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Hi everyone, I just want to say a huge thank you to everyone for helping to put the video together. It was so lovely to see everyone again and I must admit it made me cry. I'm going to Zoom you all on the last day of term on Thursday at 11:00am to say goodbye, I do hope you can all be there. Since this is your last week of Reception I've given you a fun maths challenge and some Mr Mc phonics to have a giggle with. I hope to see you all on Thursday.

Mr Mc Phonics 31

Mr Mc Phonics 32

Mrs Mc Phonics 33

Helen's Maths Challenge

Week beginning 6th July. Hello everyone, I hope to Zoom you all on Monday morning at 10:00 am. It would be lovely to see you all. This time I'm going to read one of my new favourite stories.


Please follow the link below to access the lessons. All lessons will be released at 9:30 am each day and will last for 10 to 15 minutes. The children need to focus on the Set 2 sounds. I have also added a mini speed sounds chart to use at home and some Fred Talk games.





I have added a list below of story books that help to promote diversity.




Please follow the Oak Academy lessons week 11 below. Most of you will be absolutely delighted that they will be talking about Supertato this week. Can you remember what happened last year when Rachel was tied up by Evil Pea??? Watch out for those cheeky little green critters, they crop up everywhere!




Please follow the Oak Academy lessons, week 11, below. This week is all about addding and subtracting within 20






Week beginning 8th June 2020


Good morning

It appears that there has been an error on the Oak Academy website this morning. According to their plan, the English work should be based around Rosie Revere however they have added the work for next week, which is based around the book '100 Decker Bus.' I suggest you follow the lesson on Oak for today; they may change this when they realise the error. Sorry if this has caused any confusion.


Please follow the link below to access the lessons. All lessons will be released at 9.30am each day and will last for 10 to 15 minutes. The children need to focus on the Set 2 sounds which this week will be; oo-look at the book, ar, or, air, ir.

Miskin Read Write Inc Phonics.


Please follow the Oak Academy lessons, week 7, below. This week's lessons follow the story of Rosie Revere Engineer; perhaps you could design and build your own rocket or flying machine. 



Please follow the Oak Academy lessons, week 7, below. The theme this week is doubling and halving.















Links for additional Maths and Reading


Week of June 1st. I will now be putting a whole week's worth of 'lessons' on here at a time. Please be reassured that the children who are coming in to school are not having any provision beyond what you see here. I don't want you to feel like your child is missing out on anything because they are not! Yet again the Oak Academy lessons are pitched very low and this week they cover topics we have already done. If you choose to do them, please consider it revision. I have added the lovely Mr Mc Phonics and some deeper thinking maths.


Oak Academy Lessons

Mr Mc 12

Mr Mc 13

Mr Mc 14

Mr Mc 15

Maths challenge 4

Maths challenge 5

Maths challenge 6

Maths challenge 7

Maths challenge 8

Half Term Week. I'm only asking you to do one task that may take a minute of several days. Please don't feel compelled to do this. Your child's happiness is much more important right now!

Bee Tally

Friday 22nd May. Today's tricky maths isn't actually very tricky! I would like to see how you work out the answers though. Be as creative as you like...you don't really need cars!

Helen's maths challenge 3

Mr Mc Phonics 11

Oak lessons Friday

Thursday 21st May. No 'extra bits' today. I'll be taking enough of your time telling you my story! I hope everyone can join me at 11:00. Please if you are joining zoom, make sure you join before 11:00 because I'm so busy reading, I won't notice if you try to come in late! Thanks everyone.

Oak lessons Thursday

Wednesday 20th May. Well done to those of you who tried the tricky maths yesterday - that's proper maths :)

Helen's maths challenge 2

Mr Mc Phonics 10

Oak lessons Wednesday

Tuesday 19th May. Since the Oak lessons are a bit easy peasy lemon squeezy for most of you, I am adding some trickier challenges from now on. Please don't feel that you have to do them (some are very easy, others not so).

Helen's maths challenge

Mr Mc Phonics 9

Oak lessons Tuesday

Monday 18th May. I'm hoping this is going to be another sunny week so that we can get outside. Please tell me what you get up to on Tapestry.

Mr Mc Phonics 8

Oak lessons Monday

Friday 15th May. It was so lovely to see so many of you yesterday. Thank you for listening to my story.

Oak lessons Friday

Thursday 14th May. I'm looking forward to telling you all another of my favourite stories. Hopefully I'll see you all at 11:00 am today.

Oak lessons Thursday

Wednesday 13th May. Hi guys, I've added another Mr Mc today because he's so amazing at teaching phonics.

Oak lessons Wednesday

Mr Mc Phonics 7

Tuesday 11th May. Thank you to those children who designed their own sweets yesterday. I think I've got a whole class full of Willy Wonkas!

Oak lessons Tuesdsay

Monday 11th May. This week, the English is all about Hansel and Gretel, a story I've never told!

Oak lessons Monday

Mr Mc Phonics 6

Friday 8th May. It was so amazing to see so many of you yesterday. I miss you all so much. X

Mr Mc Phonics 5

Oak lessons Friday

Thursday 7th May. I will be 'zooming' again today at 11:00 am. If you requested to join last week I will copy you in to today's and all future meetings.They will always be on Thursdays at 11:00 am. I will send the invite 10 minutes before the allotted time. Hopefully I will be able to see everyone this time!

Oak lessons Thursday

Wednesday 6th May. Maths today is all about the months of the year and seasons. Can you remember in  which month your birthday falls?

Oak lessons Wednesday

Tuesday 5th May. The maths today is all about the days of the week, this is another recap of something already taught. The teacher in the video sings a different song to the one I use in school! Please ask your child to sing the one I use to you (it begins with Sunday). Perhaps I'll chortle the words to you on our next zoom session :)

Oak lessons Tuesday

Additional maths for today

Monday 4th May. Hi everyone, it was great to be able to tell you one of my favourite stories on Friday. Sadly I couldn't see anyone, but hopefully my internet will be working better next time! Today's Oak lessons took a long time to open, please give it time if you find the links slow.

Oak lessons Monday

Friday 1st May.

Oak lessons Friday

Thursday 30th April.  I believe that you should have received an email regarding the zoom meeting tomorrow.  If your child would like to join me telling a story please send an email to owls@bozeat-school.net

Oak lessons Thursday 30th

Wednesday 29th April.  Today's maths lesson has been taken from the maths group called NRICH which is what I usually use to do my planning. Once again its all about sharing.  I look forward to seeing your English work today, its all about mapping for Goldilocks.  This teacher tells a different version to mine, but map whichever version you prefer.

Oak lessons Wednesday 29th

Tuesday 28th April

Oak lessons Tuesday

Dear parents, apologies for the change of plan! I have been asked to give you this work.  I'm afraid it's a bit of an academic step back from what we have been working on, but it should be easy enough for the children to follow without too much adult input.

Oak lessons Monday 27th

Monday 27th April.  Here is the first of three reading challenges. Use any book, comic, newspaper, magazine etc.

 Reading Challenge 1

Friday 24th April.  Here is the next crazy installment from Mr Mc. I wish I could teach phonics like him!

 Mr Mc Phonics 4

Thursday 23rd April.  Those of you who have been showing me your maths this week on Tapestry...very well done!  You are getting the hang of sharing which is a very important skill ready for YR 1.  Here is another sharing challenge. 

Pirate Panda

Wednesday 22nd April.  Here is another 'sharing' maths challenge.  This is an important skill for our Early Learning Goals, I will be giving more examples like this soon.

Sharing sweets


Tuesday 21st April.  Today I have added the next Mr Mc phonics session.  He makes phonics so much fun.  I've also added some 'Fred Talk' games if you feel like playing them.

Mr Mc Phonics

Fred Talk Games

Monday 20th April.  Hello again everyone, I hope you all found lots of Easter eggs!  Today I've added a maths task. 

A Fair Feast










Easter Activities (But only if you are bored!)

Easter Activities

Week 2, Day 5.  Thank you to those who uploaded their Helicopter Stories.  I will try to upload them onto Tapestry today so that your children can see their friends. 

Pigs and Cows!


 Week 2, Day 4.

Bee Facts

Week 2, Day 3.  Here is an activity that you could keep going and even add to!

Snack shop

Week 2, Day 2.  Thank you to those parents who have uploaded their child's Helicopter Story.  I will try to compile them so that your children can see one another on Friday!

Mr Mc Phonics 2




Week 2, Day 1 home learning tasks for Owls.

Helicopter story

Day 5 home learning tasks for Owls.  Enjoy this beautiful sunshine while it lasts!

Mr Mc Phonics 1

Day 4 home learning tasks for Owls.  Thank you to all the amazing mummies and daddies who are putting the evidence onto Tapestry, I really enjoy seeing what you are getting up to!

Caterpillar Shoes

Day 3 home learning tasks for Owls....Please remember to put your pictures on Tapestry.

Not a Box

Day 2 home learning tasks for Owls....Please put your evidence on Tapestry.


Exploring Shadows

Day 1 home learning tasks for Owls.







The second half of the autumn term has been a busy one.

Our Talk for Writing focus was the Julia Donaldson book ‘Room on the Broom’. The children enjoyed role playing the story.Room on the Broom

They innovated the original story by using a computer tool called ‘Switchzoo’ and created their own beasts. They then incorporated their beasts into a retelling of the story, both orally and in writing.R on a Br on

The theme naturally led to working with clay.  The children were able to extend their interests by learning how to use a potter's wheel.clay

Next term we will be basing our work on the text ‘How to Catch a Star’ by Oliver Jeffers, through this we are hoping to spark lots of interest in Space, but as always in Reception, we will be guided by the children’s interests.

In maths the children have been consolidating their understanding of number to 5. We have also completed work on measures including weighing and time. Most children can now tell the hour on an analogue clock.bal

Next term we look forward to applying our number knowledge to numbers up to 10


Much of our time was taken rehearsing for our Christmas play ‘Whoop- a-daisy Angel’. The children did an outstanding job performing to the members of the Thursday café at the Wesleyan Chapel. It was a big ask to perform in front of people they didn’t know and in a place that was unfamiliar to them and they were a credit to the school. They then repeated the performance to the whole school and finally to their proud parents. All the children remembered their actions, songs and lines and thoroughly enjoyed the experience.church1 6

What an amazing start to Reception Owls have made!
The children have learned to story map and innovate a familiar tale, this time it was that old classic ‘The Gingerbread Man’. This culminated in CCTV footage of our very own ‘gingies’ making a run for it. We found them abseiling towards the school skylights!


 post it board

gingerbread man


We were hugely lucky to go on an adventure to a real café. While we were there we were visited by a very hungry tiger. Fortunately she left enough biscuits and juice for us to share.

In maths Owls have been steadily learning about all the properties of number to 5. We ran a grocery shop and took it in turns to be a shopkeeper, we had to add up the value of our items and sometimes we had to make change.



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