Curriculum Overview

Our School Curriculum

Curriculum Intention:

At Bozeat Primary, our intention is to ensure that our children 'Believe, Achieve, Succeed' - learning is at the heart of everything that we do. We believe that our role is to help children to develop their skills as reflective and creative learners who are eager to face new challenges. We want our pupils to learn in a way which develops independence of mind; creates a desire to acquire knowledge and skills which will enable them to carry on learning for life in a rapidly changing world. We have designed our curriculum to facilitate our ambition for every child to successfully reach both their academic and personal goals.

Curriculum Implementation:

We provide a broad and balanced curriculum, which prepares our pupils for life in Modern Britain and is based on research about how we learn. Teachers deliver inspirational lessons using progressive, challenging objectives that build on prior knowledge. Understanding develops so that every child can achieve their aspirational potential. We adapt our curriculum to meet the needs of its learners and place equal importance on non-academic skills which we believe help to prepare our pupils for when they are stepping outside of the Bozeat family. Our whole school approach provides every pupil with memorable moments and enriching experiences such as trips, local visits and visitors to bring their learning to life.

We understand that you are your child’s first teacher, therefore we work in partnership with all of our parents to create a school community which guides and supports every child.

Each year group has a unique set of curriculum themes which tie our progressive objectives together and enable key concepts to be fully understood to ensure that learning is now embedded. The spaced repetition of learning aids long-term retention for our pupils and retrieving prior learning is frequent in all lessons.

Click on the links below to view the Long Term Plan for each year group:

The links below will provide an overview of the core subject objectives being covered throughout the academic year in each class. End of year expectations are the essentials of the National Curriculum that all children should know by the end of each school year:

Curriculum Impact:

We believe that the impact of our curriculum is demonstrated by our confident and proud pupils who step away from the Bozeat family, ready to face the wider world and the challenges that they will no doubt face. Our school values have been instilled within them over time due to the fact that learning is a change in long-term memory and it is impossible to see the impact in the short term.

To ensure that we have the highest levels of achievement, our expectation is that we continuously strive to exceed National expectations.

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