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P.E. days are Wednesday and Friday.

A quick note about PE: If your child wears earrings please ensure they can take them out independently and have a safe place to store their earrings during PE.

27.6.23: A journey to become a journalist

IMG 0185 

Today year 3 became experts in their fields and were researching their chosen animals to help them plan their non-chronological reports.

26.6.23: Fashion Designers in the making

IMG 0180 

This term in design and technology we have been designing and making coats for teddies. Here is our progress so far!

We have some promising designers emerging! 


23.6.23: Spellings

Web capture 23 6 2023 81738

23.6.23: Sports Day

16.6.23: Spellings

Web capture 16 6 2023 12112

16.6.23: Sports and Brass Lessons

It's that time of year, sports day is next Thursday! Get ready to come along and support your team in completing Mr Flynn's sports day circuit and year group races in the afternoon. Because of sports day our weekly brass lesson will not be going ahead next week.

13.6.23: Comparing Time

Today in maths we were comparing time. We timed our partner running around the playground and compare our times. We calculated the difference in our times and recorded our answers.

IMG 0138 

9.6.23: Spellings for next week

Web capture 15 6 2023 144414

5.6.23: Design and technology

Today we investigated which fabric would be the best to make a rain coat out of. The children worked together to find out which materials were waterproof and would be most suitable. 

DT raincoats


Web capture 19 5 2023 83047


Web capture 12 5 2023 84115


Web capture 5 5 2023 8170


Web capture 26 4 2023 15497


What a week we have had in the Jaguars class! The chairs went on strike on Tuesday and we had to work together to persuade them to come back so that we didn't have to stand all day! We also had a design and technology day where we had to design a solution to the Roman Emperor being bored, the children designed and made wooden charriots.


Spelling homework will be given out on Monday, but if you want the extra practice your spelling are:














Writing: This week in writing we have been looking at the vocabulary used in wishing tales and compared there effect to similar stories. 

Maths: This week in maths we have been ordering non unit fractions. 

Standout: This week our stand out lesson was science. We were contacted by an alien from the planet DOC-5, they asked us for advice about how to grow earth plants for their human hotel so, we have planted lots of plants to investigate how plants best grow. Some variables that we have changed were: light, water and temperature. 



s1w5What a busy week it has been in year 3! This week we have completed our PiXL assessments.

Thank you to all the children who have handed their spelling homework this week. However 7 children did not hand it in this week...

Writing: In writing this week we have stated drafting our diary entries.

Maths: In Maths we have been comparing lengths and finding lengths that are equivalent.

Stand Out: This weeks stand out lesson was topic in topic the children used atlases to identify countries that were a part of the Roman Empire.  

Spring 1: Week 2 Review


A big thank you to all the children who brought their homework in this week! 

Writing: This week we have been looking at our model text to identify the writing features used in diary entries.

Maths: This week in maths we completed our multiplication and division unit and have started to explore measurement and perimeter. 

Stand out: This weeks stand out lesson was PE. This term the children are focusing on developing their cognitive skills. It was wonderful to see all of the Jaguars put their heads together to work as a team. 

Spring 1: Week 1 Review

S1 w2
Welcome back, hope you all had a lovely half term! The children have settled back in wonderfully this week and have been hard at work. 

Home work, from now on children will receive spelling homework of a Friday. This will be collected in the following Friday. We have discussed as a class the repercussions of not bringing it back to school. 

Writing: This week in writing we have started a new topic. Over the next few weeks we will be writing recounts in the from of diary entries. 

Maths: This week in maths we have continued to divide two digit numbers, however we have now started to use remainders. 

Stand out: Our stand out lesson this week is Art. In art this term we will be doing some clay work. This unit is inspired by our topic: The Romans. Over the next few weeks we will be deigning and making out own Roman Busts. This week we looked at the difference between Roman and Greek Busts.

Autumn 2: Week 7 Review 

T2W7 spellings2
Super well done for making it to the end of the autumn term year 3! Keep up the hard work with your spellings and TTRs over the break. I cant wait to see you all in January, have a wonderful Christmas and a happy new year! 

Miss Sanders 

English: This week we have completed our story opening hot writes, there is some really ambitious vocabulary being used!

Maths: This week we have started to explore how to divide a 2 digit number by a 1 digit number using partitioning.

Autumn 2: Week 6 Review

Maths: This week in maths we have moved on to multiplying two digit numbers using partitioning.

Writing: In writing this week we have been focusing on editing and improving our work. 

Thank you to all of you who attended our class assembly this week, the children really enjoyed this opportunity to share all of their learning with you! 

Autumn 2: Week 5 Review


Autumn 2: Week 3 Review 

T2W3 bog

Autumn 2: Week Two Review

T2 W2

Maths: This week in maths we have moved on to exploring multiplication and division. We began by looking at equal groups and repeated addition.

Writing: This week we have edited and finished off our instruction writing

Stand out: This week's stand out lesson was music. This week the children prepared a poem for performance using different musical skills. We looked at dynamics, pitch and tempo.



Autumn 1: Week Six Review

w7 spellings


This week in Literacy we have begun to explore instruction texts. We wrote Miss Sanders a set of instructions on how to make a jam sandwich and learnt that instructions need to clear and easy to follow - otherwise you could end up with a something rather unpleasant! 

Challange: Can you write a set of instructions for an everyday job that you do? See if someone can follow them to successfully complete the task. 


This week in maths we have been working on exchanging when adding 1's and 10's

Standout Lesson: 

This week our standout lesson has been art! the children have been working hard to complete their pointillism landscapes. 

Challange: Can you tell someone what you know about pointillism?


Autumn 1: Week Five Review


Week 6 Spellings






















Autumn 1: Week Four Review

week 5 spellings

This week we have been super busy! It has been assessment week and the children have absolutely smashed it -I hope they have all been coming home proud of their achievements this week! We have participated in experience harvest at the church and the children were all credits to the school (can the Six Flying Bananas please remember to bring in their song lyrics on Monday)!

 Have a fab weekend!


Autumn 1: Week Two Review

W2 blog

Week two has flown by! This week we have been working very hard! 

Literacy: This week in literacy we have been working hard to learn the features of a character change story. The children have been exploring ideas such as "show don't tell" and pathetic fallacy (where the weather reflects the mood of the main character). The children have began to plan their own character change stories.

Literacy Challenge: Challenge the children to see if they can they tell you about their characters moment of change! 

Maths: This week in maths we have continued looking at place value. We have been plotting numbers on number lines that go all the way to 1000 and finding 10 more, 10 less, 100 more and 100 less of numbers. 

We have also been working super hard to learn our 3 timetables. I am so impressed with how well the children are doing with this! I hope you all keep up the good work! I cant wait to see these timetables scores keep flying up!

Maths Challenge: See if the children can find 10 more, 10 less, 100 more and 100 less of random numbers between 0 and 1000, see how quickly they can do this!

Stand out lesson: One lesson the children really stood out in this week was Topic. In topic we are learning about the Stone age to the Iron age. This week the children learnt about what the stone age was and about the types of tools. They then worked together to create adverts to convince prehistoric humans to invest in tools made from stone. In this activity the children had to explain what the tool was and then evaluate why the tool was more effective than the tools that were used beforehand. 

Topic Challenge: Get children to explain to you how tools made from stone helped advance the lives of prehistoric people. 

Autumn 1: Week One Review

w2 spellings

This week the Jaguars have settled in wonderfully! We stared to explore what we will be leaning about this term and the children seem very excited about their areas of learning.  

One stand out lesson this week was with out a doubt music! The children worked as a class to compose a soundscape to accompany the poem "The Sound Collector" by Roger McGough. The class then listened to it back and evaluated how to make it even better, and my goodness it was!

I am super impressed with how this week has gone and cannot wait to see you all next week!

Enjoy your weekend!


Summer 2 - Week 6 Review

These children didn't have their reading records this week: Toby, Gilbert, Dylan, Thea, Owen. Please ensure children always bring their reading records into school as I check them weekly.

Welcome to the LAST weekly blog post of the year!! The children have been incredibly resilient this year and have dealt with a lot of change, I'm looking forward to next year where they will hopefully have a more settled year. I'm so proud of them all for showing amazing perseverance. I hope you all have a lovely Summer!

Sports Day: First of all, a massive well done to all of the children for taking part in Sports Day in such scorching weather!! It was a shame it had to be cut short, but the safety of the children of course comes first. From what the children told me, they very much enjoyed every activity they got to participate in. Also, a thank you to any parents that came to show support! I would have loved to attach some pictures of the children in action, but I was too busy manning one of the stations!

English: This week, the children have planned and written an innovation of our model text, Zelda Claw and the Rain Cat. They used our boxing up structure from last week to plan each paragraph, adapting the setting and crafting the story to include their own description. They did an amazing job at ensuring they included all the key features we have looked at. We have then begun to plan their very own independent story which they will then write up next week to show how much they've learnt. Here are some of the children's stories from this week:

IMG 20220715 092735 IMG 20220715 092748 IMG 20220715 092752 

IMG 20220715 092710 IMG 20220715 092715 

IMG 20220715 092544 IMG 20220715 092549 IMG 20220715 092602  

Maths: This week the children have continued their learning of shape, position and direction. The Year 3s have looked at parallel and perpendicular lines, 2D and 3D shapes. (They also had a sneaky extra lesson on co-ordinates with the Year 4s and they grasped it very well!). The Year 4s have learnt about symmetric figures and co-ordinates (learning how to describe position and draw on a grid).

RE: This week we looked at Hindu symbols, the children learnt 10 different symbols that are important in Hinduism and did very well at remembering their meaning and connecting them to their prior learning. 

PSHE: In PSHE this week we discussed the difference between a secret and a surprise. The children were excellent at distinguishing between the two. We also identified that there are good secrets and bad secrets, how we can discern between them and how to respond to these.

Computing: In Computing we looked at how programs can have bugs and how we can read code, identify the problem, reprogram and fix the bugs. 

Science: We had a great time this week creating our own switches to input into our series circuits. The children were fascinated that a piece of cardboard, two split pins and a paper clip can hold the power to turn the bulb on and off! They understood that the paper clip provided a bridge for the electricity to be conducted. We also used a binder clip!

IMG 20220715 085530 IMG 20220715 085523 IMG 20220715 085449 IMG 20220715 085443

Geography: The children continued to write their reports on the history of shoe making. They have done well to collate everything they've learnt this term and construct it into organised paragraphs with subheadings. I particularly enjoyed reading them as I haven't been here and it allowed me to see how much they've learnt!



Summer 2 - Week 5 Review

Please ensure children always bring their reading records into school as I check them weekly.

First of all, hello from me, Mrs Griffin! It is lovely to be back and I'm so excited that I get to carry this class through again to next year! 

Transition Days: We started our week with 2 transition days! We were thrown in at the deep end together with my first day back and in a different classroom! We had a great time getting to know each other better. The children also got to go to an exciting science workshop on Monday afternoon at Irchester school. The session was ran by students from the University of Cambridge and involved a carousel of experiments for the children to get involved with. I'm sure they've told you all about it! On Tuesday we made colourful collages all about us, and in the afternoon Mrs Brealey brought in lots of historical shoe making tools and resources that the children enjoyed looking at. The children then designed and made their own shoes. Lots of them even measured them so they would fit and they could wear them!

IMG 20220705 190835 IMG 20220705 153656 IMG 20220705 145529 IMG 20220705 145507 IMG 20220705 154020 IMG 20220705 145410 IMG 20220705 145345

English: In English, we continued our learning of a 'defeat the monster' story. The children were fantastic at recapping the key vocabulary features such as; fronted time adverbials, interesting verbs, personification, questions and using our senses for description. We then 'boxed up' our story so we know the structure and what we need to include in each paragraph.

IMG 20220708 123955 IMG 20220708 124010

Maths: The children have been continuing their learning of shape, position and direction.

PSHE: In PSHE we spoke about changes. Changes we experience in everyday life and bigger changes that we may not have any control over, such as moving house. We shared our experiences and recognised that every single one of us experience change, and that it's always turned out okay in the end!


Friday 1st July

We have had a busy week of learning this week.

In RE, we continued our topic on Hinduism with designing a menu for a Hindu family and found exciting recipes for Diwali sweets. 

In music we looked at cathedral bells and listened to a Canterbury song and then joined in singing each verse. We were luckily joined by our percussionists in class who did a fantastic job of playing the notes on a xylophone.

In IT we designed posters using pictures and different fonts. Children made posters for a good cause or charity of their choice.

In Maths we have started a new topic on shape and found right angles in the classroom.

In English we have continued with our story of defeating a monster and have been describing a wonderful setting for our adventure.

In topic we have been lucky to have Northampton Museum come to visit our class with their wonderful collection of antique shoes. We learnt so much about the history of the shoe industry and even learnt how to make shoes! There were many tools and patterns for us to look at and study.

I hope you enjoy all the pictures below of all our hard work this week. It has been a pleasure teaching the Jaguars class and I wish them well moving into year 5 with their teacher.

Miss Cheriton

Please see this week's spellings below:

Spellings Y3 W10Spellings Week 10 Y4


Music lesson week 10Shoes 8Shoes 5Shoes 15shoes 14Shoes 13Shoes 12







Friday 24th June 2022

This week in class we have enjoyed our music unit where we looked at learning a chorus of a song. Then in teams, children were able to create their own verse and perform in front of the class.

 In PHSE we are looking at Growing and Changing. This week we created our own timeline of our lives so far.

In Art we have continued to look at the artist Patrick Heron and studied his famous pieces of abstract art. We studied his life and created an information page about his life and work.

In maths we have  begun a new topic of statistics. This week we collected and interpreted data.

In English we are continuing our defeating the monster story and looked at other stories to identify the features for our writing.

In PE we have been able to celebrate the glorious weather outside with our fielding and balls skills with our PE expert.

Science has been great fun as we have been creating complete circuits during our topic on electricity. We used buzzers and light bulbs in our circuits and could identify how to make our circuit complete.

In RE we looked at Hindu, vegetarian food to help us understand how Hindus live and what they eat. We designed a menu for a day in the life of a Hindu. This also helped us make links with our own lives and how they are similar or different. 

We are looking forward to our museum visit next week to help us with our research on local industries in geography.

Please continue to support your child with learning their times tables.

Please see this week's spellings below:

 Spellings week 9

Friday 17th June 2022

We have had a wonderful week of learning and assessment this week. The children have been working really hard in the lovely hot weather and thoroughly enjoyed 'Healthy Eating Week'.

In RE we have looked at comparing places of worship in Hinduism and made links to our own faiths and how we worship.

In PE we had a lot of fun with ball skills with our PE expert.

We have discussed and started to research the shoe making industry in Northamptonshire and will be looking forward to the museum visiting our class to give us more information about this industry in geography.

In PHSE we have looked at the healthy eating topic and the different food groups to help children understand what they need for a healthy diet. 

In Art we have continued to research the artist Patrick Heron and find out more about abstract art.

In Music we had a lot of fun when listening to a theme of music and decided what the tune was linked to and why the particular sounds had a meaning. Children performed the tunes using body percussion. We discussed how the strings and brass accompanied the tune.

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend of celebrating father's day.

Please continue to practise times tables over the weekend.

Spellings are below:

Year 4 Week 8Year 3 week 8

Gilbert and Isabella Fruit Kebab 2

 Freya and Olivia Fruite kebabEmily and Megan Fruit Kebabcourtney and Charley Fruit Kebab

 Seren Reuben and Oscar fruit kebab



Friday 10th June 2022

We have had another exciting week of learning for our first week back after a restful break during half term. 

In RE we have been thinking about our identity when creating an identity jigsaw piece to describe ourselves and our beliefs.

In Art, we evaluated our work on Piet Mondrian and looked at an abstract artist called Patrick Heron. We looked at how he used colour and shape in his artwork. We had great discussions on some of his larger pieces of work.

In Music we continued our topic on Spanish songs which is always so much fun and so lively.

In English we are looking at our adventure/action story of defeating a monster. We looked at vocabulary to describe the monster and also had some fun with drama.

In Maths we have started a new topic on time and have been telling the time and calculating the days, weeks and months in a year.

In Science we have started our topic on electricity and have identified different electrical appliances around the home.

In PE we have started working with an expert from Wollaston to demonstrate ball skills so PE will now be on Wednesdays. 

In Topic we are looking into the world of work and finding out about the shoe industry in Northamptonshire.

A reminder that next week is healthy eating week so please encourage children to have healthy snacks. Also, children are encouraged to bring in a bottle of water everyday.

Please continue to practise times tables.

Spellings for this week are below:

 Spellings year 4 week 8     Spellings year 3 week 8


Friday 27th May 2022

We have had an exciting week of Jubilee celebrations which were thoroughly enjoyed by Jaguars on Friday in the playground for our wonderful street party! Thank you again for all the parental support in helping us with the smooth running of the event.

In Art this week we have continued with our topic on Shape and colour and looked at the artist Piet Mondrian. Children created wonderful images in the style of this artist.

In English we have evaluated our diary entries and worked very hard on producing sentences with subordinating conjunctions.

In PHSE we designed our Jubilee party and worked within a budget as a cross curricular project with maths.

In music we learned how to pitch a melody of a song with backing audio. The children sang different melodic phrases continuing our theme on Spanish songs which was thoroughly enjoyable.

In maths we have continued with money. We have estimated and solved problem solving with money.

In IT we have created sequences with sounds and costumes with sprites in our topic on programming.

Please see the spellings below. Children could try and practise their times tables: Year 3 should practise 4, 3 and 8 times tables. Year 4 should practise 6, 7 and 9.

 It has been a wonderful week of learning for our last week of term.

I hope you all have a relaxing half term break and I look forward to seeing the children on Monday 6th June.

Spellings Year 3 week 6Spellings YEar 4 Week 6

 Friday 20th May 2022

Well done to all of our fabulous students who have walked to school this week!

 In Art we have completed our portraits of the Queen ready for the jubilee celebrations. The portraits are wonderful and the children should feel proud of their achievements. 

In PHSE this week we have created a healthy eating snack for our breaktimes and will continue with this topic next week.

In RE in our continuing topic on Hinduism, we have looked at the theme of Moksha.

In Maths we have continued with our topic on Money and have ordered, added and subtracted money.

In Music we had a really fun lesson learning basic Spanish greetings to help us sing two Spanish songs! It really was a fun experience and the children did a fantastic job of group singing!

In IT we are continuing programming using the Scratch programme.

In Topic we are continuing to look at Northamptonshire with it's many villages and towns.

In Reading we have started our new adventure story called 'KrindleKrax' by Phillip Ridley.

In English we have started our diary entries and children have enjoyed using descriptive language to set the scene.

Please see this week's spellings and portraits below:

Portraits of the Queen 1 2Portraits of the Queen 5 2Portraits of the Queen 6 2

 Spellings year 4 week 5Spellings week 5 Year 3

Friday 13thMay 2022

This week we have been lucky to practise portraits of the Queen in preparation for the jubilee celebrations. The portraits are magnificent and I can only look forward to the painted versions that we will complete next week. We definitely have some budding artists amongst us.

In RE we looked at the meaning of Dharma, Karma and reincarnation in our Hinduism topic.

In Maths children have been working on money and decimals and have rounded, and ordered decimals and money. We continue to practise our times tables.

In PHSE as part of Mental Health Awareness week, we looked at loneliness. Children were able to think of ideas on how to be less lonely and created drawings and top tips for our PHSE floor book.

In English, we looked at exciting vocabulary for our diary entries and have enjoyed creating a plan for the diary entry.

In Music we have identified musical families that are part of an orchestra and this week we formed our own band. Children were able to show their band's performances which was a lot of fun!

In Science we identified seeds and how they are dispersed in our topic on 'Our Changing World'.

In Topic we enjoyed finding out about neighbouring counties when we looked at the counties in the UK. We also discovered the villages and towns in Northamptonshire.

It's been a fun week of learning and children have been marvellous with their continued effort and contributions in class.

Please see this week's spellings below:

Spellings Year 3 week 5Year 4 Week 5









Friday 6th May 2022

It's been wonderful to welcome the children back after a lovely bank holiday.

This week in English we have been looking at the comprehension of diary entries and identifying the features of them in class. Mrs. Brealey has very kindly bought some real diaries to look at. In class we looked at Queen Boudicca's diary entry and a Viking diary entry. Children were able to identify many features of diary writing.

In maths we have been comparing decimals and identifying decimals using visual representations. We are also focussing on our problem solving and  reasoning skills in maths. We have given ourselves a reminder of Roman Numerals with Roman Numerals bingo! We are continuing to focus on being fluent in our times tables.

Please continue to practise these at home. Year 3: 3,4 and 8 times tables and Year 4: 6,7 and 9 times tables.

In PHSE we are looking at making choices. We are focussing on making choices in friendships. We will also remind ourselves about dog safety and being safe around all animals. 

In Reading we are thoroughly enjoying our Scandinavian tale of Beowulf. We have made predictions about the text and are still looking at the interesting vocabulary that we've found when reading.

In Geography we are still enjoying our topic on our local environment. We are doing a fantastic job of researching the local area and looked at jobs in the local community and how we can support the local community and keep the local environment clean.

In Science we identified different trees and labelled the parts of a tree and wrote our observations of how our tree is changing as we moving from Spring to Summer. Children completed this activity as a diary entry as a cross-curricular approach to our learning with Science and English.  This was an extremely fun lesson where children were able to share their diary entries with the class. 

Please see this week's spelling below:

Spelling year 3 week 4Spellings week 4 Year 4

Have a lovely weekend!



Friday 29th April 2022

We've had a wonderful week of learning this week. 

In English children have been looking at a diary entry for Lily and mapped out a diary entry in talk for writing. We used drama to act out balancing books on our head to identify with how our character Lily must have felt in deportment lessons during Victorian times. It was so much fun!

In Maths we have completed our unit on fractions and are now moving onto decimals and money.

In PE we had a wonderful tennis coach and enjoyed some sunshine this week when we practised our tennis skills. There are definitely some tennis champions in Jaguars class!

In reading we have continued to look at the ancient Scandinavian story of Beowulf and we were fascinated with the old English version that we listened to.

In Music we looked at different musical instrument families and created our own clues for percussion, woodwind, strings and the brass family.

In art we continued with our Hinduism topic and created rangoli patterns. Luckily, Seren could share her rangoli patterns with us.

In Science we thoroughly enjoyed looking at the wonderful pictures of trees that children shared with us from their gardens. It was very exciting to see so many different trees. Thank you for taking the time to print out the amazing pictures.

In topic we are finding out the local history of Bozeat and we have already found some amazing and interesting facts! 

It has been an amazing week of learning.

I hope you all enjoy having a restful bank holiday.

Homework: Learn 4, 8 and 3 times tables and spellings below

Spellings week 2Spellings week 2 4



 Welcome to Summer term! 

Friday 22nd April 2022

I hope you had a lovely Easter break. 

This week the children have been having fun with their learning.

In English we have been looking at possessive apostrophes and exciting vocabulary from Cogheart by Peter Bunzl.

In maths we have enjoyed finding fractions of amounts using resources.

In PE we were very acrobatic and created balancing sequences in small teams.

In music we looked at music from around the world and children really enjoyed the wide variety of music that we listened to. Many children had favourite countries and identified the instruments that were being used.

For science we looked at how the leaves of trees change their colour during the different seasons and why this happens. Children knew a lot about trees and certainly had their favourites! 

Homework for Science is to find a picture of your favourite tree and bring into school to share with the class for this week's lesson.

This is my favourite tree from my garden:Garden tree


In Art, we created a Kandinsky piece of art together in a group and focussed on his famous work of concentric circles. We worked in teams and completed the art using non-verbal communication. We mixed primary and secondary colours.

Art 6Art 5Art 4Art 3Art 2Art 1

In reading, we have looked at the ancient tale of Beowulf.

In computing, children were able to programme characters to move and make sounds. It has been an exciting week of learning for all!

Please practise the spellings below and 4 and 8 times tables for homework:

SpellingsSpellings Week 1 Summer 1




Spring term review

I would just like to say an enormous thank you for all of the support which you have given to me over the last few months. It has been an enormous pleasure to know you all and to teach your wonderful children. I will miss Bozeat school and will miss Jaguars class very much. 

Please have a restful and happy Easter holiday. I hope that the sun shines for everyone. 

Spellings and times tables will resume after the Easter break.








 Spring 2-review-26/03/22

I can not believe that the time is whizzing by so quickly and that we find ourselves facing the last week of the spring term. As usual, we have been very busy in Jaguars class. 

Your amazingly talented children performed their long awaited strings concert in the hall this week - thank you to those of you who were able to support this. The children did so well. In history lessons, we have been learning about that larger than life character, Henry VIII and his ill fated wives. In science lessons we have been investigating different soils and have been learning about what soil is, why it is so important to us all and where soil comes from. We have even found the odd earthworm!

We have ploughed on with our sewing, been learning about equivalent fractions and have written both our warm write - 'How to look  after a wolf' and our hot write- 'How to make a transformation potion'. The class have been writing some very imaginative sets of instructions, from how to make potions that transform you to  a top footballer for a day, to potions that will give you the power of flight  or turn rocks into gold!

We were lucky enough to be invited to a special Easter experience at the church this week, to learn more about the Easter story and to do some lovely craft activities, including painting and making Easter gardens.

It was a pleasure to see so many of you for the parent information evenings this week. As ever, thank you so much for your support.

spellings given 26.03.22





Spring 2 - review - 18/03/22


During another busy week, the class have had the excitement of an amazing science workshop, presented by a visiting company. The theme of this interactive workshop was the human body. The children have been learning about the senses and how these work, the circulatory system, the respiratory system and about healthy eating and the importance of this. The workshop was presented with the help of some very entertaining drama and with some fabulous props, such as a giant eyeball, a giant ear and a replica set of lungs! A real treat and extremely educational.

In our own class science lesson, the children have investigated a variety of rocks to discover which one they thought was the most suitable for making a sculpture from. In order to decide this, they carried out a fair test investigation - a scratch test, to explore the hardness and strength of the different rocks. It has been a very scientific week!

In maths lessons the class have been learning about fractions- unit and non unit fractions, mixed numbers and fractions on number lines. More fraction learning to come next week. We have also revised the method of formal column addition and taken another quick look at decimals in our mathematics lesson.

In English lessons, the main theme of the week has been handwriting and presentation and, along with the other classes in school, we have now prepared our entries for the Queen Mother handwriting competition. I am so impressed with the standard which the children have achieved and we are very hopeful......

For music this week, we have had our final strings lesson and have been preparing for the mini concerts next Thursday. We hope to welcome as many of you as possible, to showcase what the children have been learning. It is not too late to sign your child up for music lessons next term. There is a choice of violin, viola or cello lessons. This is a golden opportunity, so please contact the office if you are interested.

We have continued with our cross stitch sewing this week for art, which some of the class are finding very tricky and some are finding much easier, depending mostly on whether they have tried their hand at sewing before. We will plough on......

We have stayed very active this week, with a tennis taster lesson in addition to our usual PE slots. The class really loved this and should have brought home a leaflet about local tennis clubs and activities.

Please remember, spelling test and reading record check on Friday and times tables test on Thursday. Thank you for your support.

spellings given 18.03.22







P.E. days are Tuesday and Friday.


Spring 2 - review - 11/03/22

I can not believe that another week has flown by already!

Following on from our exciting reading activities last week, we have started studying the book 'Cogheart' in class and are already intrigued by the silver eyed men and by the secrets and adventures implied by the blurb and by the extracts which we have read together so far!

In writing lessons the children have identified the features of a well written instructional text, have answered comprehension questions and have compared different written instructions.

Maths lessons have incorporated the skills of dividing 3 digits by 2 digits, general  consolidation of division skills, scaling and correspondence problems. In our arithmetic lesson we have been learning about decimals.

The class have also designed a simple cross stitch bookmark, sorted out rocks and stones using a branching database , continued learning about Hindu festivals and have sorted some of the events of the Tudor period chronologically. An exciting world of battles, Tudor monarchs, globe circumnavigation and exploration has started to unfold before us......

This week has also seen a focus on fitness and exercise. We have been treated to an extra cricket session in addition to our usual P.E. time and have been trying to get out onto the playground for a short daily run.

Please remember......times tables test, Thursday. Spelling test and reading record check, Friday. Thank you all for your support.spellings given 11.03.22













Spring 2 - review - 04/03/22


P.E. days


P.E. days are Tuesday and Friday


What a rich and varied week it has been in Jaguars class!

Theme of the week has been reading for pleasure, to celebrate world book day. We have enjoyed sharing books in class, reading extracts from 'The worst class in the world' by Joanna Nadin and have enjoyed some extended story time readings at the end of the school  day. It was lovely to welcome so many of you into school for our 'book and biscuit' session on world book day. Thank you for joining us!

On world book day we also tuned into a live broadcast led by authors and illustrators including Michael Morpurgo, Joanna Nadin, Nadia Shareen and Rikin Parekh. We were treated to book readings, hints and tips about creating imaginative plots and characters and were able to watch as the illustrators created their character drawings.

On Tuesday, we tuned into a zoom session just for our class from the scientists at the Natural History Museum in London. We were treated to a virtual tour of the museum and we took part in a virtual workshop  about volcanoes, learning more about the structure of the earth, tectonic plates, effusive and explosive volcanoes. It was a great learning experience for the class.

The children have also studied, sorted and described a fantastic selection of rocks, borrowed from a local secondary school, as part of our science studies, have learned about some key Hindu festivals, have had a try at cross stitching, have been busy dividing 2digits by 1 digit and adding and subtracting fractions in maths lessons and have begun to learn about the features and structure of well written instructions.

We are to start a new mini history and geography topic - The Tudors- on Monday. This is the accompanying homework grid , which will be given out on Monday. Thank you, as ever, for your support.


Spelling test - Friday, Reading record check - Friday. Times tables test - Thursday.

spellings given 04.03.22


activitymore 38B2ED33 78E2 401D ABBB F80CDE35C374





Spring 2 - review - 25/02/22

It has been lovely to welcome the children back to school after the half term break. The evenings are becoming lighter and, despite the cold and stormy weather, there is a hint of spring in the air. As usual, it has been a busy, varied and productive week in class. 

In English lessons the children have completed their reading and grammar PIXL assessments and have written some amazing poems about a wolf. In maths lessons we are now learning more about division and have been using different methods such as partitioning and using the formal 'bus stop' method to answer division calculations. There has been a sharp focus on reading in class this week, with extra time given to hearing individual readers and checking reading book levels. A focus on reading will continue into next week in celebration of world book day.

In science we have started our new topic - rocks. The class have watched short film clips about fossil hunters and about how fossils are formed, before recording this in their books. In art lessons we have been learning about embroidery and have looked at pictures of the Bayeux Tapestry. The children have all practised threading a needle, in preparation for some sewing next week!

Our new computing topic is branching data bases and this week the children have become experts at sorting sets of objects by generating 'yes' and 'no' questions. Our amazing strings lessons are continuing this term and the children are becoming more skilled by the week. We are planning a short concert at the end of term -details to follow........

We have a treat to look forward to next week. On Tuesday afternoon a special volcanoes workshop will be zoomed into Jaguars classroom from the Natural History Museum in London. This should be a really enjoyable afternoon for the children.

There will be no P.E. on Tuesday, as the workshop takes place during our usual P.E. time. 

Times tables tests will resume on Thursday, spelling test will be on Friday and reading records will be checked on Friday.


spellings given 25.02.22


Spring 1 - review - 11/02/22


 P.E. days are Tuesday and Friday


This week in Jaguars we have been busy with our termly PIXL assessments, but have still had the time to reflect on our museum visit, complete our portal story hot writes, use the short formal method of multiplication when multiplying two and three digit numbers by one digit, write concept maps to explain water and its changes of state, complete our surrealist art work in the style of Magritte, continue with our strings lessons and further explore the use of publisher, to design  templates and insert place holders into these.

Thank you for all of the amazing pieces of homework which your children have completed - we have enjoyed sharing and displaying these and will continue to do so after the break.

Wishing everyone a lovely break next week.

Next term, spelling test and reading record check on Friday.

No times tables test first week back, to give a half term break from learning tables - although the class can log onto TT Rockstars as often as they wish!


Spellings given 11.02.22


  Spring 1 - week 4 review - 04/02/22

            P.E. days are Tuesday and Friday.


What a fabulous day we all had at Northampton museum on Wednesday!

IMG 163

IMG 0163

IMG 0164

IMG 0159

IMG 161


Strings lessons are progressing well!

IMG 0161

Times tables test will be on Thursday, spellings will be on Friday and reading record check will be on Friday. Thank you for your support.

spellings given 04.02.22



Spring 1 - week 2 review -21/01/22

P.E. days are Tuesday and Friday.


It has been another busy week in Jaguars class. We have had our second strings lesson, learning about the different notes played by each string and beginning to play simple tunes. In history lessons the children have been learning all about the Anglo Saxon trials and have written some fabulous information reports about the Anglo Saxons. In R.E. the class have been learning about how Hindus worship both at home and at the Mandir and have watched two short film clips about this. In our P.H.S.E. lesson the class have been learning about the difference between a danger, a hazard and a risk and have discussed and rated lots of different scenarios. Included in this lesson was much discussion about online safety.

In maths the children have been further improving their multiplication and division skills, including lots of times tables practice and in our arithmetic lesson today we looked at decimals, which many of the children are beginning to get an understanding of.

In English lessons we have been learning about subordinate and main clauses and subordinate conjunctions. We have also revised adverbs, alliteration and similes. In our class reading we are studying a beautiful book titled The Land of Neverwhere. This week we have been learning the meaning of lots of words from the book which are new to the class.

Thank you for supporting the new homework grid. We already have a beautiful, growing collection of Viking shields, fabulous facts and portal stories. Please keep these coming into  school!

Times tables test - Thursday

Spelling test and reading record check - Friday

spellings 21.01.22



Spring 1 - week2 review-14/01/22

P.E. days are Tuesday and Friday.

Homework grid Homework-grid-AG2.docx

This week on Thursday we enjoyed our first strings lesson - the children had the opportunity to examine a range of stringed instruments - cellos, violins and violas-and to begin to play these. This week the children learned about the strings and how to pluck these. We will be having a strings lesson every Thursday this term, culminating in a concert-style presentation, if circumstances allow this.

We are busy learning about the Anglo-Saxons in history lessons, which will lead into learning about the Vikings later this term. I have secured a booking to a special Viking day being held at the Northampton museum in Guildhall Road. We are lucky to have secured this, as there are limited places. The day will be jam packed with exciting activities for the children, including re-enactments, artefact handling and art activities. Your child will be bringing a letter home. Please support this if you possibly can.

In science we have been reading and interpreting line graphs, in maths we have been continuing to learn the times tables and to learn more about the skills of multiplication and division, including problem solving questions. In English lessons we have been continuing to study our new exemplar text - a portal story- and have been using alliteration and commas in lists.


Spelling test - Friday

Times tables test - Thursday

Reading record check - Friday


spellings 14.01.22




Spring 1 - week 1 review - 07/01/22

P.E. day change - Tuesday and Friday every week this term.

Homework grid


Happy New Year 


Firstly I would like to thank everyone for the lovely gifts, cards and general support and good wishes in the last week of term. 

I hope that you all had a good Christmas break. This week we have started our new history and geography topic and have begun learning about the Anglo-Saxons. This will be an exciting topic  and the class will also be learning about the Vikings. Our topic is titled 'Whose Land is it Anyway?' and is all about the Anglo-Saxon and Viking invaders and settlers.

In our music lessons this term we will have a visiting musician working with our class every Thursday afternoon and the children will be learning how to play stringed instruments. This begins next week!

Spelling test will continue to be on Friday this term, reading records will be checked on Friday and times tables tests will be on Thursday. 

Please take a look at the homework grid.


Year four spellings -the /ee/sound spelled with an i - beautiful, nastiness, prettiest, silliness, merriment, penniless,

happily, plentiful, pitiful, happiness.


Year three spellings - the suffix -ly - calmly, deadly, hourly, exactly, quickly, boldly, gladly,

bravely, deeply, clearly.


key spellings 07 01 23









Autumn 2 - week 7 review - 17/12/21

Next term P.E. days will be Monday and Friday.

We have had a lovely week in school, with Christmas decorations appearing in the classroom and Christmas carols being sung in assemblies. We have also enjoyed an 
exciting trip to the pantomime! We have also been very busy
finishing off work in all the different subjects, leaving things ready for a sparkling new start in January.

Christmas aside, the overwhelming theme of the week in Jaguars class has been times tables. We have now revised the twos, fives, tens and threes as a class, learning
these with increasing fluency. We are studying division questions alongside the multiplication questions, both being of equal importance.
This week, many of the children achieved their multiples marathon challenge (the name of their weekly test) and have moved on to the next level.
A special mention for Emily here, as she is forging ahead - well done Emily!

Thank you for supporting this learning at home - it is such a valuable use of time
as fluency with the times tables will really help your child to progress and feel confident with maths.

In science, we have studied the water cycle, learning about evaporation and condensation. Gilbert led the class and wowed us with his fantastic knowledge
about this subject.
In writing lessons, the children have written some beautiful poems this week and have copied these into their English books in their very best handwriting.
In R.E. we have remembered the true meaning of Christmas, have revisited the Christmas story, have looked at Christmas cards to see how many actually
reflect the true meaning of Christmas and have designed a picture for a Christmas card which shows an aspect of the Christmas story.

On that note, may I wish you all a happy and peaceful Christmas. Thank you to all of you for the support which you have shown to me, to the school and
to your children , throughout this very busy term.

Times tables test - first week of term, on Thursday.
Spelling test - first week of term, on Friday.
Reading record check - first week of term, on Friday.

Year three spellings Year four spellings Key spellings

Year 3 17.12.21            year four 17.12.21              key spellings 17.12.21 

Autumn 2 - week 6 review - 10/12/21

P.E. days are Monday and Friday

The highlight of our week has been performing our class assembly in the hall. In a way, we benefitted from the new Covid arrangements as the class got the opportunity to
perform their assembly twice -
once to the school and the second time to parents. Thank you to everyone who was able to support this. The children so enjoyed themselves and I think you will agree that
they did magnificently.

We have also been on a visit to the church to learn more about the Christmas story and to make cards, decorations, Christingles, paintings and to decorate the Bozeat Primary
School Christmas tree, on display
in church. The class also decorated biscuits with icing and various sprinkles. A lovely morning and a real treat for all.

We have also started our new maths topic of multiplication, have completed our English hot writes and edited these against the toolkit and have also written our topic hot writes,
to round off
our extreme earth topic.

We are continuing with our weekly spelling and times tables tests, so please do all you can to support your children with these. It is especially important that the year four children
get to grips with
their times tables! We will still be having a spelling test next Friday, and reading records will also be checked. Otherwise it will be a day of festivities.

Reading records are checked on Fridays.
Spelling test on Friday.
Times tables test on Thursday.

Year four

y4 spellings 10.12.21y3 spellings 10.12.21key spellings 10.12.21

Autumn 2 -week 5 review - 03/12/21


P.E. days are Monday and Friday

It was lovely to see so many grandparents in school for our craft afternoon last week. The children enjoyed this so much and were excited to  welcome their grandparents into
the classroom.

This week we have been busy preparing our class assembly. This will be on Wednesday 8th December at 2.45 and you are warmly welcome to join us for this.

We also have a trip to the church on Thursday morning to look forward to, for a Christmas craft experience and it is our school Christmas jumper day on Friday.

It has been another busy week. We have refined our animations in our computing lesson, have been learning more about earthquakes around the world and why
these happen, have completed
some creative writing
about earthquakes and have classified materials as solids, liquids or gasses in our science lesson.

In English lessons the class have completed their hot writes, in guided reading they have used their inference skills and in maths the children have been learning
about constant difference, rounding and estimating and checking the answers to their calculations by using the inverse operation.

I have, as ever, been very proud of the children this week. We have had some visiting teachers in our classroom, who were very impressed with the wonderful
manners and good learning attitudes of the children.
Well done Jaguars!

Spelling test and reading record check will be on Friday.
Times tables test will be on Thursday.

Screenshot 2021 12 03 210018 key spellingsSpellingsweek 13

Autumn 2 - week 3 review - 19/11/21

Please note that P.E. will now be on Mondays and Fridays. 

Please bring P.E. kits to school on Monday.


What a busy week we have had. I would like to start by saying that I am so lucky to be the teacher of such an amazing group of children. This week I have really appreciated the

resilience, strength and kindness of my class. 

This week we have completed our volcano paintings, which are now on display in the classroom and are wonderful! Well done Jaguars. We have also set up fair test investigations to help

us to learn more about freezing and melting, carefully measuring specific amounts of water with which to make ice cubes of various shapes and sizes. 

In English lessons we have been learning about fronted adverbials, have written a toolkit for an explanation text and have planned our warm write - an explanation of why the dinosaurs 

became extinct. This has involved lots of reading about dinosaurs and the class have discovered some fascinating facts this week.

In maths we have been busy with our subtraction work - this week, completing three digit calculations including exchanges and going onto four digit calculations without exchanges. 

In every maths lesson we are looking at reasoning questions and unpicking these.

In computing the class have used the stop motion app on the iPads and have begun to make simple animations - great fun!

Thank you for your continued support with homework, spellings, times tables and reading. Times tables test will be on Thursday, spelling test will be on Friday and  reading books will be 

checked on Friday.

Well done this week to Seren, who has been awarded a certificate for 100 reads and to Kaiden who has been awarded a certificate for 50 reads.


Autumn 2 - week 2 Review - 12/11/21

P.E. days are Tuesday and Friday



Firstly, thank you to all of you for supporting your children with their reading, spellings, times tables learning and with the homework grid. Today I have given out the
first certificates for reading - 50 reads
earn a bronze award, 100 reads earn a gold certificate and 150 reads earn a platinum certificate. Well done to Rosie, who has earned a gold award, and well done to
Seren, Ophelia, Isabelle and Emily, who
have all earned a bronze award. Please keep reading!
Reading records are checked every Friday. Please send these into school.
Times tables test is on Thursday, spelling test is on Friday.

We seem to have had a very creative week in Jaguars. The children have painted some colourful and stunning volcano pictures. They will be finishing these with chalks
and pastels
next week and I am so looking
forward to seeing the finished masterpieces! The children have also been learning about graphic design and everyday objects. They have drawn some beautiful and
observational drawings of packages from
my kitchen!
In maths lessons the class have been consolidating their work on column addition, including adding two four digit numbers and have begun to learn more about
column subtraction.
We have also been looking more
closely at worded maths problems and how to unpick these.
In English lessons the children have been learning more about the features of an explanation text, have compared different explanation texts and have completed a
reading comprehension.
In our guided reading lessons
the class have continued to enjoy reading extracts for the Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe.

Jaguars class also took part in a school visit to church on Remembrance Day this week. They behaved beautifully and I am very proud of my class.

spellings 12.11.21

Autumn 2 - week 1 Review - 05/11/21

P.E. days are Tuesday and Friday 


This week we have started a brand new science topic and are learning about solids, liquids and gasses. We had fun examining lots of different materials and identifying their properties. A messy but highly enjoyable lesson! In computing  we are now learning about animations. This week we have been finding out how simple animations are put together and the children enjoyed making their own simple flick books. In R.E. we are continuing our study of  Christianity and have begun to learn about the life and ministry of Jesus in more detail.  Despite the changing weather, we are still managing to do P.E. outside in the fresh air. We were able to take advantage of a glorious sunny afternoon to try out different team games and activities. We have also started a new art topic and have begun to learn about graphic design. The class have enjoyed studying typography this week, writing their own name in different ways to represent different moods and feelings. The children have also written some beautiful poems about volcanoes, which will be copied out and illustrated for display next week as I am so pleased with them.

In maths lessons, the children have been learning about place value addition and subtraction, including problem solving questions, which we will continue with next week. We have also been busy learning our times tables. Every Friday we have an arithmetic lesson, looking at a different skill each week. This week we have started to learn about decimals.


A competition is being launched on Times Tables Rock Stars at 7.30am on Monday morning. The competition runs until 7.30pm on Thursday evening, so is live for four days only. Children across the country  have been invited to spend up to one hour on Times Tables Rock Stars at home each day. There are prizes to be won for classes, individuals and whole schools, so please help your children to get involved. Minutes on TTRC next Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday mean prizes!

Spelling tests will be on Friday next week as usual, along with the weekly reading record check.

Times tables test will be on Thursday.

Thank you for your continued support.

Screenshot 2021 11 06 145431      year 4 spellings 05.11.21Key words 05.11.21





P.E. days are Tuesday and Friday

Autumn 1 - Week 7 Review - 22/10/21

What a busy week we have had in Jaguars class!

First of all, it was lovely to meet so many of you on Monday and Tuesday at the parent information evenings. If you had to cancel your appointment due to your child not being in school, please catch me on the playground at the end of the school day to make an alternative arrangement. I am available most afternoons at the end of the school day. I also look forward to meeting with those of you awaiting alternative arrangements after the half term break.

Secondly, Jaguars have had an industrious week  completing our autumn term PIXL assessments in arithmetic, maths reasoning, reading, spelling and grammar. The children have also written their hot writes and have independently planned and written their own finding tale - with a focus on using fronted adverbials, expanded noun phrases, adverbs, rhetorical questions and interesting verbs. Some fabulous stories have been written. The children really have earned their half term break!

In addition, we have also managed to fit in a geography afternoon, learning all about tornadoes- how and where these form and the damage which they can cause. Jaguars have also learned about Christian symbols and have enjoyed drawing and writing about these. We have rounded off our PSHE topic about feelings with some much loved drama activities. On a more serious note, we have talked about bullying, including on line bullying, and the importance of seeking help if this happens to us. 

We have also enjoyed one of our special school celebration assemblies and have celebrated achievements both in and out of school.

Thank you for your continued support with reading, spellings and times tables. Reading records will continue to be checked every Friday after half term. The times tables test will be on Thursdays and the spelling test will be on Fridays.

I wish you all a very happy and restful half term break

.y3 spell week 9y4 spell wk 9

Autumn 1 - Week 6 Review - 15/10/21


It was lovely to see so many of you at the harvest festival celebration in church the children were so excited to be performing there pumpkin poem I am sure you will agree that they did an amazing job!

In maths this week we have been continuing our lessons about place value and have been learning how to add and subtract fractions. We have also started to learn how to find fractions of a number.

In English lessons the children have planned and written their warm write versions of a Finding Tale. They have amazed me with their imaginative ideas and I can't wait to see what they plan for their hot writes next week. 

In PSHE lessons Jaguars have been learning about feelings and emotions and how we express these. They have shown maturity and kindness when discussing how to react to the moods and emotions of others and have really impressed me. I have also discovered that we have some budding actors in our class! In RE lessons the class have been studying the topic of Christian festivals - always a popular subject.

The class display of stained glass window designs has taken shape and the children are very proud of their artwork. We have also had a focus on handwriting and presentation this week, have taken part in cricket activities and have been doing lots of reading in class. Most of the children have brought in their reading records this week, thank you for your support.

Next week, there will be a spelling test on Friday and a times tables test on Thursday, the children have brought these home to learn. 

I am looking forward to meeting many of you at parents evening next week.  

Autumn 1 - Week 5 Review - 08/10/21


The children have PE on Tuesdays and Fridays. Please ensure they have a complete PE kit on these days.

The children need to bring their reading records to school every Friday to be checked. Thank you for your support. 

Thank you for supporting your children with the homework grid. We have already seen some super work!

We are so proud of your children this week. They have coped so well with saying goodbye to Mrs Griffin as she starts her maternity leave and have welcomed me as their new teacher. They have taken these changes in their stride. They are a credit to you all. 

This week we have been learning a harvest poem to perform at the harvest service in church next week, have been planning out our own finding tales and have completed our stained glass window designs in art. In computing lessons we have been learning about how computers and devices are linked together and had fun trying to simulate a computer network by passing multiple messages around the classroom as quickly as possible! In science lessons we have been planning fair test investigations linked to our topic about the human body, whilst in geography lessons we have been learning about tsunamis. In maths lessons we have been continuing to study place value and have started to try out the bus stop method for working out division calculations.

In addition to the weekly spelling test, the class will now also be having a times table test each Friday. There are certificates to be earned as the class work through the 'multiples marathon'. Please look on the back of your child's spelling list to find the times table which they need to learn for their test. Your support is appreciated. Thank you!

This week's spellings:

spellings week 6


Homework Grid

Autumn 1 - Week 4 Review - 01/10/21

The children have PE on Tuesdays and Fridays. Please ensure they have a complete PE kit on these days.

These children didn't have their reading records this week: Toby, Gilbert, Faith, Holly, Owen and Annabel. Please ensure children always bring their reading records into school as I check them weekly.

We've had another great week in Jaguars class this week.

English: We have started exploring Finding Tales, and the children got so excited to use their imaginations to come up with a story where their character found some mysterious money and a rusty, old key...

Maths: This week the children have been looking at rounding. We have been rounding numbers to the nearest 10, 100 and even 1000! Ask your child to show you the method and I'm sure you'll hear a wonderful story involving going to see our next door neighbour.

Science: In science this week, we looked at muscles. The children had a great work out and completed exercises for their biceps, triceps, abdominals, obliques, gluteals, quadriceps and calves.

Geography: Following our learning of volcanoes, we spoke this week about earthquakes; the effect they have and how they are measured.

The children also completed their Christmas Card designs this week and have brought them home. Please ensure you submit your order if you would like anything!

I wish the children all the best this year as I go off on maternity leave. It has been lovely getting to know them the past couple of weeks and I can already see the potential they all have and how much they will achieve this year! Good Luck Jaguars!

This week's spellings:

A1W5 spellings


Autumn 1 - Week 3 Review - 24/09/21

The children have PE on Tuesdays and Fridays. Please ensure they have a complete PE kit on these days.

Please ensure children always bring their reading records into school as I check them weekly.

Welcome to the first Jaguars Class update! The children of Jaguars have shown great resilience the past few weeks whilst being taught by various people. They have done extraordinarily well and have still been producing some high-quality work.

English: The children have been looking at writing a discussion text. We've had lots of interesting debates being considered, including:

Should theme parks exist? Should men have beards? Should children eat ice cream before bed?

We completed the unit this week, with children writing their Hot Writes on Thursday. We are really impressed with what they have produced. All children worked really hard at including fronted adverbials, rhetorical questions and expanded noun phrases.

Maths: This week the children have been looking at 'more or less'. They have been identifying 1 more or less, 10 more or less, 100 more or less and even 1000 more or less.

Science: In science this week, we looked at skeletons. The children should be able to tell you the 3 main roles of the skeleton. We compared the different skeletons of different animals and discussed that some animals don't have skeletons - the children learnt the terms 'vertebrate' and 'invertebrate'.

Computing: We had a really fun computing lesson this week! In pairs, the children were challenged to create the same painting - one child using watercolour paints and a paintbrush on paper, the other, using the Paint app on a laptop. We discussed and compared the difference and how devices can help us perform a variety of tasks.

Geography: Volcanoes have been our focus the last 2 weeks in geography! We have spoken about where you would find volcanoes on the earth (ask your child to explain tectonic plates!) and the effect of living near a volcano. We thought about the positives and negatives based on whether the volcano is an active, dormant or extinct volcano.

Music: In music, we discussed the terms 'symphony' and 'orchestra' and discussed how composers use music to reflect an experience or enhance a visual image. Next time you watch a film at home, take note of the background music and how it enhances what you're watching!

This week's spellings:

A1W4 spellings



Summer 2 - Week 5 Review

The children have PE on Tuesdays and Fridays. Please ensure they have a complete PE kit on these days.

These children didn't have their reading records this week: Tai. Please ensure children always bring their reading records into school as I check them weekly.

The children finally got to enjoy their Sports Day! They had great fun walking up to the playing field and spending time going around the different events that were set up; egg and spoon race, bean bag throw, sack race, javelin, hoop the loop and penalty shoot out. They even got to do some of the typical running races. Well done to Isobel for getting the Best Girl award and Oscar for receiving the Best Boy award in our class! All the children did fantastically, showed great sportsmanship and determination and had a great time.

English: In English, we started our new text of a journey rescue tale! The children enjoyed discussing superheroes this week and exploring the story of Traction Man. They have worked very hard to story map the text, identify the key language features and use this to create our toolkit, as well as boxing up the structure to help us plan our own version of Traction Man! Here are pictures of our text map, toolkit, and boxing up structure:

IMG 20210712 103615     IMG 20210712 103626     IMG 20210712 103621

Maths: In maths, we continued our topic of shape. We explored 2D shapes, specifically triangles and quadrilaterals. Ask your children what the 3 types of triangle are and what's the difference between them. Also quiz them to see how many different quadrilaterals they can name (and their different properties!).

Science: This week in science we continued our learning of forces by exploring how magnets attract and repel. Here is a diagram one of the children drew to show their understanding:

IMG 20210712 104102

This week's spellings:


Summer 2 - Week 4 Review

The children have PE on Tuesdays and Fridays. Please ensure they have a complete PE kit on these days.

These children didn't have their reading records this week: Layla, Phebe, Cashton, Tai, Oscar. Please ensure children always bring their reading records into school as I check them weekly.

Although Sports Day was unfortunately postponed on Monday, the children still got to experience some excitement! Nathan and Lexi from our class were chosen to speak on the radio, and the children were really lucky to experience a training session with a gold-medallist Olympian this week! Andy Turner (hurdler) came in on Monday and completed a session with the children, teaching them the 'on your marks, get set, go' positions and how to run with pace over hurdles.

IMG      IMG 2841

English: In English, we completed our topic of newspaper reports. The children independently planned and wrote a newspaper report based on the suspense story they wrote a couple of months ago. They even got to plan the layout of their report and structure it themselves! Here are some examples from the children:

IMG 20210702 132001     IMG 20210702 131952     IMG 20210702 131945     IMG 20210702 131937

Maths: In maths, we continued our topic of shape. We revised the 4 types of angle: acute, obtuse, reflex and right angle. We then moved on to differentiating between horizontal and vertical lines, as well as parallel and perpendicular. We also looked at lines of symmetry.

Science: This week in science we continued our learning of forces by exploring what magnets can do and which materials are magnetic. The children used fishing rod magnets to 'fish' for magnetic materials in water, then we sorted the objects into a table to show which materials were magnetic and which weren't. We discovered that only metals are magnetic, by not all metals are magnetic. The children then tested magnets to see how many paper clips they could hold in a chain, and how many sheets of paper it could hold up on the whiteboard, as well as seeing how high the magnet could make a paper clip jump up. Here are some pictures from our lesson:

IMG 20210701 133443     IMG 20210701 141247     IMG 20210701 141307

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Summer 2 - Week 3 Review

The children have PE on Tuesdays and Fridays. Please ensure they have a complete PE kit on these days.

These children didn't have their reading records this week: Cashton, Tai, Oscar. Please ensure children always bring their reading records into school as I check them weekly.

English: In English, we continued our topic of newspaper reports. We completed our boxing up of the structure of a newspaper report, and we explored the key features of our model text to help us construct our toolkit:

Toolkit     Structure

The children have then been using these to write their own newspaper report about the dragon in the classroom! 

Maths: In maths, we started our new topic of shape. We started by talking about the points of a compass and thinking about directions, including turns. The children should be able to tell you that turns involve a start/end point, clockwise/anti-clockwise and how much of a turn (quarter turn, half turn or three quarter turn) - some children even managed to link these to degrees and tell me a quarter turn is a 90⁰ turn, a half turn is 180⁰ and so on. We then went on to talk about angles; the children now know the 4 types of angle: acute, obtuse, reflex and right angle.

RE: We learnt what a Shofar is in Judaism, how it's made and what it's used for. The children even got to make their own:

 IMG 20210630 083916     IMG 20210630 083924

Art: We created our own pieces of Orphism art this week, going step-by-step through the process together. The children should be able to tell you what concentric circles are, and how Orphism artists used shape and colour to express meaning.

 IMG 20210630 084132

Science: This week in science we continued our learning of forces by exploring how well an object can slide on different materials. The children use their whiteboards as a ramp and tested at what height the material would make the object slide down the ramp. They even drew their own results table to show their investigation:

 IMG 20210623 144550 1     IMG 20210623 144600     IMG 20210623 144618     IMG 20210630 084102

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Summer 2 - Week 2 Review

The children have PE on Tuesdays and Fridays. Please ensure they have a complete PE kit on these days.

These children didn't have their reading records this week: Cashton, Noah, Oscar. Please ensure children always bring their reading records into school as I check them weekly.

English: In English, we continued our topic of newspaper reports. The children have been looking at different examples of newspaper reports to see how the layout and structure can change and be adapted. We have looked at how we can improve sentences so they are more detailed, interesting and powerful by using fronted adverbials, adjectives and subordinate clauses. We also spent some time focusing on how to identify errors in our work and using our editing skills to improve these things. We learnt that in newspaper reports, shorter sentences can be more effective as they provide clarity and that any description we use should be to provide the reader with more information.

Some examples we looked at include:

Picture1   Picture2   Picture3   Picture4

Maths: In maths, we finished our topic of statistics. Your children should now be able to tell you what all these ways of presenting data are: tally charts, pictograms, bar graphs, tables, and line graphs. Next week we are moving on to looking at shape.

PSHE: To celebrate My Money Week 2021 this week, we looked at what influences how we spend our money. The children played a role play activity where one person had £20 to spend and each person in their group had to play a role (such as parent, shop owner, friend, charity) and persuade them to use their money in a particular way.

IMG 20210615 163620

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Summer 2 - Week 1 Review

The children have PE on Tuesdays and Fridays. Please ensure they have a complete PE kit on these days.

These children didn't have their reading records this week: Cashton, Noah, Charlie Smith, Oscar. Please ensure children always bring their reading records into school as I check them weekly.

English: In English, we started a new topic on recounts, specifically newspaper reports. The children arrived on Wednesday morning to 'dragon dust' all over the floor, dragon footprints marked, chairs fallen over and general chaos. There was a video of the dragon caught on Night Vision CCTV playing on repeat on the board. Their challenge was to think about what might have happened, and act as reporters to interview each other to collect opinions. They then transcribed these into a recount of what may have potentially happened in our classroom overnight.

IMG 20210612 154033

Maths: In maths, we started our new topic of statistics! Your children should be able to tell you that statistics involves data, and presenting data in different ways. We have so far looked at tally charts, pictograms, bar graphs and tables. Next week we are moving on to looking at line graphs.

Art: We began our new topic of Orphism. The children were very good at understanding how art moved from Naturalism (Da Vinci) to more abstract art, including Cubism (Picasso) to eventually, Orphism! They should be able to tell you the difference between those three periods of art. Next week we are going to look at the artist Robert Delaunay in more detail.

This week's spellings:

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Summer 1 - Week 5 Review

The children now have PE on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays. Please ensure they have a complete PE kit on these days.

Please also ensure children always bring their reading records into school as I check them weekly.

What a week for Jaguars class! The children have shown true resilience this week as we dived back into our home learning and I'm so proud of them all for coping so well and going with the flow!

English: In English we started our new unit on Non-Chronological Reports. The children explored looking at different examples, some online and some from books. They did fantastically well at using these to help them form an idea of what may be included in our toolkit for writing a non-chronological report. They managed to successfully identify a lot of the key features writers use! We even started drawing our text map for our model text 'The Storm Dragon'. Use the picture below to test them and see if they can tell you what the introduction says:

IMG 20210513 164809

Maths: The children have done amazingly well at learning how to read time this week! They have really impressed me, especially considering they have learnt it over Zoom!! First we learnt how to read time on an analogue clock; we learnt how to read intervals of 5 minutes, and even read time to the nearest minute using both 'past' and 'to'. We then learnt to convert analogue time into digital time, and learnt what 'a.m. and p.m.' means. The children even managed to convert time using the 24-hour clock, using the method of adding or subtracting 12 to help them! Quick test - can your child tell you what time this clock may be showing us? (HINT: there are two possible answers!)


Art: The children were challenged to create their own food / drink packaging at home this week. Lexi sent me pictures of her creation, take a look! Well done Lexi.

20210510 151645     20210510 151635     20210510 151632

20210510 151628     20210510 151623

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Summer 1 - Week 4 Review

The children now have PE on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays. Please ensure they have a complete PE kit on these days.

These children didn't have their reading records this week: Tai, Noah, Charlie Smith, Oscar. Please ensure children always bring their reading records into school as I check them weekly. 

English: In English, the children have been writing up their own suspense stories independently. They have done really well at recognising what makes an effective suspense story and editing their work to continually improve it. To help them with their writing at home, you could check they know the structure of their story, and what features they should be including (our toolkit):

IMG 20210506 124412      IMG 20210506 124407

Maths: In maths, we have started our new topic of Time! This week, we have focused on looking at years, months, weeks, days, hours, minutes and seconds. Use our posters to ensure the children know everything they need to know!

IMG 20210506 124446     IMG 20210506 124450

IMG 20210506 124507

Geography: This week, we continued our journey around the world to find out what food is grown in a tropical climate! We discovered bananas are grown in Jamaica. We then created flowcharts to show the journey that bananas take from the Caribbean to our shops here in the UK! Here are some examples from Nathan and Izzy:

nds     IMG 20210506 124758

Science: We had a very interesting science lesson this week! We completed an investigation to test how toothpaste cares for and protects our teeth. We used hard-boiled eggs and covered half the egg in toothpaste. We then put the eggs into vinegar and watched as the half without toothpaste was affected more than the half with toothpaste!

IMG 20210506 124652     IMG 20210506 154835     IMG 20210506 154829

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