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  • PE days are Thursday (Tennis) and Friday.
  • Spelling will be tested on Friday's and issues on Friday's.
  • Homework is collected and handed out every Friday so please ensure your child is completing this every week.
  • Tuck shop is running from Tuesday-Friday so please bring in the correct change if you would like to purchase a healthy snack.
  • Reading logs will be checked weekly so please ensure that your child or you have commented in the log daily.

Summer 1

Week 1 - 19/4/24

Welcome back! I hope everyone has had a fantastic Easter holidays and has enjoyed a relaxing and restful break.

This week Jaguars have come back raring to go! Upon their return they have been getting straight back into school routines and schedules. 

We have also welcomed a new face into class this week - they children have been very friendly, kind and approachable - all fantastic qualities to have!

In Writing this week the children have began delving into our new unit of work 'Wishing Tales'. We watched a video which showed us what happened when people made a wish and how sometimes their can be barriers in the way of allowing a wish to come true - both positive and negative. The children then wrote a cold write about a Wishing Tale and mapped a few paragraphs of our model text 'Grolt - A cautionary tale about greed' and for others 'The Lonely Bear' Please see below the model for you to share at home with your child. 

model text groltmodel text the lonely bear

In Maths this week the children have been learning about equivalent fractions and using scales. Our new unit is 'Mass and Capacity' so we will be looking into that more as of next week. 

During Thursday this week the children had a Golf taster session and a Tennis session which took up most of our morning. They very much enjoyed the sporting events and got a lot out of both sessions. Tennis will continue now until the end of this half term so please ensure your child has a PE kit in school for sessions on Thursdays and Fridays. 

Spellings for next week are as follows:

Spelling Group 1

Orange and Review words

centre, disappear, eighth, exercise, grammar
dishonest, disapprove, incapable, independent, invisible

Spelling Group 2 (E/C)

C sound spelt ch and recap on –ation

ache, mechanic, echo, character, scheme, stomach
information, preparation

J and O

HF Words

your, they, when, don’t could



Spring 2

Week 4 - 22/3/24

This week has been a very fun and exciting week for Jaguars class. On Wednesday morning we were lucky enough to attend the Easter Rocksteady concert, It was fantastic to watch the children involved and perform using the instruments they have been practising on. Wednesday afternoon saw us spend a whole afternoon down at the church getting involved in all things Easter and stories from the bible! The children thoroughly enjoyed being a part of this, they listened with intent and created some lovely keep sakes to take home with them from the experience! Below are a couple of pictures from the event. 

ks2 experience easter

This week in Writing the children have been developing their ideas in diary writing (recounts). We have boxed up our model text and have highlighted key language features within the text as well as co-constructing a class toolkit surrounding all things diary writing. I am very excited to see where our diary entries lead us as we head into the final few days of the term before Easter and we undertake our hot write!

In Maths the children have been looking closely at unit and non-unit fractions they now understand the difference between these. Towards the end of the week we have looked at fractions as scales as well as fractions on numberlines. 

During Geography this week the children have located and identified countries in which the Vikings came from as well as countries in which they invaded and settled. We carried this learning out by looking closely at a map of Europe and revisiting our early knowledge of the United Kingdom. 

Only 3 days to go and then a well earned and deserved break for all!

Week 3 - 15/3/24

This week has been BRITISH SCIENCE WEEK - to celebrate science week we carried out a science experiment called 'Make your own pendulum timer!' The children created these with string, numicon as a weight, card and cellotape. They used stopwatches to time how long the pendulum swung for and then compared using different pieces of paper attached to the weight and how this would differ the length of time it swung for. Below are some pictures of what the children did.


As well as this the children took part in a Lego Workshop where they created models surrounding our History Topic of Vikings and Anglo-Saxons. The children thoroughly enjoyed this activity.


In writing this week the children have used their new model text of a diary entry to reenact and talk through the text. We have also looked at new vocabulary words and comprehension (what makes up a diary). For comprehension the children used another diary entry text and compared this with our model text to notice the similarities and differences. 
In maths this week the children have finished their learning of length and perimeter - looking at the perimeter of shapes - measuring and calculating these. Towards the end of the week we have moved onto Fractions - looking at numerators and denominators.
In PE this week we have continued working with Mr Roberts looking at balance, coordination and rhythm. The children have been using skills to practice balancing along a line forwards and backwards. They have also been playing team games like dodgeball and netball which have supported their understanding of teamwork.

Spring Term 1

16/2/24 - Week 6 The children will be coming home with homework to complete over half term this will be a focus on arithmetic questions which will prepare them for their assessments after half term.

This week the children have worked really hard to finalise and complete all end of term jobs and activities. On Monday morning we had our half termly Celebration assembly to celebrate all achievements the children have made.

In Writing this week the children were finally able to complete their hot writes for a warning tale which were fantastic. They also completed a cold write for their next unit of Writing which focuses on Diary entries. Miss Cox read the class her diary entry covering a morning, afternoon and evening from Wednesday 14th and then the children wrote their own diary entry from their perspective and a day in their life. 

In Maths this week the children have continued their learning of length and perimeter. Their focus was on measuring in metres, centimetres and millimetres and looking at equivalent lengths. We have also finished looking at the style of arithmetic assessment questions the children will be covering when they return from half time. 

In Computing this week the children have been looking at desktop publishing. The children covered size, colour and style of different texts. Towards the end of the unit after half term they will be looking at creating their own invitations/posters on the laptops using the publisher application. They were able to discuss the difference between appropriate use of background colour and coloured text and what the different types of overlay look like to ensure the reader can read the writing clearly. 

I hope everyone has a great half term and enjoys the break!


This week the children celebrated Children's Mental Health week through the theme: My voice matters! The children worked really well to discuss why their voice mattered and how they can express their thoughts and opinions in different scenarios. We also took part in Internet Safer day on Wednesday and through discussion we talked about the importance of staying safe online and the technology we enjoy using. We also talked about the types of video games we enjoy playing and the age appropriateness of these. 

In Writing this week the children finished their own innovation box-up for their hot write of a warning tale, we discussed openings which is our main toolkit and focus as well as supporting Miss Cox in a class shared write where we used our class innovation ideas to create a new warning tale. The children's ideas were fantastic and towards the end of the week it was great to see them using our openings toolkit in action where they wrote the opening to their warning tale. 

In Maths this week the children have had a huge focus on arithmetic questions. These link closely to the assessment questions they will answer next term. They have also finished division of numbers and have now moved onto length and perimeter. 

In History this week the children looked at Viking Voyages: Raiding and Trading. They also briefly looked at the time when Vikings came to Britain and how this changed things. We looked at chronology/duration of different events that were important in the Viking Middle Ages e.g. The first raid/invade, the meeting of Anglo-Saxons and Vikings and the king Alfred the Great. I am really impressed with the information that the children are retaining and how excited they are about the topic.

Spellings for next week are as follows:

Spelling group:

Adding the prefix –sub

submarine, subway, subzero, subtitle,

submerge, subheading, subdivide, subsoil


Adding –ly as a suffix to turn adjectives into adverbs and recap suffix –ous

carefully, quickly, seriously, finally, rudely,

mountainous, ridiculous,

A Spellings: Next weeks test 16/02/24
drown, Howard

J Spellings: Next weeks test 16/02/24
shook, cheese, bowl, splat

Homework answers:  Homework-answers-9.2.24.docx

26/01/24 - Week 3

This week in Writing the children built knowledge of vocabulary used in a warning tale. They have also looked at an alternative warning text and located key information about openings, language and warning. We have also recapped on our knowledge of sentences which contain capital letters and full stops and where these go and the 4 types of sentence (question, exclamation, statement and command).  

In Maths this week the children have looked at related multiplication/division facts and reasoning with multiplication. They have been able to recall simple facts and then develop these into more in-depth facts using what they know already.  Please do practice your times tables daily and use the below resources to help you answer these questions with fluency.

In Art this week we have looked at our key artist: 'Paul Cezanne' who is a still-life artist. The children are enjoying finding out about how still life has changed from the early years into the present day. 

Spellings for the weeks test (02.2.24) are follows:

Spelling group:

Adding the prefix –super and recap adding the prefix –anti
superglue, superhero, superhuman, superman, supermarket,
supersize, supersonic, superwoman, antibacterial, anticlockwise

E/C Spellings: Next weeks test 2/02/24:

Adding the suffix –ous and recap Adding im– to root words beginning with m or p
dangerous, enormous, fabulous, generous, jealous,
impatient, immature

A Spellings: Next weeks test 2/02/24:
cute, peat, litter, eyes

J Spellings: Next weeks test 2/02/24:
pond, tow, willow, followed

Homework answers


19/01/24 - Week 2

On Monday 15th January Jaguars took part in a Viking/Anglo-Saxon workshop. Our visitor taught us all about Viking/Anglo Saxon life including the food they ate, the clothes they wore, the jewellery they had, the jobs they used to do and the weapons/animals they hunted. The children were really inspired and amazed by these facts and shared a fantastic understanding of what they had learnt at the end of the session. During their History session this week, the children fed back to Miss Cox as a recap thinking about what they had learnt and in addition to this the extended information they learnt in the lesson. They are really looking forward to finding out more about Vikings and Anglo-Saxons as we move throughout the Spring term.

IMG 0172IMG 0171IMG 0285IMG 0170

In Writing this week the children have been focusing on mapping their new model text and dramatising. We have also looked very closely at noun phrases, adjectives and expanded noun phrases. The children have worked really hard on this aspect of Grammar.

In maths we have finished our learning of the times tables 3, 4, and 8. The children have looked at division as well as multiplication within these areas of learning. 

In Science this term we have begun our learning of rocks and their properties. The children have become 'rock detectives' and have observed and explored different types of rock. Our main rocks that we will be looking at in particular are: sandstone, chalk, granite, marble.  This week the children looked through magnifying glasses at a variety of rocks, drew them and discussed their different properties. 

In PE this term we are looking at the skill of throwing, bouncing catching and footwork. The children worked in partners to practice these skills and then joined in with a group activities whereby they had to choose one of these skills and with a piece of equipment (beanbags, tennis balls, soft balls, cones) and move it from one hoop to another hoop. If the piece of equipment dropped to the floor or did not land in the hoop then a point would be deducted. The children had much fun with this. 

Spellings for the weeks test (26.1.24) are follows: 

Spelling group:

Adding the prefix –anti and recap adding the prefix –re

anticlockwise, antisocial, antiseptic, antifreeze, antibiotic

antibacterial, anticlimax, rebuild, reappear, redecorate, rewrite,

E/C Spellings: Next weeks test 26/01/24

Adding im– to root words beginning with m or p and review

impatient, immortal, incapable, impossible, immature,

disagree, inhuman   

A Spellings: Next weeks test 26/01/24

thorn, paw, does, should

J Spellings: Next weeks test 26/01/24

witch, tick, some, they


Homework answers


12/01/24 - Week 1

In writing this week the children have been focusing on their new unit 'Warning Tale' with discussion about writing the perfect opening. Miss Cox read the children our model text 'How the tortoise got his shell' and then we began to map our text. The children have also looked at the grammar of nouns and verbs within writing and what these mean. Please see below a copy of our model text for you to review at home.

How tortoise got his shell.

On an early summers’ day in February, crow and tortoise headed towards a still lake. On their way they bumped into tiger, elephant and giraffe. Crow had only just discovered, that if he flapped his wings he could sore high above the trees. Upon telling the other animals they roared, blew their trumpet and laughed.
Crow wanted to prove to the animals that he was telling the truth. So he said, “You just watch, I’m going to climb straight to the top of that mountain high up in the sky and you will soon see me fly!”. The animals warned him how difficult this would be and that he would be making a big mistake.
Crow disobeyed the animals and set off with tortoise. They climbed and climbed right to the top of the mountain to show all the animals how he could fly. When they got to the top crow jumped off in excitement and spread his wings so that he soared high above the clouds. The animals and tortoise watched on in shock.
Silly old tortoise wanted to be just like crow so he too decided to jump off the top.
At that moment, he remembered he didn’t have any wings. He tumbled down and down and down until he smashed on the rocks below.
Immediately, crow flew back down to the ground and yelled for the help of the other animals. They came rushing and each shouted “I told you to be careful!” “I knew someone would get hurt!”. After, they put the tortoises shell back together piece by piece and it is to this very day all the animals learnt their lesson not to jump off an extremely tall mountain again.

In maths the children have been focusing on the 4 times and 8 times table. We have discussed the patterns between both and how we would solve word problems linked to these. The 8 times table is part of their homework this week. Please reinforce that to make up the numbers in the 8 times table you double the numbers in the 4 times table. If you wanted to test your knowledge further please follow the below link to a beat the clock game.

In DT this week the children have finished their volcano creations and have peer assessed each others final pieces. The children will be bringing these home at the end of this week.

Spellings for the weeks test (19.01.24) are follows:

Spelling group:

Adding the prefix –re
redo, rewrite, replay, rebuild, rearrange,
reappear, reheat, reconnect, recycle, redecorate

E/C Spellings:

Adding the prefixes dis– and in-
dislike, disagree, disobey, inaction, invisible, inhuman

A Spellings:

who, should, great

J Spellings:

bee, sheep, grass, flash

Homework answers

Nouns are things, people and places. Verb are action words/doing words. Adjectives are describing words.

nouns verbs and adjectives2

5/01/24 -

Welcome back, I hope you have all had a great Christmas holiday and are eager and ready to get back to school to enjoy your learning!

On Monday 15th January 2024 we are welcoming into school a very special visitor who will be teaching the children all about Anglo-Saxons and Vikings! This will link in really nicely with our new overarching Topic of Who's land is it anyway.

Spellings for this week are as follows:

Spelling group - Spellings: Next weeks test 12/01/24

Review of words with the suffix –ian, suffix –ion and sh spelt ch
construction, injection, location, celebration, hesitation,
exaggeration, parachute, charade, moustache

E/C Spellings: Next weeks test 12/01/24

Red words and Common exception words (Y3)
worse, through, should, fruit, group, heart

A Spellings: Next weeks test 12/01/24

they, your, could, what

J Spellings: Next weeks test 12/01/24

where, were, clay, tray


This week has been fantastic. Some of the children in Jaguars class attended a Tag Rugby competition. The children competed really well and thoroughly enjoyed their extra curricular session outside of school. We have also had joy in celebrating all things books with this weeks book fair. There has been a wide range of books for the children to choose from and they have enjoyed looking through these and ordering the ones they wished to purchase.

We have also been preparing for our class assembly. I am very impressed with how the children are getting on independently with the class assembly and are coming up with all sorts of ideas to wow everyone on Tuesday 5th December. We look forward to sharing more with you on the day. 

In maths this week we have been focusing on the column method for addition and subtraction. The children have now got the hang of being able to exchange and borrow when subtracting and carrying when adding across 10 or 100. I have been impressed with the way they have built up knowledge surrounding this.

During writing this week we have been planning our own instructions texts. We have focused on the key features needed for this type of writing, created a box up of the children's chosen innovation and have completed a shared write text on our class innovation 'how to make a pepperoni pizza'. 

Spellings for this week are as follows:

Yellow Storybook Spellings (next weeks test 01/12/23)

Story green words: sprang, poor,
Red words: tall, call

Blue Storybook Spellings (next weeks test 01/12/23)

Story green words: pipe, holes
Red words: you, are

Children have also had new homework handed to them today which the deadline for this is next Friday: 01/11/23

A picture of this is below:

homework 1.12.23


This week we experienced another exciting Geography lesson whereby we learnt about Earthquakes. The children created their own Earthquake proof structures, they had a 10 minute timer and in that time had to great the strongest and tallest tower/house which could withstand the pressure and extremity of an earthquake. On Monday morning we will be testing these out by shaking the classroom tables to see who's withstands the mini earthquake the longest.

IMG 0055IMG 60IMG 0068IMG 0071IMG 0072

In Writing and Maths lessons this week the children have carried out assessments based on arithmetic, reasoning, reading and answer booklets, spelling and grammar/punctuation/spelling (SPAG) questions. We will be resuming our normal learning within these subjects next week.

On Tuesday we celebrated World Mental Health Day. To celebrate this the children were provided with information on Mental Health both positive and negative and how we look after ourselves through these changes. The focus theme for this year was 'mental health is a universal human right' under the wing of this statement came some important vocabulary: connected, aware, resilient, active, respected and responsible. The children chose one of these words and wrote a time where they felt they had accomplished this or that it had been experienced. They wrote the words on a sunflower as a sign of growth and inside how they had experienced these. Pictures of these will be coming soon.

Below are the spellings for next week:

Spelling group:

spelling group

Grey storybook group: 

grey group

Orange storybook group:

orange group

common exception word red words


This week Jaguars have had a very exciting Geography lesson linked to volcanoes. The children learnt about how a volcano works and the ways in which it is affected by the centre of the Earth. Towards the end of the lesson they were able to make their own volcanic eruptions.

IMG 0153IMG 0155IMG 0151IMG 0150

In Maths the children have been learning about numbers to 1000 on a numberline, comparing numbers and ordering numbers to 1000. It was great to see the children's enthusiasm and growth in this area of maths. We have a huge focus on the place value of 3 digit numbers being made from hundreds, tens and ones. Please do use this as a support at home. 

maths blog pic

In Writing the children have been innovating on the model text as a class and independently - building ideas for their own hot writes. They have also been supporting Miss Cox in shared writing a new class version. Our main focus has been on fronted adverbials. Fronted adverbials are words or phrases placed at the beginning of a sentence which are used to describe the action that follows.

Below are the spellings for next week

Spelling group:

spel group


Spellings for Orange storybook and Blue storybook and hose focusing solely on Red Words are in their logs separately. 


On Wednesday this week the children had the Bozeat Players in for an Assembly about the Village Panto called 'Behind You' - the children were invited for an audition to take part. The roles vary from actors, singers and dancers. 

In maths this week Jaguars have been busy with numbers to 1,000. They have been focusing in particular on 3 digit numbers. Looking at what the value of each number is worth (e.g. hundreds, tens and ones), partitioning, flexibly partitioning, hundreds tens and ones and finding 1, 10 or 100 more or less than a given number.

In Writing they have been getting to grips with their model text. Finding grammatical features within it and completing a toolkit mind map to support their understanding of characterisation.

In Art the children have been practicing their skills required for Collage making and have been drawing their 'Amazing Earth' designs ready for their final pieces.


Below are the spellings for next week

Spelling group:

spelling group 3

grey group 3

blue group 3

orange group 3


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