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We are coming to the end of the half term holiday and I hope you are all rested and ready to work. This term, although a long one is full of events and exciting learning. 

We finished our term with a visit from the Bomb Squad. As a class we are very fortunate to have such supportive families, without their help we would not have had the opportunity to actually use a bomb disposal robot. We blew up balloons!IMG 0941


IMG 0943

Over the next term, we will be attending the 'lighting the beacon' celebration in the village. This is a wonderful link to our topic and will enable the children to make links with their learning and understand the sacrifices our service men and women made for us. Hopefully the children will even feel brave enough to do the swing on the green. 

We are not going to be doing a Christmas play this year as our end of year production will be epic! 

Our PE days are going to be on a Wednesday afternoon and a Friday morning, as the weather is getting colder it is essential the children are wearing their outdoor PE kits. We are hoping to continue with Forest schools so they can continue to wear their outdoor PE kit. 

In our Literacy, we are going to be looking at the texts, The boy in the stripped pyjamas and Letters from a lighthouse. If you wish to read either texts at home, please feel free. They are both wonderful texts that tackle the very sensitive subject of the concentration camps. It is important the children understand what happens within the horrors of war. 

We are going to 'Duxford Museum', it is there we will learn all about the trench war tactics and what equipment they had. We will learn about the battles that was crucial to WW2. Getting hands on experiences consolidates and reinforces our learning. 

Homework will be going home as per last term. It is essential we are doing our homework as it supports our learning in school. 

Thanking you in advance for all your help, keep an eye out for all the exciting photographs!






Welcome to our class page!

What an exciting start we have had, the armoured personal carrier proved to be a hit and thanks to Mr Tysoe (yet again) the tank emerging from the wall in our classroom is a Twitter hit!

Although WW2 is a sensitive subject I am very please with how the children are handling it. We are collecting photographs of our service men and creating a forces family remembrance display. If you have any photographs of family that served in the armed forces, please bring them in with a brief written details on their service. This has proven to be very popular and trigger family discussions on long lost family members.

We are lucky enough to have a French specialist teacher coming in each week to teach the children, don't forget to ask them what they have learnt.  

Our P.E sessions are still on a Friday so if the children come in their PE kits and their uniform to change into afterwards. After half term there will be Forest schools so if the children can wear their outdoor PE kits and they will remain in this until the end of the day. They may get muddy so at least it will only be one set of clothes.

IMG 0766

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