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Friday 19th November

This week we have been preparing for our class assembly next week and the children have been working so hard to get things ready and making props. They are so excited and we can't wait to see you there on Wednesday!

This week has been Anti-Bullying week and we have been participating in activities that cover the theme of 'One kind Word'.

In maths we have continued multiplying and dividing by 10,100 and 1000 have related this to measure by converting metres into Kilometres and vice versa.

In ICT this week we furthered our learning with vector images - firstly to create a penguin with given shapes and to then design a parrot using different colour techniques, line designs, shape rotations and placement. They had great fun and the characters they produced were great!


In topic this week we have focused on the threats to the rainforest in our lesson where the students independently worked in pairs to research what they could find.... what a success! Once all our findings were shared as a class, our whiteboard was full of different challenges facing the rainforest! We then reviewed if the threats were from us as mankind or nature itself - sadly mankind are certainly to blame for the majority of the rainforests demise.

Year 4                 Year 5

Year 4 ly Year 5 use

Friday 12th November

What a busy week! 

This week in Maths: In Year 4 we have covered Multiplying by 10 and 100 and Dividing by 10 and 100.  We have learnt that when you multiply a number by 10 it moves one place value column to the Left and when you divide by 10 it moves one place value column to the right.- Ask your child to show you how this works!

In year 5 we have been refining our knowledge of Multiplying and Dividing by 10 and 100 and extending this to 1000 up to 6 digit numbers  

On Thursday we ventured to St Marys Church for a special assembly all about Remembrance and the two minute silence. It was fantastic being in this amazing building to mark such an important occasion.

For our topic this week we have looked at why the rainforest is so important and why we need to preserve it. We have been presenting our fantastic homework to the rest of the class- our quizzes about the Rainforest are really enjoyable and helping us to recall and teach many amazing facts.

We have been learning what miracles are in RE and focused on one of the bible stores where Jesus healed a blind man. In science we have progressed our learning onto selective breeding and why this may be useful. Our task was to look at various dog breeds and how breed characteristics can be used to identify which dog would be ideal for different families and lifestyles. For our ICT lessons on Vector images, we used publisher this week and tried to create new characters using shapes - this was great fun and a good way to encourage the students to experiment with different commands.

We are currently starting our preparation for our class assembly which will be in two weeks time- we look forward to seeing you there!

YEAR 4                                           YEAR 5

yEAR 4yEAR 5



Friday 5th November

Wow what an amazing selection of rainforest home work we have had returned into school this week!

The children have clearly worked really hard on creating some fantastic rainforest habitats, poetry, fact files, posters, quizzes and much more!  Thank you for all your support in helping at home, we are gong to be sharing them all with the class over the coming week.

In maths this week year 4 have been investigating multiplication facts and relationships of the 6, 7 and 9 times tables. Year 5's have been learning about squared and cubed numbers.

Our art collage is now complete with our proud tiger peeking through all the fantastic jungle plants the children have painted. In our topic work this week the children looked at the Amazonian tribes and how their life differs from ours. It created some interesting conversations on how they live and hunt and their reluctance to integrate with the modern world.

For our new ICT module we will be looking at Vector images. This week we looked at vector images and logos and started to create our own pictures using shapes and seeing how their appearance could be manipulated. 

Our new science topic this term has started with us looking at the characteristics of human beings such as eye colour. We then looked at sorting them into categories of if they are inherited or environmental (influenced by people and places around us).

Our PE has now moved to Thursday afternoon from Tuesday and this will take place in the hall. Please can all children have their pe kits with them this day including appropriate footwear. PE still remains on Friday as well.

Spellings this week were great so well done for all those pupils that had been practicing. We also re-visited the times table 100 challenge this week to kick off the new term.

YEAR 4                YEAR 5

Year 4 ationYear 5 Ance



Friday 22nd October

We have made it to the end of a very busy half term!

In maths this week Year 4 have been multiplying and dividing by 1 and zero and Year 5 have been learning about what multiples and factors of numbers are and how to work them out.

Our art has taken us to the point where we have been individually painting flowers and plants to create a Rainforest collage in the style of our focus artist Henri Rousseau with good results, we even have the beginnings of a tiger ready to be peering out.

Our science topic of reproduction in plants and animals concluded this week with us looking at the lifecycle of a human and the different stages of growth we go through. We also considered how that compared to the other animals we had been looking at over the past 6 weeks.

For our Amazon topic the class wrote up their fantastic animal fact files that they had independently researched and they were awesome! A great range of animals were reported on with some very scary facts too! The class worked brilliantly on these and tie in with the artwork they did last week.

In PSHE we have focused on communication and how non-verbal communication can also affect what we are saying. This was a great follow on from our ICT lesson over the last few weeks where the pupils had been learning about good communication methods in tasks where they had only been able to communicate through Teams and messages in order to complete the assignments they were set!

Spellings for the next two weeks are below (these will be tested on the 5th November)

Year 4                    Year 5

proper year 4Year 4 spellings

We hope you and your families enjoy a restful half term will see you back in school on Monday 1st November.


Friday 15th October 2021

This week we really enjoyed practicing and then presenting our thoughts about Harvest at the church on Tuesday - Many thanks to all the parents who came along!

This week in Maths we have been solving multi step problems, we have also been completing a number of assessments so we can find out areas we are secure on and the areas we need more work on. 

Our Amazon wall at school is beginning to come alive with the great artwork the children have produced this week! They were all looking closely at their chosen animal from last week and painted a small section of the animal that captured a striking feature or bright colouring. This took a little bit of practice to get the perspective but we now have some very interesting parts of animals including a tarantulas eye!

Birds were our focus in science this week, looking at how they reproduce and then comparing them to mammals. We watched some great wildlife clips of how different birds attract a mate in the wild and also looked at the lifecycle of chicken and the anatomy of their eggs.

Our Christianity topic in RE took us to hymns and music this week! The children listened to 3 different hymns, all in different music styles and recorded what they thought the song was about and if they enjoyed it. It was interesting to see the differences in music preferences and their really good music evaluation skills!

Following on from positive relationships, we looked at what being assertive means in PSHE. When should we be assertive, how can we do that respectfully and how does our body language influence a situation?

 Spellings for this week are shown below. These are also uploaded onto Spelling Shed for children to practice.

YEAR 4                YEAR 5

Year 4 InterYear 5 challenge words



Friday 8th October 2021

This week many of our year 5 have taken part in Bikeability. Here they were taught the essential skills and rules needed to safely ride their bikes on the public highway and have been seen with big smiles on their faces as they have returned to school from riding around the village.

In maths this week we have been continuing with subtraction and using different methods to find the difference between two numbers and multi-step problems.

Our Amazon learning this week has been about learning how animals and plants have adapted to survive in the rainforest and beginning to create fact files on our favourite chosen animal... some quite scary ones!

Unfortunately some of our potatoes in our cloning experiment for science have come to a watery end. However we do still have 4 team's spuds hanging on so we have been documenting the changes that have been happening over the last couple of weeks and I can confirm there are roots!

We've been very creative this week. In art we moved onto drawing cat animals this week in preparation for putting our complete jungle picture together, in RE we made our own stained glass windows (that look fantastic!) and we have also been working on our own class harvest poem ready for the festival next week.

Spellings for this week are shown below. These are also uploaded onto Spelling Shed for children to practice on.

Year 4                      Year 5

Year 4Year 5

We hope you an your families have a lovely weekend - Panthers




Friday 1st October 2021

We have enjoyed another busy week! 

Homework Grids have been issued which are due in on the 5th November- Children should choose 4 tasks from the 8 and present as imaginatively as they can!

Please click on the link to see the tasks:  AMAZON-HOMEWORK-GRID-t1.docx

Year 4 Spellings                                       Year 5 Spellings

Year 4 Spellings                                     Year 5 Spellings2


In Maths this week both year 4 and 5 have been learning how to use the formal methods of subtraction. We had some pretty challenging missing number subtraction problems to solve! Ask your child to show you how they solve subtraction using the column method!

The class have been continuing with their great Art pieces and looked at the different layers of the rainforest this week in our topic. In science we looked at the classification of mammals and their gestation periods which created lots of great class discussion.

A big well done to the class this week for their times tables, a great improvement already from the first week back! Keep it up Panthers

Christmas card designs are coming home with children tonight which they had fun designing, please ask them to share these with you. 



Friday 24th September 2021


We have had a busy week here in the Panthers this week and been learning lots. Year 4 have had good fun learning about bike safety this week too and looked like they were really enjoying themselves on the playground.

In maths this week we have all been learning about negative numbers challenging ourselves to count forward and backwards through zero.

We have continued to look at the Amazon and have been looking at the climate and what it would feel like to visit. We also learnt about why it rains and how geographical features influence the weather systems!

In science we started looking at animal reproduction, metamorphosis and lifecycles of insects and amphibians this week which created lots of good class discussion and questions.  in art, our observational drawing skills have definitely improved this week and we began to add shading. Next week we will begin to look at putting our drawing skills to the ultimate test and create a jungle scene!

In IT Panthers were great at recalling our learning this term on the internet, networking and routers. We learnt about what an IP address was and how computers communicate to one another using special protocols. We even had a go at sending messages to one another in the same format computers do!

Well done to everyone for their spellings and times tables this week! A great result. The new words for this next week are all uploaded to spelling shed and spelling practice sheets have been sent home with everyone too.

Have a lovely weekend.


Friday 17th September 2021


This week in maths we have been looking at rounding numbers which they seem to have enjoyed. Maybe they can share this new skill with you at hone?

Year 4 have been rounding three digit numbers to the nearest 10

Year 5 have been rounding to the nearest 10, 100 and 1000.

In science we have been looking at reproduction in plants and are investigating if we can clone a potato! All of our potatoes are lined up on the windowsill ready for action and over the coming weeks the children will be monitoring their progress. Watch this space! 

We have begun looking at the Amazon in more detail and how vast the Amazon river is. We have been practicing our mapping skills, looking in more detail at the South American continent and which countries the Amazon rainforest actually covers.

Our artist for this term is Henry Rousseau and we have been looking in class at how he created his rainforest artwork even though he never visited nor did he have access to the internet in his day! Our observational drawing skills of leaves and plants have begun.

Don't forget spellings are uploaded to Spelling Shed for practice at home and TT Rockstars is a great programme to help children become quicker at their times tables too! We are currently assessing the children's reading ages and their reading scheme books will be allocated in due course.

Keep up the great work Panthers!  

Have a great weekend.

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