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Rabbits Class Blog

Key Information:

The class teacher is Miss Dudley-Smith.
The teaching assistant and emotional literacy support assistant is Mrs Parker. 

PE days are Thursday and Friday.
Spellings will be given on a Friday and we test the following week. 
Tuck shop is running from Tuesday-Friday.
Reading logs will be checked weekly. Children following the phonics sequence will have their book changed weekly by their phonics teacher. Children following the spelling sequence can change their books as and when they need to. 

Optional Homework for this term:
Complete as many of the challenges as you can. For each challenge there is a recognition point rating.
When you bring in your homework you will get recognition for your effort.  

KS1 Autumn 2 Homework

Week 7 30/10/23- 3/11/23


Testing on 10/11

Green Group 




Pink Group 







Yellow Group 







Blue Group 








Spelling Group - The suffix -ing 
If the word ends in  a vowel (a,e,i,o,u) +a consonant, we double the consonant before adding the suffix -ing. 






Challenge: Write a list of words that follow this rule. Can you find any words with the suffix -ing that don't follow this pattern? 


Independent Task Time

Spooky Soup

This week Year 1 have been making Spooky Soups in their independent task time. They have written horrifyingly spooky recipes.

 They have also had a wonderful time exploring capacity of water in the water tray outside to make amounts up to 100ml. 






Poppy 2During independent task time, all of the children were able to follow careful instructions to complete their own Poppy ready for Remembrance day next week. Some of the children also collaborated to create a giant Poppy collage. We are extremely proud of how kind, courteous and creative they have been during their task time this week. 










Year 1 How Many left


In Maths this week Year One children have been able to find the parts in a part- part whole model to be able to complete subtraction calculations. They have worked very hard to complete subtraction questions by crossing out to find 'How Many Left?' 




Some children had a challenge and completed questions using the subtraction symbols and tasks with more than one answer. 

Year 1 How many left Challenge







Year 2 Maths
This week in Year 2 Maths we have been learning about Subtracting a 1-digit number from a 2-digit number (across a 10)

 Year 2 Subrtact across a ten

We then moved on to understanding the number relationships between numbers that are 10 more and 10 less. We found that this was really clear when we used a 100 Square. 

Year 2 10 more 10 less

In Writing this week we have been writing persuasive adverts. We know that our adverts need 

  • A Title
  • An Introductory Rhetorical Question
  • Imperative Verbs
  • Proper and Common Nouns
  • Reasons why we need to buy it 
  • A Special offer
    Ellas WorkElla 2

Year 2 children are also focusing on adding carefully selected adjectives and expanded noun phrases into their adverts. 

Persuasive Writing2 


In Art this week we have been exploring Oil Pastels for the first time. We have looked at the work of Deborah Jones to see how she uses oil paint to create fur. We experimented with the pastels to see how they work. We were excited to discover that they blend together when we apply pressure. 

Oil Pastels Lesson 1


We have had a wonderful week!

Miss Dudley-Smith 

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