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Home Learning for the week beginning 19th October


Hello Owls, I hope you are all well. Below you will find some links to learning and suggestions for activities you can do at home. I will update these daily, so please make sure you check each day.



Friday 23rd October



Please click on the link below.




Lots of you have been collecting leaves and making some lovely pictures. Can you count the leaves like the children in the film? Click on the link below.


If you go for any Autumn walks, take this sheet with you and see what you can find. Click on the link below.


I hope you have a lovely half term with lots of fun!



Thursday 22nd October




Please click on the link below.





Click on the link below to play one of the Maths games we have played in school.



Ideas for Autumn


If you are lucky enough to have pumpkins at home, try out one of the ideas below and send me a picture of your creations!


Pumpkin Bird Feeder



Painting Pumpkins

Have a go at painting a pumpkin. You could just use lots of colours and patterns or even paint a face!


Room on the Broom

Click on the link below to watch the story.




Wednesday 21st October



Please click the link below to view the lesson.






Collect some leaves from outside. Can you count how many you have? Can you sort your leaves in different ways? Can you make a pattern with your leaves? Maybe you could create a picture with your leaves, like a leaf man or a hedgehog. You could even write numbers on the leaves.

Post your leaf pictures on Tapestry or email them to me :) 



Tuesday 20th October



Please click on the link below




Please click on the link below


Below you will find some suggestions of activities to do to support the understanding of the number 3.





You could also go on an Autumn walk  and talk about the changes that are taking place in your local environment. You could collect the leaves and create a picture with them.

Remember to add what you are doing on Tapestry or email me some pictures - I would love to see what you are doing.

Miss Pettit


Mr Wiggle and Mr Waggle

What a fun week we have had learning the story of Mr Wiggle and Mr Waggle. The children have been telling each other the story, helping with the actions and some have even attempted to draw their own story map. Below, you will find a picture of the story map we have been using in school so you can join in at home if you wish!

Story Map for Mr Wiggle and Mr Waggle

Next week we will be learning the story of The Little Red Hen.


Monday 21st September Phonics - m

Today we have been learning the letter sound 'm.' Below you will find a link to a video that the children can watch at home to reinforce their learning.


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