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Below are some key pieces of information for parents:

PE Days for Summer Term 2: Wednesday's (Cricket) and Friday's (GLK) - Please ensure that your child is sent in with a full PE kit for these days.

Reading logs - These are checked weekly so please ensure you comment in these after reading with your child at home.

Spellings are given to the children and tested on Friday's

Tuck shop - open Tuesday-Friday.


Summer 2 - Week 2 - 16.6.23

What a fantastic week the children have had this week. They have been partaking in the yearly phonics screening check. I was so so impressed with how the children got on, they have worked so hard and it really has paid off!. Parents/carers will receive a small comment about the threshold pass mark as well as their child's official screening mark towards the end of the academic year.

The children have now been grouped into their new phonics groups, after their most recent phonics assessment. These have been organised by Miss Pettit. Comments have been sent home in children's logs according to the groups they have been placed in this term. 

We have also said a sad farewell to Mrs Carey who has now finished her final placement with us before becoming a teacher herself. We wish her the very best of luck as she continues her teaching career. 

The children got hands on towards the end of this week in celebration of Healthy Eating Week. They created their very own fruit and veg people - all with their own personality. The children were very engaged in this activity and enjoyed being creative in their designs. Below are some pictures of their creations!

IMG 0356IMG 0355IMG 0353

During Writing this week the children carried on with their new Ficiton Unit - A finding tale (with dialogue). The children were introduced to the model text 'The Story of Pirate Tom' and have created some of their own mapping documents alongside the class version. They also immersed themselves in using story language as well as sequenced words e.g. First, Secondly, Finally, Lastly. 

During Maths this week the children finished their unit of Position and Direction by looking at the directional language 'above' and 'below' as well as diving into Ordinal numbers. The children then, at the end of the week, carried out a pre assessment for their next unit 'Place value to 100'. This will be our final number unit before they enter Year 2!

 Spellings are as follows for next week (23.6.23)

Mrs Parker's Yellow group: glue, true, blue, rescue

Miss Cox's Blue group: tie, magpie, lie, cries

Miss Dudley-Smith's Grey group: doorknob, knock, knighted, kneel

Summer 1 - Week 4 - 12/5/23

The children have had yet another busy week in Rabbits class this week!

In writing they have been looking at their next unit with the model text 'The Rainbow Fish'. For this unit the children are looking at character change and how this process forms throughout a story. The children have learnt that in the beginning Rainbow fish is selfish as he does not share his scales but once he is given some advice from the wise old octopuses then he changes his ways and becomes kind and thoughtful. Below is a copy of the model text if you would like to read this at home with your child. 


In math this week the children have been developing their learning within multiplication to look at creating equal groups and adding equal groups. They have done this practically using smarties and separated these out on a plate to support their learning in a concrete and visual way. Towards the end of the week the children have used a pile of socks and paired them up to be able to count confidently in 2s and have prepared for some end of year assessments by answering questions with Mrs Parker.

countins in 2sadding equal groups

In PSHE this week the children have learnt Harold the Giraffes Wash and Brush up routine. The children listened to an Audio of Harold's morning routine and decided (through action) what they thought he was doing. The children put these in order using visuals provided to them and then on small pieces of paper drew their own individual morning routines and labelled each pictures to show what they were doing. 

harolds wash and brush up

Spellings for next week's test are as follows:

spellings wek 6

Summer 1 - Week 3 - 5/5/23

The weeks just seem to be whizzing by already this term which is absolutely crazy to think we are almost heading towards the end of the academic year!

This week in Rabbits class we celebrated the King's Coronation on Wednesday afternoon. The children started the celebrations with a lunchtime picnic with the rest of the school on the AstroTurf. They then proceeded to make their very own Great Britain flag which we secured to a straw. The children used these in an end of school procession where 2 children in Year 6 were nominated to act as King and Queen for the remainder of the day and we waved our flags to celebrate them on the KS2 playground. There was lots of laughter, smiles and happiness surrounding children and staff during the afternoon which created a fantastic atmosphere!

coronation treehouse pic

In Maths this week the children have been exploring ways in which we can count in 10s and 5s. The children have been involved in many practical lessons, helping them to secure their understanding of this further.

IMG 0045IMG 0044IMG 0042IMG 0041IMG 0040IMG 0097

counting in 5s

In Writing with Mrs Carey the children finished off their unit of poetry. They worked on finishing a class shared write, completed their own warm write using their innovation box up, peer assessed each others work against the class poetry toolkit, set each other targets to meet and completed their final hot write piece of work. The children have worked extremely hard in such a short space of time to persevere and get to the end result that they have! A huge well done :)

In Art this week the children have been practicing their Art skill in using a screen printing device.

 step 4

A screen printer, like the one above, is a wooden frame fixed with fine mesh. The children used a handheld wooden scraping tool like the one above to spread the paint onto a piece of paper. They created their own shape which they cut on and placed on the piece of paper with blutack before painting. Once dry the children will be able to peel off the shape to reveal the outline in white underneath. They will then colour this in using felt tip pens or crayons to show 2 block colours - creating a practice example of Pop Art.

Spellings for next week's test are as follows:


Summer 1 - Week 2 - 28/4/23

This week the children thoroughly enjoyed their Senses Science lesson! This required them to taste different types of food blindfolded. After the children had tasted they had to guess what the food item was and then record what they thought of it! The classroom was a buzz all afternoon - it was very enjoyable indeed! Please see the food items below so that you can discuss this lesson further with your children at home. You could even try putting the food items in order from sweet (yum) to sour (yuck)

blog pic science

In Maths this week the children have been discussing the words 'capacity' and 'volume'. They have been exploring these through use of water and containers. The children have loved the practical elements of these lessons and have worked exceptionally hard to explore how many cups/spoons of water it takes to fill a container! We found that spoons took longer to fill than cups.

In Writing this week the children have been working hard to remember what is needed to create a well structured sentence. They have built a poetry toolkit with the support of Mrs Carey and an all the time toolkit. Towards the end of the week the children began innovating on the model poem Jack and Jill. They were encouraged to think about how to add rhyme into their ideas for their own poems. This will be continuing on into next week.

Spellings for next week's test are as follows:

spellings for blog week 2


Summer 1 - Week 1 - 17/4/23

We have had a great start to the Summer term in Rabbits this week!

The children have began their new topic 'Seaside' and have delved into this learning within History - where the children have experienced an imaginary train journey down to Cromer beach and learning about Seasides in the past and Geography - where the children have learnt all about the features of a Seaside and coast. Looking at key vocab for human and physical features in particular. 

blog pic

During maths this week the children have been looking at Mass and Volume. In terms mass the children have been weighing different objects and finding out the mass of each one by using cubes to balance out the scales. They have enjoyed the practicality of these lessons and have recorded some great sentences in their books. They have also explored the language of heavier and lighter and have compared the mass of 2 or 3 different objects. Towards the end of the week we have dipped into Volume by exploring and discussing full and empty the children used different sized containers for this lesson and filled them up with amounts of water.

During Writing the children have looked in depth at Rhyme and Pattern within our new Poetry unit. They really impressed Mrs Carey with their knowledge of words that Rhyme and being able to record these as written lines for a practice poem in their books. They were also introduced to the poem 'Jack and Jill' and with Mrs Carey's support mapped (with pictures and actions) a class version. This can be seen below. Please do practice together at home.

jack and jill poem

Miss Cox sent out some number formation web links. To support the writing of number. Please do have a look at and use these at home with your child. Below are copies of of these links if you need them:

https://www.abcya.com/games/letter_trace - trace animation
https://www.doorwayonline.org.uk/activities/letterformation/ - trace animation

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