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Owls PE day is Monday.

Week beginning 9th May

We have had a mixed bag of weather this week but the children have still managed to access outside as much as possible. The plants are beginning to grow so they have enjoyed helping to water them. The dentist service visited and some of the children were excited to get their teeth checked, they all brought letters home with feedback from this. The children also enjoyed using the toothpaste & brushes in the tuff spot.

We have also started to talk about the Queen's Jubilee and the children have been drawing her portrait to display around the village.

other stuff


This week the children have been working on the composition of 10. We used the song 'Ten Fat Sausages' to help. The children have been able to show their understanding by using die frames & ten frames to show pairs of numbers that make 10.

Reception Maths2



My group have been reading The Dressing Up Box which has some long words in such as 'flipflops' and 'hotpants.' The children have persevered with reading the story, using 'Special Friends,' 'Fred talk,' 'Read the Word.' We have also had lots of discussion about different items of clothing.

Mrs Margan's group have been continuing to read ditties. Each ditty has an increasing number of words now but the children are using their phonics knowledge to help them read them.

All the children have a new reading book in their book bags to read at home.

reception phonics2


Week beginning 2nd May


This week has flown with it being a four day week. The children received an exciting letter from the zoo inviting them to choose an animal they would like to look after. They have also enjoyed using the outdoor area in the sunny weather.




The children thought about the different zoo animals they would like to look after and wrote their own letter in response to the zoo.

big owls writing


The children have been using the song '5 Little Monkeys' to help them with the composition of the number 5. They have used die frames to represent the different ways of making 5 & also recorded their representations on paper.

big owls maths2



This week the children looked at a different way to form the letter 'k' using a loop. They always enjoy completing their work in the handwriting books.



Week beginning 25th April


We have had another busy week in school. The children have been learning about the four seasons and how trees change. They enjoyed going on a Spring hunt looking for the signs of Spring such as lambs, blossom and birds nests. The children have planted some seeds and painted some spring pictures.

reception seasons


This week the children have been using their subitising skills to develop their understanding of number doubles. They have been looking at dice arrangements & ten frames to help spot sub-groups and partition numbers.

reception maths


My group have been reading their 2nd Pink storybook. These are getting more challenging now as they contain more words. The new red words this week are: call, her, want. The children have a copy of the storybook to read at home - please make sure they read everyday to reinforce the learning in school. Thank you to those parents who write a comment in the reading records, this is really helpful.

Mrs Margan's group have been continuing to read ditties. I have been really proud of their Fred talking skills and their growing ability to blend and read the words. They will be bringing home a copy to read.

reception phonics


Week beginning 18th April

It has been lovely to welcome everyone back after the Easter break with glorious weather. The children enjoyed 2 days of balance bike training. Their balance was amazing & the instructor had to think of some more challenging games on the second day. I am sure they will need their stabilisers taking off their bikes at home soon!

balance bikes2

They have also been learning about St George's Day.

St Georges day2



Week beginning 14th March

Last week we started to look at our new story all about the Sleepy Bumblebee. After learning how to use Beebot to follow a simple map, this inspired a further interest in maps which the children have been using in their play for the past couple of weeks. They have followed a map to find treasure and even enjoyed some mark making to draw their own treasure maps with X marking the spot!


To continue the theme of People Who Help Us the children have been learning about doctors. They have enjoyed using the role play area linked to this, especially using the bandages!

As part of Science Week, the children took part in the Fantastic Minibeasts lesson provided by the NFU & have enjoyed digging for worms in the outdoor area. We have also received some seeds from the Morrisons It's Good to Grow scheme so now the weather is looking better we will start to look at how to grow these - let's hope there are some green fingers amongst us!

big owls general

In PE the children have been developing their balancing skills & learning how to place our bodies for better success. To make it more challenging, we turned the benches over so the children had a narrower area to balance on - I was really impressed with their perseverance.

PE big owls

Week beginning 28th February

What a jam-packed week we have had! The children were excited to celebrate Pancake Day on Tuesday. They made their own pancakes by following a recipe, weighing & adding the ingredients & mixing together. We made some extra pancakes so they could have pancake races just like they do in Olney! 

Big owls Pancakes

We have also been celebrating World Book Day, all week! The children have enjoyed sharing books & listening to new stories as well as watching stories from the Share a Story section of the World Book Day website. We even received a signed copy of the book Marmalade by David Walliams.
On Wednesday we had our first Book & Biscuit session - it was great to invite parents & grandparents into school for this. Book & Biscuit will continue weekly, every Wednesday at 3.10pm.
On Thursday the children came to school in their snuggly pjs & shared their favourite books from home.

World Book Day2


This week the children have been ordering Numberblocks from 1 to 8. This helps them to develop their own mental number line and understand which number is more than & less than. Through games they have been consolidating their understanding of 8 as '5 and 3 more,' & noticing when numbers are decreased and increased.

Big Owls Maths


The children have been working on their handwriting, particularly forming the letters 'j' and 'y' correctly - it is quite tricky to remember that 'j' goes under the line but they are getting better each week! In phonics some children have begun to learn some Set 2 sounds. So far we have looked at ay, ee, igh & ow and the children are already beginning to use these when writing words. Our new red word is 'said.'

Big owls English

Week beginning 21st February

It has been great to see everybody back in school after the half term break for another busy week. We have continued to use the daily mindfulness activities after lunch to help us calm down & get ready for our afternoon learning.


This week the children have used number staircases up to 10 to help them begin to understand the concept of 1 more than and 1 less than. They also used the base number 5 to add more cubes to make 6, 7, 8, 9 & 10 - "6 is made of 5 and 1 more. 7 is made of 5 and 2 more. 8 is made of 5 and 3 more. 9 is made of 5 and 4 more. 10 is made of 5 and 5 more."

maths 21


This week we have been looking at ways to end a story. using stories we are familiar with, the children came up with the following different endings - the end, they lived happily ever after, be bo bend it my story is ended and endosaurus. The children are also trying really hard to form letters correctly & sit them on the lines.


This week the children finished their Kandinsky paintings ready for display and then started to look at paintings by Jackson Pollock. They then used string and lolly sticks to create their own Jackson Pollock inspired line pictures. It was very messy but lots of fun!



This week the children have been using their balancing skills to walk in a straight line. They walked across lots of different benches and beams - I was really impressed with their skills, walking backwards was quite tricky though!



Week beginning 7th February

As this week is Mental Health Awareness week we have been engaging in some daily mindfulness activities to promote calmness & relaxation. Ask the children about Rainbow Relaxation & Bubble Bounce! We also looked at the story of The Colour Monster to help the children begin to recognise & talk about their feelings. The children have a lolly stick which they can put into a feelings jar throughout the day.

mental health awareness week2


This week the children have been comparing sets of objects using the stem sentences ....has more than..., ...has fewer than... It has also been great to see the children use their knowledge of numbers in their continuous provision outside - using subitising to play dominoes, playing skittles & creating tallies, ordering numbers & measuring & comparing the size of objects.

big owls maths 12.2.22


The children continue to work hard in their daily phonics lessons & using this knowledge when they are writing. All the children have a reading book that is linked to their phonics learning so please remember to read regularly at home to reinforce the learning in school. My phonics group have also been given a set of red words to read at home in their letter sounds wallets. I have also included a link below.


I hope you all have a lovely half term holiday and I look forward to seeing everyone fit and healthy when we return to school on 21st February.


Week beginning 31st January

This week the children have enjoyed learning about postal workers and what happens to letters when we post them. They have created their own postcards based on Kandinsky's circle artwork, this was quite a challenge as they had to create lots of different coloured circles to fill a space. The children then wrote their postcards ready to send.

On Friday, we all walked down to the post-box to post our postcards - keep an eye on the post in the next few days! We saw the postal worker in his van as we were near the box and he tooted his horn as he drove off! The children even saw the milk tanker whose driver tooted and waved as he drove by. Lots of the children were even spotting the numbers on the houses we were walking past.

postcards 4.2.22

postbox 5.2.22


In Maths this week the children have continued their work with partitioning numbers. We used the rhyme '5 Little Men in a Flying Saucer' to consolidate our knowledge of the number 5, using the stem sentences we learnt last week. We then used dice frames to help us partition the numbers 6 and 7.

big owls maths 4.2.22

What a busy week! We even learnt about the Lunar/ Chinese New Year.


Week beginning 24th January

We have had another busy week in Owls. The children have continued their work on rainbows and they enjoyed growing their own rainbow using kitchen roll, felt pens and a little water. We talked about the word 'absorbent' and what that means.

growing rainbows


The children have been working with partitioning 5 this week using the rhyme '5 Little Speckled Frogs.' This has really helped them understand the concept in a real and concrete way and I have been really impressed with how they have been saying & using the stem sentences - 5 is made of 4 and 1, 5 is made of 3 and 2.

5 little speckled frogs


The children were surprised to receive a phone call from Mr Frog this week. He asked the children to help him write a thank you letter to the Rainbow Princess. He gave us a story about The Jolly Postman to help us. After lots of discussion we realised that not many people actually send letters or post cards anymore so this is something we are going to learn more about next week.

Week beginning 17th January

It has been very cold this week but the children have still been busy outdoors as well as indoors. They have been fascinated with the frosty mornings and have enjoyed using the brooms to mark make on the frosty grass.

frosty mark making


This week the children have been rehearsing the order of the first five numbers & understanding that the position the numbers hold does not change. They have been using blocks to order the quantities from 1 to 5 and have discovered that each number has a value of 1 more than the previous number. The children have also been playing lots of games to reinforce their subitising.


big owls maths 22.1.22



We have continued with our work using the story of the Rainbow Princess. The children have been using the props in the tuff spot to retell the story and remember the order. They have arranged pictures of the key places the princess visits and recorded this in their books with labels and captions.

the rainbow princess 21.1.22

Week beginning 10th January

What a busy and interesting week we have had. The children have continued to learn all about police officers, looking at their uniform this week. They have enjoyed dressing up and role playing and some children have also been making their own police radios on the making table.



This week the children have been continuing their understanding of subitising, using increasingly complex arrangements. They have started to see sub-groups when subitising such as a group of 4 and a group of 1 when subitising 5 dots. They have matched numerals to correct quantities and have also been using number tracks to play simple dice games.

big owls maths 14.1.22


The children are continuing to recognise and or learn set 1 Special Friends; sh, ch, th, nk, ng, spotting these sounds when reading so they can Fred talk & blend correctly. My group are reading Red Ditty books in phonics lessons. We learn the green words & red words and read the stories these books then come home to read. They are then changed after three days so it would be really helpful if you could hear your child read before they are changed again after three days, this will really help to reinforce their learning in school. 

New red words this week: of, no


We had a special delivery for Owls this week. A scroll was left by The Rainbow Princess containing her story for us to read. We have started to learn the story and have even added some actions. We have also been looking at the colours of the rainbow and learnt how to mix colours to make new colours. Below is a link to the story if you would like to read it at home & the rainbow song we have been singing.




Week beginning 3rd January

Happy New Year! Welcome to the Spring Term.

It has been a short week but great to see all the children back in school, settled and ready to learn again. We have had some new Little Owls join us this week and I have been very pleased to see the older children helping them to settle in.

This term we are going to be learning about people who help us and we began by looking at police officers and what they do. The children have already enjoyed finding clues and solving mysteries!

At the end of last term, I gave each of the children a plastic wallet containing some letter sounds to reinforce at home - I know some children have been using these at home already, well done! Please can these stay in book bags so that I can add new letter sounds and word cards as we progress through this term.

Children also need to bring their book bags into to school every day so that I can send home reading books. As the children make progress in phonics it is great to hear them read and the children are always excited to start receiving a new book. I would really appreciate it if parents can write a comment in the reading record book so I have an idea of how the children are reading at home - thank you.



Week beginning 13th December

What a lovely end of term we have had. We had our Christmas party where the children enjoyed playing Pass the Parcel, Musical Statues & Musical Chairs and then we all enjoyed some party food. We performed our Nursery Rhyme Nativity on our outdoor stage and the children sang the songs beautifully and looked great in their costumes.

All the children now have their own log ins to our class Teams so they can access virtual learning if needed. I will send these via Tapestry so please keep a look out.

We are all looking forward to a well earned rest now. Merry Christmas everyone & I hope to see you all again in January.


Week beginning 6th December


What a busy couple of weeks we have had. The school Christmas tree in the hall and our classroom tree, both look great with our decorations on them. The children also enjoyed eating Christmas dinner, complete with crackers and Christmas music. We are also in full swing with learning our Nativity production and the children have been trying on their costumes - we can't wait to show you all next week!

xmas tree pics2

christmas dinner2


Last week the children were investigating sharing so that each character/ person had equal amounts. This week they have been looking at parts and whole. We started by thinking about a jigsaw puzzle - each puzzle piece is a part and when all the parts are put together it makes a WHOLE jigsaw puzzle. Once the children understood this, we moved on to looking at the parts that make the numbers 2 and 3. The children have been using the stem sentence, 1 and another 1 is 2 when looking at the parts that make 2. They also know that 3 can be made in two different ways: 1 and another 1 and another 1 is 3 or 2 and another 1 is 3.

parts wholebig owls sharing equally


In phonics the children are continuing to read and spell words using Fred talk and Fred fingers. Some of the words they have been reading and spelling are: shop, fish, ship, red, rat, huff, mess, back.



Week beginning 22nd November

Another busy week has flown by and what a great end we had with our Grandparents afternoon. The children enjoyed decorating biscuits, making snowmen, decorating salt dough trees and making paper chains but, most of all, they loved showing their grandparents our classroom and outdoor area.

grandparents pm


This week has been all about the number 5. The children have been using their fingers to show 5, making collections of 5, representing 5 on a die frame and singing the song '5 Little Peas.' The children also played Simon Says with numbers: Simon says pat your head 3 times, Simon says clap you hands 5 times etc. They also learnt that 5 and 5 makes 10 altogether. I have included a link below to the song '5 Little Peas.'


maths 26.11.21


The children are continuing to use set 1 sounds to play Fred games and word build. Some children are also beginning to recognise the red words 'I' and 'the'.

Week beginning 15th November

This week is World Nursery Rhyme Week so we have been joining in by singing a different rhyme each day. The children have enjoyed activities related to each rhyme, they particularly liked the build a spider game and winding bobbins. Nursery rhymes enable children to become interested in language patterns and rhyme. Studies have shown that if a child knows eight nursery rhymes by heart by the time they are 4 years old, they're usually among the best readers by the time they are 8 years old. So... keep singing!

nursery rhymes 15.11.21


The children have continued to learn the Enormous Turnip, they can now say the story without my help and include the actions. We have been looking at the different characters in the story and we now have our story map.

enormous turnip 15.11.21


This week the children have been comparing groups of objects and finding who has more and who has fewer. They have been using the stem sentences, '.....has more than...' '.....has fewer than...' The children have also impressed me with their knowledge of the number 4 from the work we did last week and have been using cubes to show me the shapes it can make and its composition, 3 and another 1 is 4.

maths 15.11.21




Week beginning 8th November

Another busy week has flown by. All the children know our daily routine really well now and the days just seem to zoom by.

This week we have talked about Remembrance and why we wear poppies. The children made their own poppies and carried them down to the church for our remembrance service on Thursday.

wb 8.11.21

They also finished their diya pots by adding colourful paint and gems.



This week some children have been introduced to their first ditties, myself and Mrs Margan have been really impressed with the children's Fred talk and word reading. There is a link below to the ditties they have been reading.


Some of the children have also been learning the sounds: ch, qu, x.


The children helped me to pull up some tough weeds in the outdoor area, we needed to make a long line of people to help get them up. This reminded us of The Enormous Turnip so we have started to think about this and learn it as our new class story.

the enormous turnip


The children are continuing to subitise this week. They looked at making different patterns of 3. The children then looked at the Numberblock number 4 and the different shapes he can make with just four cubes. The children were very good at describing the different shapes and copying them with counters.

maths wb 9.11.21



Week beginning 1st November

It has been great to see everyone again after our half term break. The temperature has certainly dropped now so the children definitely need their warm coats, hats & gloves.

The children have been learning about the festival of Diwali this week. They have made clay diya pots which they will paint and decorate next week. They have listened to the story of Rama and Sita also. The children have also been using the glue gun to decorate CDs with their own Rangoli patterns - we hope to hang these from our stage area outside. They have made firework pictures to hang in our art area.



This week the children have been learning z and the special friends sh and th.

phonics 1.11.21


This week the children have been learning the composition of numbers 2, 3 and 4. They have used the stem sentences; 1 and another 1 is 2, 2 and another 1 is 3, 3 and another 1 is 4 using Numberblocks to help them. They have also collected and made groups of 2, 3 and 4 items.

maths wb 2.11.21

Week beginning 18th October

Another busy week has flown by and I cannot believe we have completed the first half term already! I hope everyone has a lovely half term holiday and we look forward to seeing everyone again on the 1st November.

This week the children have had lots of fun with pumpkins; scraping them out, cutting them, finding the seeds, making pumpkin soup & hammering golf tees into them. There has been lots of interesting conversations about pumpkins!



This week we have been learning the set 1 sounds; v, y, w. 


This week we have been teaching Counting Monkey how to count. We realised that we need to count objects 1 by 1 and it helps to move them into a line whilst we count, we also know that the last number we count tells us how many there are. 

counting monkey

Building on our work from last week, we have also been finding and subitising groups of 1, 2 & 3 pumpkin seeds.

subitising pumpkin seeds


This week we have learnt our fourth story, The Magic Porridge Pot. The children have enjoyed retelling the story with Little Owls. They have also been writing some key phrases from the story using Fred talk to help them write the words - well done Owls.

magic porridge pot

Week beginning 11th October

What another busy week we have had and I can't believe we only have one week in school before half term! We joined the rest of the school in church on Tuesday for our harvest festival. We sang Dingle Dangle Scarecrow with Little Owls and everyone commented on how good the children were in church - well done Owls.


This week we have been learning the set 1 sounds; l, h, r, j. I have attached a copy of all the set 1 sounds below for reference.



This week we have been learning The Gingerbread Man story. The children have learnt the actions and helped to map the story. They have made their own playdough gingerbread men and used puppets to retell the story to each other. We even did an experiment to see if a real gingerbread man could swim! The children made some excellent observations as they watched the gingerbread men in the water and noticed that the biscuit was turning white and the water was turning orange as the biscuit became "soggy."

gingerbread man wb 11.10.21


This week we started the Mastering Number programme from our local Maths Hub. This aims to develop good number sense for all children from Reception through to Years 1 & 2. The programme uses the Numberblocks characters to engage the children. This week we have been subitising numbers 1, 2 and 3 - being able to recognise a group of dots without counting them. The children have been great at spotting different groups of dots and have been able to quickly subitise the numbers.

maths 11.10.21

The children have also been busy on the workbench this week, developing their muscles and hand eye co-ordination to help them become strong writers.

wb 11.10.21


Week beginning 4th October

We have had lots of poorly children this week but those who have been in school have been working very hard; let's hope we are back to full capacity next week! We are very much looking forward to our Harvest Festival next week and we have been practising our song Dingle Dangle Scarecrow.

The children will soon be receiving a home learning sheet with some suggested activities that you can do at home to support their learning. See below for reference.


homework grid october 


This week we have been learning the sounds; b, f, e. The children have been using Fred talk to help them word build using our CVC ping pong balls.

cvc words


We have been learning the story of The Little Red Hen. We have used the story map to help us remember the story and we have had fun learning the actions as well.

Little Red Hen2


We have been exploring repeating patterns this week using lots of objects we have found inside and outside. We can now make and describe patterns using colour, size and shape.

maths patterns

Week beginning 27th September

What a lovely start to the new school year we have had. The children have quickly settled into life in the classroom. They have started to attend assemblies with the rest of the school and I am very impressed with how nicely they have been sitting and listening. The children have also started changing into their PE kits and I am super impressed with how independent they are and so far, we haven't had any missing socks or shorts! Just a reminder that PE is on a Monday.



This week we have been learning the sounds; c, k, u. The children have also been using letter sounds to Fred talk and build words.

word building

Maths and Literacy

In Maths this week we have been doing lots of comparing and measuring using these key words; short, shorter, tall, taller, more, fewer, big, large, small, little, long, longer, equal.

In Literacy, we have been learning the story of Mr Wiggle and Mr Waggle. We have had lots of fun learning the actions to help us tell the story and we used a story map to help us remember it.

Mr Wiggle Mr Waggle

At the end of last week the children brought in a special item to share with the class and talk about why it was special.

Special Items


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