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Friday 19th November 2021

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This week in Year 6 children have been thinking how environmental variables effect the way things grow. It will be interesting to see whether the seeds need water and light. In DT children have planned their biodomes and started to construct their ideas, we are really looking forward to taking this to level and using wood for the final design. In writing this week, Lions have started to draft their final versions of their non-chronological reports - I can't wait to read their 'hot writes' about animals from the Amazon. Children were keen to learn more about Jesus in their studies of Christianity this week.

PE this term: Thursday and Friday afternoons

Spellings this week: Year 6 List 10

Year 6 List 10


Friday 12th November 2021


It was brilliant to see Lions children performing their class assembly this week with so much confidence,  it just goes to show how much they have learned about the Amazon Rainforest this term. In writing, children enjoyed looking at some alternative versions of non-chronological reports in preparation for their own writing. They have learned about 'selective breeding' in Science and can discuss the benefits and disadvantages with confidence. In reading, we have started an new book and the children are clear enjoying finding out about Alex Rider's action packed adventure. In topic this week, Lions class found out the Yanomami tribe of the Amazon and how their lives differ so greatly to our own.

PE this term: Thursday and Friday afternoons

Spellings this week: Year 6 List 9

Year 6 List 9


Friday 5th November 2021

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Lions class have had an incredible start back to the term. They have started a new unit in PSHE all about ‘Valuing Difference’ particularly thinking about how they would respond in various situations surrounding bullying - I was very impressed with their responses and reasoning around this subject. In PE this week, children have been learning the rules of how to play seated volleyball focusing specifically on working as a team and equally maintaining balance whilst seated. In Science, Lions class have started to consider ‘Evolution and Inheritance’ and this week have thought about how animals of the same type can be different. Children enjoyed collecting the types of words which might be used in a non-chronological report and I know many have ready thought about how they might use them in their own writing. We are looking forward to a fabulous term ahead in the run up to Christmas!

PE this term: Thursday and Friday afternoons

Spellings this week: Year 6 List 8

Year 6 List 8

Friday 22nd October 2021

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This week in Lions we were excited to see that an Arctic Frost Dragon visited the classroom, this has been helping children to map out non-chronological reports which we will be learning more about after half term. In Science this week, it was interesting to compare the life cycles of humans with other mammals. Children in Lions enjoyed discussing different types of relationships with Mrs Parker in PSHE and it was great to see players being selected for certificates by the cricket coach this week.


Have a wonderful half term and stay safe!


PE in Lions - Tuesday and Friday


Spellings Y6 List 7


Week 7 List 8

Friday 15th October 2021

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Children in Year 6 had an amazing time dancing and singing the 'World Unite Song' in the church this week for Harvest - I was so proud of them all because it took lots of courage! The children have written some excellent stories this week in writing and should be very pleased with their first Hot Write this year. In PSHE, we discussed how our moods can effect how well our days go and children enjoyed thinking about Dan could have improved his day. In RE, Lions class listened to a range of different hymns and learned about how Christians use singing as a form of worship. Children have drawn detailed diagrams of the inside of a fertilised egg in Science and labelled all of the parts accordingly - This triggered some thoughtful conversations about birds and eggs.




Week 6 list 7


Lions Class Update (08/10/21)

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This week, children in Lions class enjoyed developing their Henry Rousseau studies by learning how to draw cats. This will look wonderful when they add them to their final piece over the next few weeks. Children have been drafting their final versions of their suspense stories ready to 'Hot Write' next week and many of them are using lots of the features found in a suspense story. Children in Lions class enjoyed learning about the different types of animals you'd expect to find at various layers of the Amazon rainforest. In PSHE, we talked about how to handle challenging situations in peer groups and lots of children showed that they know how to stand strong and confidently choose between wrong and right. A group of children learned to ride their bikes safely using the roads around Bozeat this week and it was great to see many children confidently cycling home from school.

Lion Class Update (23/09/21)

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Year 6 children have had an excellent week. They have been learning how to write a tale of fear and many children have been able to identify words and phrases used in similar texts which they could build into their own independent writing later on in the term. They have been learning about the Henry Rousseau and his paintings and were surprised to find out that he had never even visited a rainforest. In computing, children have been learning how information is stored and retrieved, making it easier to search for something specific. Children in Lions class this week have enjoyed finding out about 'The Lord's Prayer' and what it means  as part of their study of Christianity this term.

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