About Us

We are proud of every child who enters our door at Bozeat Primary. We can see the potential of every child and encourage, encourage and encourage. We praise loudly; and grizzle softly. Bozeat Primary consists of a mixed Nursery and Reception class, a 1 form entry Year 1 class, a 1 form entry Year 2 class, a one form Year 3 class, a one form Year 4 class, a one form Year 5 class and a one form Year 6 class.  The make up of classes is determined by our fluctuating numbers so are subject to change particularly in Key Stage 2.

We are a 'values' school and this means that the whole school is committed to understanding and demonstrating values such as respect, friendship, peace and many more which are common to major world religions and an important part of being a good citizen anywhere in the world.


We currently have 169 children on roll from Nursery –Year 6.

Reception entry – most of our children come into our Reception from the school’s own Nursery however, we do of course, welcome children who are new to the area or who have been with child minders or private child care providers.

Please ring or call into school if you would like to get your child into our school. As we are a school of choice now, it may be that we have to put your child’s name on our waiting list. We are currently full in Year 1, Year 4 and Year 6.

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