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Hello Owls, I hope you have all had a great weekend at home with your family. Below you will find the daily resources for each day. Our Zoom lessons will continue the same as last week. Thank you to all of you who have added things to Tapestry or sent via email - it is great to see you doing the activities at home and other activities and games you are playing; please continue to do this. I look forward to seeing you ready for Phonics on Monday.

Miss Pettit


Fred Phonics Group Zoom lesson will be at 9.30am
Ditty Phonics Group Zoom lesson will be at 10.20am
Maths Zoom lesson will be at 11.15am
Story time Zoom will be Tuesday & Thursday at 3pm

Monday 18th January

Phonics Activities


Maths Activities


Afternoon Activities

Watch the clip below, of me telling the story of The Sleepy Bumblebee. Learn the actions and see if you can tell the story to someone yourself!


Tuesday 19th January

Phonics Activities


Maths Activities


Afternoon Activities


Wednesday 20th January

Phonics Activities


Maths Activities


Afternoon Activities


Thursday 21st January

Phonics Activities



Maths Activities


Afternoon Activities


Friday 22nd January

Phonics Activities


Maths Activities


Afternoon Activities

Spend some quiet time in your garden or watch your garden through a window. Can you see any birds? What kind of birds can you see? Below you will find some ideas of how to make bird feeders, these will help your birds get the food they need in winter and also encourage more birds into your garden. Next week we are going to take part in the RSPB Big Garden Bird Watch/ Big School Bird Watch. You could have a go at making some bird feeders to hang outside this weekend so the birds get used to them - you will probably have to make some more next week though! IF YOU HAVE A NUT ALLERGY PLEASE AVOID USING PEANUT BUTTER OR PEANUTS IN YOUR BIRD FEEDERS!




As most of the children are not in school, it means we cannot change their reading books as we would normally do. I know many of you will be sharing stories at home, which is great, but I would like to tell you about a website that provides access to free e-books.

The website is called Oxford Owls and you can sign up for free; follow the link below.


When you are in the site, go to the e-book section. Below you will find a list of books that I would recommend for the children in Owls. The books are interactive and some have activities to do as well.

The Little Red Hen, The Haircut, A Home for Ted, Tiger's Family, Big Bad Bug. I would also suggest looking at the Sound Blending Books in the Read, Write Inc section - these support the Phonics lessons I teach.

Hello Owls, I hope you have all had a lovely weekend. Please find this week's activities below. I will continue to do the live zoom lessons for Phonics and Maths but I have tweaked things slightly this week to improve them! It is really important for Phonics in particular, that you can all hear properly so that you can get the best experience possible. I have decided to put you into two smaller phonics groups to make it better for you to hear and participate - details of which group you are in will be emailed to your parents and the timings are below.


Fred Phonics Group Zoom lesson will be at 9.30am

Ditty Phonics Group Zoom lesson will be at 10.20am

Maths Zoom lesson will be at 11.15am

Story time Zoom will be Tuesday & Thursday at 3pm

There will be activities for you to complete each day, after the live zoom lessons. I will also add other activities and ideas for you to do at home for the rest of the time. I would really like to see the activities you complete at home so please add them to Tapestry each day, or email them to me at owls@bozeat-school.net


Monday 11th January

Phonics Activities


Maths Activities




Afternoon Activities

Click on the link below and watch the Magic Door episode - can you learn the dance moves?



Tuesday 12th January

Phonics Activities


Maths Activities



Afternoon Activities


Wednesday 13th January

Phonics Activities


Maths Activities


Afternoon Activities

Ask an adult to read you my story from yesterday to you again, all about The Sleepy Bumblebee. Think about other places Mr Bumblebee could try and sleep. Draw or paint a picture of Mr Bumblebee sleeping in your chosen place.


Thursday 14th January

Phonics Activities


Maths Activities


Afternoon Activities

Can you find 5 things that float? Can you find 5 things that sink? 

Friday 15th January

Phonics Activities



Maths Activities


Afternoon Activities

Using dried pasta, rice and pots, make a shaker. Use this to make music. Can you use it whilst singing your favourite nursery rhyme?


Remember there are lots of other activities you can do like going for a walk or a bike ride, baking cakes, playing hide and seek, building a den, sharing a story, building models with Lego, playing games like Snakes and Ladders or completing a puzzle.


Hello Owls. I hope you all had a great Christmas and you have had lots of time to play with all your new gifts from Father Christmas. I know this isn't the start to the new term that we all wanted but it is important that we are all safe and well.

From Wednesday, I will be doing a live zoom lesson for Phonics at 9.30am and a live zoom lesson for Maths at 10.45am. Links will be emailed 5 minutes before so that you can join in. There will be activities for you to complete each day, after the live zoom lessons. I will also add other activities and ideas for you to do at home for the rest of the time. I would really like to see the activities you complete at home so please add them to Tapestry each day, or email them to me at owls@bozeat-school.net

I will also be doing a zoom story time on a Tuesday and Thursday at 3pm, starting on Thursday 7th.

I look forward to seeing you all tomorrow at 9.30am.

Miss Pettit

Wednesday 6th January

Phonics Activities


Maths Activities



Afternoon Activities


You could get active and go for a walk or have fun playing in your garden; share a story with a grown up; get creative and paint a picture or make a model; sing a song and learn a dance.

Thursday 7th January

Phonics Activities



Maths Activities


Afternoon Activities


You could make a cosy den and snuggle up inside to share a story; build a model out of Lego; create a snowy picture.

Friday 8th January

Phonics Activities



Maths Activities


Afternoon Activities

Look at your ice ornaments. What has happened since you hung them outside? Can you take a photograph of your ice ornament or draw a picture of it?



5th January 2021

Happy New Year

Below you will find the links for your learning today. Tomorrow I will be doing a live phonics lesson and a live maths lesson - please watch this space for more information to follow regarding timings etc.


Follow the link below to watch the lesson. This is a recap of work we have covered in school already to reinforce your skills before our live lesson tomorrow.



Follow the link below to watch the Numberblocks episode all about zero then complete the activities on the attached sheet.



Scavenger Hunt

Click on the link below for an easy and fun scavenger hunt to do at home.


Story Time

Follow the link to hear a story about Winnie the Witch and her pet cat Wilbur.




Week Beginning 30.11.20

For those of you at home, below is a link to the phonics lesson and a Maths focus.





The Enormous Turnip

The children are having lots of fun learning this story. Below is a link to our version of The Enormous Turnip so you can join in at home too!


World Nursery Rhyme Week

Here are some fun activity ideas you can try at home.






November Phonics Resources

Below you will find links to the letter sounds sheet and the green word cards that have been sent home.




Home Learning for the week beginning 19th October


Hello Owls, I hope you are all well. Below you will find some links to learning and suggestions for activities you can do at home. I will update these daily, so please make sure you check each day.



Friday 23rd October



Please click on the link below.




Lots of you have been collecting leaves and making some lovely pictures. Can you count the leaves like the children in the film? Click on the link below.


If you go for any Autumn walks, take this sheet with you and see what you can find. Click on the link below.


I hope you have a lovely half term with lots of fun!



Thursday 22nd October




Please click on the link below.





Click on the link below to play one of the Maths games we have played in school.



Ideas for Autumn


If you are lucky enough to have pumpkins at home, try out one of the ideas below and send me a picture of your creations!


Pumpkin Bird Feeder



Painting Pumpkins

Have a go at painting a pumpkin. You could just use lots of colours and patterns or even paint a face!


Room on the Broom

Click on the link below to watch the story.




Wednesday 21st October



Please click the link below to view the lesson.






Collect some leaves from outside. Can you count how many you have? Can you sort your leaves in different ways? Can you make a pattern with your leaves? Maybe you could create a picture with your leaves, like a leaf man or a hedgehog. You could even write numbers on the leaves.

Post your leaf pictures on Tapestry or email them to me :) 



Tuesday 20th October



Please click on the link below




Please click on the link below


Below you will find some suggestions of activities to do to support the understanding of the number 3.





You could also go on an Autumn walk  and talk about the changes that are taking place in your local environment. You could collect the leaves and create a picture with them.

Remember to add what you are doing on Tapestry or email me some pictures - I would love to see what you are doing.

Miss Pettit


Mr Wiggle and Mr Waggle

What a fun week we have had learning the story of Mr Wiggle and Mr Waggle. The children have been telling each other the story, helping with the actions and some have even attempted to draw their own story map. Below, you will find a picture of the story map we have been using in school so you can join in at home if you wish!

Story Map for Mr Wiggle and Mr Waggle

Next week we will be learning the story of The Little Red Hen.


Monday 21st September Phonics - m

Today we have been learning the letter sound 'm.' Below you will find a link to a video that the children can watch at home to reinforce their learning.


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