOL -  the children then compared pictures of London from the past 1666 to the present day. We enjoyed discussing and talking about the similarities and differences as a class before getting on with recording our own ideas in our books. The children were intrigued to find that people used horses/carriages as a mode of transport instead of cars.

Update for week beginning 9.1.23

The children have been welcomed back to school within the last week and a bit from the Christmas holidays! I hope you all have a joyful and relaxing break.

This week the children have been enjoying all things, maths, writing and computing related.

In maths the children have reviewed some lesson on comparing numbers, days of the week and whole part models (finding a part). They have also began their learning of place value with numbers to 20.

In Writing the children have been looking at our next unit with our new adapted model text of 'The Gruffalo'. We are focusing on action during the unit so the children thought of their own ideas for an action scene within the story 'The Gruffalo' and re-enacted this with characters in a hook lesson.

In Computing the children have been looking at abstract artists: Mondrian, Matisse and Kandinsky are some of the few we have already looked at. Colours, shapes and lines have been our focus. The children used the tools on the paint application to create their own art inspired by our artists. 2 of the children in class received star of the week for their fantastic team work and art representation. 

MicrosoftTeams image 1

We have also welcomed a new member of staff into the Rabbits classroom this week. Her name is Mrs Carey and she will be joining us now from Monday-Thursday up until June. She will be taking Miss Cox's class and teaching as part of her university PGCE degree. 

Update for week beginning 5/12/22

This week has seen lots of festivities and fun in school and out of school!

Tuesday saw the children head down to the church to be involved in a KS1 Christmas experience afternoon - the children thoroughly enjoyed the stories told and the activities that they were able to get involved in.

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On Wednesday the children enjoyed a whole school Christmas meal. The children thoroughly enjoyed their turkey and veg parcel dinner - but most specifically the wonderful pencil they were gifted when they sat down to eat. 

On Friday the children celebrated Christmas jumper day by coming into school in their best festive jumpers. It was great to see so many smiles and so much laughter around the different designs that were worn. Some of us even matched one another!

Science this week saw us using correct scientific language to describe the change in shape of an object. The children enjoyed playing 'The Splat' game where they wrote 4 different movements on post it notes: squash, twist, bend and stretch. They then splatted one of these post it notes on their partners body which in turn the partner had to complete one of the 4 movements splatted on them. 

0B08D1CD A637 41CC A807 D3C01C031830

During maths the children have been looking at 2D and 3D shapes. They have successfully sorted and named both 2D and 3D shapes as well as building patterns using these. The practicality of the activities they have been involved in with maths this week have been most welcomed.

During writing this week the children have finished the class shared write as well as their own 'warm write' for their reports. Next week completing their toolkit checklist, looking back at any areas of their writing which needs correcting in pink pen and carrying out their hot write. 

Important note: Thank you to those parents who have already bought in their child's nativity costume. Please ensure that if you haven't already these costumes are bought in no later than Monday afternoon as we have a dress rehearsal on Tuesday next week. Thank you for your continued support. Miss Cox :)

Update for week beginning 28/11/22

This week has been an extremely busy week in Rabbits class. 

At the beginning of the week on Tuesday we had a special visit from Pamela Jennings who is the coordinator of our new PSHE scheme called SCARF. She came in and delivered a bespoke 'My Wonderful Body' session with us. During this session we explored what children should be doing to keep themselves healthy, this included: water, food, exercise, sleep etc. The children also met 'Harrold' the Giraffe who is a puppet and the main face of the SCARF scheme. They thoroughly enjoyed the visit, and it will definitely be one for them to remember.

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Our in class Science activity this week, involved us finding objects that are made from different materials. Once completed the children then had to record these on a challenge sheet to show what they found and discovered. 

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Some of the children have been designing shoes in the construction area and then building them

087B6FD0 FBF2 4485 82E9 6460A50EB7AF

In maths the children have been looking at the final lessons for Addition and Subtraction by subtracting using a number line and thinking about adding and subtracting 1 or 2 from a number. They then explored 3D shape names and what these look like for our new unit of shape.

In writing the children have been boxing up their new report with ideas they want to use - thinking about a new creature they would like to write about. We then started to complete a shared write together for our new class innovation idea of 'The Dragon' the children supported myself in writing the Title, Introduction and Appearance. After which, they then went off to complete a section themselves with their own ideas (new). I look forward to seeing the end results in the Hot Writes!

One last note: I would like to thank all that came to the Grandparents afternoon last week. The children thoroughly enjoyed getting involved in all things Christmas and being able to spend some quality time in completing these with the Grandparents topped it off. So, a big thank you.

As you will see the most enjoyed activity was definitely the marsh mellows and spaghetti towers - we liked eating some of them after too!

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Update for week beginning 14/11/22

Below is an image of the Autumn 2 Homework grid for Rabbits Class. A copy of this will be sent home in your child's bookbag next week. Any queries or questions then please don't hesitate to come and ask. I hope you enjoy the tasks set!

homework grid2


This week we have, once again, been extremely lucky to have another visitor in the classroom. On Thursday Mr Partridge-Underwood (who lives in Bozeat) came to talk to us about the shoe industry in Bozeat. We found out that Mr Partridge-Underwood worked in the Bozeat Shoe Factory for a number of years. His job was to look at the shoes that had been made by the working staff to see if there were any faults or problems with the creation of the shoe and if so he would have to send them back to be changed. We thank Mr Partridge-Underwood for his time and support during our topic of Local Area Study: Shoes. The children were captivated and amazed at some of the objects he brought in to show us.

partridge underwood shoe visitpartridge underwood shoe visit 5

During our Science lesson this week we conducted an experiment to test which was the bounciest ball. The children used a yellow post it note to mark the starting height from where they would drop each ball. They then used the pink post it notes to mark where each ball bounced to when it was dropped. After this the children used cubes and wooden blocks to measure the height of each ball. They really enjoyed this challenge and set out to achieve great things during the experiment. Fantastic team work too.bounciest ball

During our writing lessons this week the children have been boxing up the model text ready for our next step which is to innovate and think of some ideas to use for writing a b rand new class report. We have also continued to read through our model text 'The Unigoat' to familiarise ourselves with the language used and key features that occur throughout a report. The children have done a fantastic job at remembering this. 

During our maths lessons this week we have been looking at subtraction. The children have been encouraged to think about the different ways we can take away numbers and how this looks when writing fact families.

Update for week beginning 7/11/22

We have had a really exciting end to the week this week. The children discovered and explored all things SHOES when our visitor from Northampton Museum popped in on Thursday morning. 'The children engaged really well with the visit and enjoyed looking at all types of shoes ranging from old Victorian shoes to shoes we wear today. 

shoe museum visit

During our writing lessons this week we have learnt how to use the conjunction 'and' to join words and phrases together to make sentences more interesting, we have added actions to our model text 'The Unigoat' and have stepped out the text by getting involved in a little bit of drama and reading, towards the end of the week we have looked at key vocabulary used within a report as well as the features that make up a report and how these features build the structure of a report.

C4D0F21C D771 463B 9BCB D2DE33C29F4B

During our mathematics lessons this week we have looked at adding more to a number to find the total (locating the missing part) and thinking even further about how we use the addition and equals symbols when writing number sentences, we have solved tricky addition word problems and have done extremely well in our very first Arithmetic assessment. Miss Cox is super impressed with how well the children's number knowledge is coming along!

FB5A1FE6 2381 4472 B153 56D3C5069541

During our computing lesson this week the children got to grips with using a keyboard when writing their name and putting it into a sentence. Once the children had mastered this, they then moved on to choose a sentence of their own to type into the laptop. I was wowed with how well the children understood and took on this task - they really were computer whizzes! Please do continue practicing at home to get the children used to using a keyboard and trackpad. 

Update for week beginning 31/10/11

What a spooky return to school it has been this week!

The children have had a fantastic week by delving into the first parts of our KS1 Nativity - receiving their lines and learning some of the songs to our very first cooking lesson for DT where we made bread!


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Please ensure your child's nativity lines remain in their bookbags at all times so that they are able to practice them between school and home. It is important that the children have time to practice these lines at home as we encourage them not to be used on the day of the show as well as dress rehearsal. 

During writing this week the children have been text mapping our model text by rewriting it and using pictures to represent to writing, ensuring we can use capital letters, full stops and finger spaces correctly in our writing and orally composing sentences and then writing them down. 

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During maths this week we have been looking at number bonds to 10 both within and systemically, adding numbers together by using the mathematical symbols of addition and equals and understanding what number sentences are and how we can write these in different ways. The children have also completed some arithmetic learning Friday with Mrs Parker.

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During Science this week the children have explored their new topic of Materials. We started our learning of this through a pre assessment where the children had to look at pictures of objects and think about which materials (out of a selection) would be best to use to make the object. They had real fun with this and enjoyed the concept of choosing the practical materials.

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Update for week beginning 17/10/22

The children have had an exciting and fun last week of term this week and have enjoyed lots of in school activities and visitors. 

On Thursday this week the children had a special assembly about Halloween and fireworks/bonfire night. We had a policewoman visit to tell us how to stay safe and the do's and don't when participating in these events. It is very important to have conversations like these with the children so please do echo this at home and encourage children's safety and well-being. Thank you.

During our Writing lessons this week we completed our hot writes for character description. The children all did amazingly, and I was wowed by the presentation and standard of writing across the class - so a huge well done to them! The children also experienced a special visitor who popped in to say hello as a hook for our next unit of writing a non-chronological report. We hot seated a 'unigoat', asking lots of questions and gaining lots of information. 

00BA7FAC 42C0 4094 BE81 2EAF9D8CE395

During Maths this week the children have been looking at part-whole models and fact families within 10. Towards the end of the week, they have started to record number bonds within 10 thinking further about the ways of making different numbers.

92274236 D428 4D55 8084 3B702A74BE4C

During History this week we have compared Bozeat and Wollaston shoe factories and discussed who we think came out on top. The children have enjoyed their learning of the shoes in our local area. Next term will be a focus on visitors who will show us practical resources and share their own information about the shoe industry. We will also complete a cross curricular write and use our knowledge of reports to write one about shoes. 

Update for week beginning 10/10/22

I wanted to say a huge thank you to all parents who attended last Friday's book and biscuit session. We were very lucky in the sense that we were able to share our session with the Tigers class and have the hall as a base for this. The children very much enjoyed a relaxing end to their week and we hope you did too!

On Wednesday afternoon this week the children spent some time with an in-school visitor who taught them some mindfulness tips and techniques. The children sat in a meditation pose and listened to a story with their eyes closed. After listening to the story they had to share their thoughts about what had happened and retell to the rest of the cohort. The children thoroughly enjoyed some relaxation time and focus intently throughout the session. It was very fun and interesting for all!

6C2318EF 7243 4229 A3A0 0501C9541332

Maths - This week the children have been looking closely at part-part whole models. They have explored using these practically, pictorially and in abstract ways - with objects and numbers. It was great to see the children's confidence grow throughout this area of maths in the space of a couple of days!

3907EA48 7C27 4110 8220 30A559F1619E161E8449 92E1 45E9 B2A3 D6AABFC2B53B

Writing - This week the children have been focusing on finishing off our class shared write, warm writing a character description and editing and improving their work. We are now prepared to carry out our final Hot Write piece next week. I am really looking forward to reading these when the children are finished and being able to choose some work to display on our shared 'work we are proud of' wall with Tigers class!

Update for week beginning 3/10/22

First of all I would like to say a huge thank you to those who came to the church to celebrate Harvest festival with us. The children thoroughly enjoyed the experience, singing our song Cauliflowers Fluffy and listening to the performances from the rest of the school!

During maths this week the children have been looking at comparing and ordering objects and numbers. As part of this learning, we had an activity to complete whereby we wrote our names on post it notes and ordered them from smallest to biggest depending on how many letters each of us had in our name. We also explored the language: fewer, more and equal to and looked at the symbols for these when comparing.

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During Writing this week the children have completed a story mountain for their own innovation ideas, which is a tool to support them with their hot write. They came up with some ideas to create an all the time toolkit which included full stops, cap letters, finger spaces, fred talk and fred fingers, red words etc. The children understood that this would be a tool to use all of the time in their writing when meeting Y1 expectations. We also started our shared write using our new class innovation story mountain with characters: the 3 brown bears and the big bad fox.

During PSHE this week we have been looking at feelings and emotions. The children have acted out some emotions on their face and their partners had to guess what emotion they were showing. This was really fun!!

FF6BA3FC 497D 49CB 9EA0 5289B92006B1

During Geography this week the children have been introduced to compasses and compass directions. We have practised using the terminology: north, south. east and west to guide our partner to different areas of: the school hall, the classroom and the courtyard. The children loved using the school compasses for this activity!

595DF33C A7FA 4AEC 8AD9 EE9C1836C071

Update for week beginning 26/9/22

This week the Rabbits had a very exciting time down at the church celebrating all things Harvest! They heard little snippets of information about harvest in different areas of the church and got involved in lots of fun filled activities! We want to say a huge thank you to the volunteers down at the church for welcoming us and for making it all happen.

036AC8D1 F4B3 40B3 ABDE BBCC7C53C42F

 During maths this week the children have been hard at work practising their letter formation in our adult-led activity involving glitter, written numbers and words for numbers and the tuff tray. The children really enjoyed forming their words and numbers correctly - although most of the glitter ended up on the floor!

206D7F00 F8B9 40F1 AA8F DCCDCB32872C

Towards the end of week for writing the children have been looking at putting the days of the week into the correct order and then recording the words down on a piece of paper. For the first part of the week the children completed their network hands and we had a good chat about who the children could go to if they felt like they needed to talk to someone.

078FBF2E 9BF1 441D B3BB 1ECD178294F8

In Art this week the children created their own 'land art' piece of work inspired by the artist Andy Goldsworthy. The children worked together, using natural materials to create a patterned piece of Art. They all thoroughly enjoyed this experience and were really well lead by each other! The children also had the opportunity to create their own pieces of land art over the week too in the art area within the classroom.

9171560E 0E84 49DB 845A 0653B9DBEE2E

Gentle reminder: Please ensure children come in with PE kits EVERY week our class PE days are WEDNESDAYS and FRIDAYS!

Update for week beginning 19/9/22

Rabbits class have enjoyed another fantastic week of learning this week! 


In our learning of maths we have focused this week on recognising words as numbers, counting forwards and backwards within 10 and finding 1 more than a number. In the classroom environment the children enjoyed playing a 1 more game involving characters and dice. They had to get from Start to Finish (Home) by answering questions based on 1 more than a number within 10. This was a big hit this week!


In our learning of writing this week the children have focused on the vocabulary and structure of a character description using our model text about the troll in the three billy goats gruff as an example and they have answered comprehension questions based on the model and an alternative character description from the book 'the three little wolves and the big bad pig' the big bad pig being our alternative character to the troll.

Class Rules

Below is an image of our classroom rules. The children understand how important these are and why we should always be encouraged to meet these on a daily basis. Please remind your children of these rules at home and reinforce the importance of these for use at school. Your children should be able to explain these in more depth :)

class rules


This week in PSHE we learned about feelings. The children came up with a bank of feelings and emotions that we may show day to day. We discussed how feelings may differ under circumstances that change and how we act. The children did really well in reenacting some of these emotions to their peers and came up with some great ideas for why their friend may be feeling a certain way. Next weeks independent activity for writing will encourage children to think about 5 people, in home or at school, they know they can go to if they are worried or need to talk about things. We call this our network hand. Below is an image of what the children will be completing to meet this objective next week. This also fits in to our PSHE lesson learnt this week.

network hand

Update for week beginning 12/9/22

Thank you to all parents/carers who attending our 'Meet the teacher' evening on Tuesday. It was wonderful to be able to meet you and provide an informative session regarding the runnings of Rabbits class. For those of you who I missed or couldn't attend a link to download the evenings powerpoint is below - please do have a look and if you have any further questions then do not hesitate to get in contact with me. There are also Transition from Reception to Y1 documents in front of the main office in school if you would like any further information or pointers!


This week Rabbits class have been reenacting our version of 'The Three Billy Goats Gruff' by becoming the troll in our story. The children used the character description (middle) part of our story to take on the role as the troll and spoke to Miss Cox all about what they looked like and what they enjoyed hunting and eating! Our favourite phrase is: WHO'S THAT TRIP TRAPPING OVER MY BRIDGE?

The children also became very busy throughout the week in the construction areas where Miss Cox set them a challenge to create the best troll bridge they could. We had some fantastic contenders. 

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As part of our writing unit Miss Cox also set up a 'retell the story with pictures' adult led activity in the writing area and we even carried out some work showing our amazing sentence building skills:

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In maths this week we have continued our learning of place value and number by representing objects with counters and numbers and counting forwards and back from any number between 1-10. For their adult-led activity in the classroom the children had to roll dice and the number it landed on they then had to count forwards and back from. The children also enjoyed creating their own number track to 10.

In computing this week the children reviewed the word 'technology' - which means something someone has made. They also discovered the different parts of a desktop computer and laptop, looked at the similarities and differences and labelled a school laptop themselves! Amazing job! 

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Well done for another fantastic week Rabbits - I can't wait to see what the new week brings next week :-)

Update for week beginning 5/9/22

Welcome all to a new academic year and beginning of Rabbits 22/23 class blog!

We have had a wonderful first week back at school - the children have settled in extremely well and are getting used to their new routine and curriculum expectations. As i'm sure you are all aware, from how tired the children are, there is a big step up to Year 1 - I look forward to sharing more about this with you when we meet on Tuesday 13th afterschool for our meet the teacher evening!

This week the children have been exploring their new classroom envrionment - getting used to their surroundings and the activities put out for them to enhance and inspire new learning. 

The children have delved deep into their new Unit for writing: 'The Troll and the Three Billy Goats Gruff'. We are learning how to write a character description - with a focus on how to write a sentence correctly using capital letters, full stops, finger spaces, fred talk and fred fingers and making sure that the sentence makes sense. In order to write a character description to the best of your ability the children have started learning about adjectives in their reading lesson to encourage use of these in writing. These will also be taught across our writing lessons next week to secure knowledge and see what the children have remembered.

In maths the children have began their learning of place value within 10. We have sorted objects, counted objects and had our first arithmetic (addition within 5) lesson on Friday with Mrs Parker. The children have also enjoyed their continued learning of Maths Mastery lessons - carrying on from the knowledge built within Reception. This week has been focused on looking at a Rekenrek and discussing how we use them to discover numbers to 5. The children have also shared knowledge with me of how the number 5 can be split into 2 smaller numbers. I was very impressed with their understanding of this. 

If you would like to have a go at using a rekenrek at home to support our learning in school then please follow the link for a virtual example: https://toytheater.com/rekenrek/

The children have also been learning a fun song about the days of the week. We have sung this most mornings and have updated our class calendar with our knowledge of this. They have also been trying extremely hard to follow our classroom rules which have been set up and agreed on by the children. It is important that the children are aware of these and strive to follow them each and everyday. Therefore, please do look out for a copy of these on the class blog soon so that you can share them together at home.

I look forward to another week of fun, excitement and fantastic learning next week! Well done Rabbits :-)

Important note: There will be uploaded pictures on the class blog of what the children have been getting up to each week so please do keep your eyes peeled!


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