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Book & Biscuit Dates

10th January, 24th January, 7th February, 28th February, 13th March & 27th March.

Week beginning 12th February


This week the children have been learning about letter writing and have been sending lots of letters to each other, using our post box in the classroom. Using a letter map, they wrote a letter to The Rainbow Princess from Mr Frog.

Reception Letter


The children have been using their subitising skills to find parts of whole numbers. They then focussed on the number 7, finding different ways to partition it.

Reception Number 7

We hope you have a lovely half term break and look forward to seeing you back in school on the 26th February.

Week beginning 5th February

The children have learnt about Chinese New Year this week. They have listened to the story of The Great Race and used props to retell the story. They have learnt that the lucky colour is red and it is the year of the dragon. They also made their own lanterns.


The children innovated the story of The Rainbow Princess by changing the characters. We had some rainbow dragons, rainbow unicorns, Mr Swans and Mr Tadpoles!

Below is a phonics link to consolidate the children's knowledge of the sound 'ck'.



This week the children have been ordering numbers and saying which numbers are more than others. They have consolidated their knowledge of the number 8 and have been noticing when numbers have been increased or decreased.

YR Maths 5.2.24

Week beginning 29th January

This week we have continued to look at People Who Help Us. We went for a walk around the village, identifying the places where people who help us might be. We saw the church, the shop, the doctor's surgery and our school and we also found some bus stops and post boxes. The children then programmed Bee-bot around to photographs of the places we visited on our walk.

village walk2


This week the children started to innovate the story of The Rainbow Princess. We picked four different places for the characters to visit and added them to the class story map using post-it notes. The children then chose their own places to add to their story map.

YR story map


The children have been looking at the numbers 6 to 10 this week, partitioning them into 5 and 'a bit.' They have used cubes to show their understanding, using stem sentences such as, '8 is made of 5 and 3, 5 and 3 is 8.' Below is a link to an episode of Numberblocks which links to this learning.



The children have also started to make their sock puppets this week and they can't wait to bring them home once they are all finished.

puppets YR


Week beginning 22nd January

This week the children have continued to enjoy The Rainbow Princess story. We created a class story map with them remembering the key places the characters visit and they then showed their knowledge of this to programme Bee-bot around a mat showing these places, in the correct order.



The children have continued to work on the Ditties this week. They used Fred talk to read the words and then blend for reading whilst also being able to read short words, such as 'on' and 'in', by sight. This week they have learnt the Red words 'my' and 'go'. I have sent home this week's Ditties for them to read at home, one ditty per day is ideal.


This week the children have been comparing quantities in two groups. They have used the words 'more than' and 'fewer than' to describe the quantities. We also talked about using the word 'equal' when the quantity is the same.


Also this week the children made their own stick puppets using the characters from The Rainbow Princess. They chose which character they wanted, coloured it in, cut around the shape and then stuck a lolly stick at the bottom. Afterwards the children enjoyed playing with their puppets, telling the story with them.

stick puppets


Week beginning 15th January

This week we continued to think about people who help us and we asked the children what job they would like to do when they grow up. We had lots of children wanting to be police officers or fire fighters, we even had someone wanting to be a midwife and someone wanting to be a painter and decorator. The children painted a picture to show which job they would like to do and added some writing to this.

People Who Help Us


The children received an exciting letter this week from the Rainbow Princess. She left a story for the children and they decided to learn  this as the new class story. We added actions to the story and filmed it for the Rainbow Princess to watch.

Rainbow Princess


This week the children have been partitioning the numbers 6 and 7 by finding the 'five and a bit.' They used stem sentences to show their understanding and then looked at the numbers 8, 9 and 10 using cubes to find the five first and then work out the other number - 8 is made of 5 and 3, 5 and 3 is 8.

Week beginning 8th January

Our first full week after the holiday and the children are back into the swing of things again! It has been great to be able to access the outdoor area more with less rain being around!


This week the children have started to read ditties, these are short stories containing 4 or 5 lines of text that the children can read by decoding the words (Fred Talk). They have also learnt the red words, 'I' and 'the'. The children have got this week's ditties in their book bags so they can read one or two ditties a day at home.


This week we have been using the song Five Little Speckled Frogs to learn how to partition the number 5 into two groups. The children have been using the stem sentences; 5 is made of 4 and 1, 4 and 1 is 5. 5 is made of 3 and 2, 3 and 2 is 5.

YR Partitioning 5

Friday 1st January 2024

Happy New Year

Welcome to the Spring Term, it has been great to see everybody back in today. Our topic for this half term is going to be 'People Who Help Us.'
Just a reminder that Book & Biscuit takes place every other Wednesday at 3.10pm.

Week beginning 4th December

What a busy couple of weeks we have had, Christmas has well and truly arrived in Owls! The children have taken part in lots of Christmas related experiences. Last week we invited grandparents into school to complete Christmas craft activities with the children. This week we visited the church to learn about Advent and the Christmas story.


 On Wednesday we had an amazing trip to Westlodge Farm to see Father Christmas. The children made bags of reindeer food to take home, they went to Elf School to learn how to be an elf and receive their very own Santa hat, they sat in Santa's sleigh, they wrote a letter to Father Christmas and posted it in the North Pole post box before meeting Father Christmas and they all picked a toy to take home. In the afternoon the children took part in a Nativity play and we also looked around the farm and saw lots of animals - we even saw some newly born piglets! The children had a great time and were a credit to the school - we are very proud of them.

Elf School



Week beginning 20th November

The children have had a busy couple of weeks. We are starting the build up to Christmas, learning the Nativity songs - the children are really excited about going on the stage!


Our class story is The Little Red Hen. Over the past couple of weeks they have been learning about the journey of bread. They can tell the story using the actions and they have been writing key character phrases into speech bubbles.

Little Red Hen


This week the children have been reviewing the counting rules: start at number one, count each item one at a time, the last number you say tells you how many there are. They have also been finding equal amounts. 


Week beginning 6th November

The children have had a busy week learning all about Diwali. They have made Diva lamps with clay & used coloured sand to create Rangoli patterns as well as lots of other activities to increase their understanding of Diwali. The children also had the opportunity to try some authentic clothing on belonging to one of our children who talked to the class about her experience of Diwali. The children have also been looking at poppies.

Big Owls 10


The children have learnt the Set 1 Special Sounds; sh, ch, th and qu. There are some links below to reinforce the learning at home.






 This week the children have been introduced to 'parts' and 'whole'. We began by looking at the parts of toys & then the parts of animals, moving into the parts that make the numbers 2 and 3.

Big owls 10 Maths


Week beginning 16th October

This week the children have been learning to tell the story of the Magic Porridge Pot. They created a story map, ordered key pictures, used their phonics skills to write some key phrases from the story and even made their own porridge!

We also looked at the colours the artist Lowry used in his pictures and learnt how to make our colours lighter and darker by adding white or black.

In phonics this week the children have learnt the sounds v, y and w. They have been blending sounds to spell some simple words and are beginning to write these in sand, on whiteboards and in their books. New links to phonics films have been emailed home so the children can access these at home.

We hope you have a great half term and we look forward to seeing you all on 30th October.

IMG 0879 BO


Week beginning 2nd October

The children have had a busy few weeks. We have started to do a calendar every day to improve their awareness of the days of the week and the season we are in.


In Phonics the children have learnt the Set 1 sounds; m,a,s,t,d,p,g,c,o,n,k,u,f,e. They are beginning to use these sounds to word build. Below are some links to reinforce the learning at home.



The children have also been learning the story of The Gingerbread Man this week. They have used a story map to help them remember it & have enjoyed retelling it with the puppets & making their own pictures.

Gingerbread Man

We even did a little experiment with our own gingerbread men to see what happens when they are put into different liquids; water, oil & vinegar.

Gingerbread Man Experiment


This week the children have been subitising different dot patterns and describing them using positional language such as; diagonal, across, down, straight. They then looked at the number 4 and investigated the different patterns they could make with four cubes.

Reception Maths

Week beginning 11th September

Welcome to a new school year. It has been lovely to welcome the children back. All the children have settled well and it has been really pleasing to see them help and support the new preschool starters.

All the children have picked a library book to bring home and share. These will be changed weekly but please keep them in book bags as the day they are changed may differ.

In Maths they have been subitising numbers (saying how many there are without counting) and describing different dot patterns.

In Phonics the children have been looking at the Set 1 sounds; m, a, s, d, t, i, n. Below are some links to some films to reinforce the learning at home.



In other areas the children have been learning about the skeleton and then used art straws to create their own. They were also excited to take part in an experiment using coloured ice cubes to explore colour mixing with Primary colours.

Reception 1


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