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Owls' PE day is Monday. 

Book & Biscuit Tuesday at 3.10pm

Week Beginning 23rd January

This week the children have learnt about Chinese New Year. On Monday they cleaned the playground to sweep away the old & bring in the new. They enjoyed learning about how each year is named after a different animal & were keen to find out what year they were born in. They also made lanterns & attempted to write numbers.

Chinese New Year

The children have also been learning about trains this week. We looked at different types of trains; steam, electric, diesel & sorted them into 'now' and 'then'. The children also noticed that most freight trains are pulled by diesel engines. We also did a little friction investigation to see how far & fast a train travelled down a ramp on different materials. 




This week the children have been comparing groups of toys to identify who has more and who has fewer. They have used the stem sentences, 'Pat has more than Sam. Sam has fewer than Pat.' They then looked at groups containing the same amount of toys and have begun to use the word 'equal'.

Maths Comparison


Please find some links below to reinforce the learning in school.




Week Beginning 16th January

We are at the end of another busy week. The children have enjoyed making bird feeders to hang in our outdoor area. In PSHE we have been talking about things that are safe to put on our bodies & this week we focused on brushing teeth - how, when & why.

Reception general


The children have all got their reading books in their book bags. Sound blending books are changed on a Monday & the Red phonics books are changed every three days. It is really helpful if you write a comment in the reading record books when you hear them read at home so I can see how they did and to keep that communication between home and school.


The children have continued to partition the number 5. They have been finding the 5 in numbers 6 and 7, recognising that 6 is 1 more and 7 is 2 more. The children have been using die frames to represent these numbers also.



Week Beginning 9th January

Welcome back to the first full week of the Spring Term. Last week we went for a short walk around the village, looking at the different houses and talking about the shapes and numbers we could see. This week the children have been thinking about where they live, we looked at Bozeat and other villages on a map. The children have looked at photographs of their house and have begun to make a model of their house using boxes.



I am really pleased with the progress the children are making. Some children are reading books in their lessons and are beginning to learn Red Words. This week the children have been reading the words; I, the, no, of. Please find some useful links below.




This week in Maths the children have been learning to partition the number 5. They have learnt to use stem sentences to show their understanding, "5 is made of 4 and 1, 4 and 1 is 5."




Week Beginning 5th December

The children have enjoyed another busy week in school and the excitement for Christmas is beginning to build! We have been working hard on our Christmas production of Whoopsy Daisy Angel and the children are looking forward to performing this on Tuesday. They also enjoyed our school Christmas dinner on Wednesday.

xmas dinner

On Tuesday afternoon, the children took part in a clay workshop with a potter. They listened really carefully to all the instructions and tried new skills to create a Christmas angel and a decoration. Next week, when the clay has dried, the children will paint them ready to take home.

clay workshop

To finish our work on The Enormous Turnip, the children worked together to make turnip soup. They peeled, chopped and mixed the ingredients together - we added turnip, carrots, parsnip and onion to the stock.

BO turnip soup

In Maths this week the children have continued their work with 1 more than, using the staircase pattern and Numberblocks to reinforce the learning. They enjoyed playing a number hiding game with a partner.

Maths Hiding Game

Week Beginning 28th November

The children have enjoyed another busy week in school. As a school we are taking part in the church Christmas tree festival and each class has a story focus. Our story is Stick Man, so the children have been busy making stick men decorations & you can visit the church this weekend to see all the different trees.

On Tuesday the children visited the pop- up Life Space classroom in the mobile where they took part in some interactive discussions & activities all about how to keep themselves fit and healthy, linking with our PSHE lessons.

Smart Space

Phonics and Literacy

The children are continuing to work hard in phonics and are using Fred fingers to help them spell words like, fan, fun, bed, cup, get, kit. Some letters are still a little tricky to form so I have added some links below.




In Literacy the children have innovated the story of The Enormous Turnip and included a different root vegetable. The children then wrote the beginning of the story using a word bank for key words such as 'once upon a time.'



This week the children have been investigating the Numberblocks staircase pattern to look at ordering numbers from 1 to 5. They then used this to learn about 1 more than.

Big owls maths staircase


Week Beginning 14th November

This week we have been taking part in World Nursery Rhyme week. Each day we have focussed on a different nursery rhyme, singing the song & joining in linked craft & Maths activities. On Monday it was The Big Ship Sails; Tuesday was 1, 2, 3, 4, 5; Wednesday we looked at 5 Little Speckled Frogs; Thursday was B-I-N-G-O and Friday was Twinkle Twinkle Little Star. Below are some links to the music we used.


world nursery rhyme week2

This week it has also been Anti-Bullying Week. The children wore odd socks to school on Monday to recognise this and we have been having lots of discussions about what bullying is and how we can show kindness.

odd socks

Phonics and Literacy

The children are continuing to use Fred talk to read words and Fred fingers to help them spell. In Literacy the children created zig zag books for the story of The Enormous Turnip, and it is great to see them using their phonics skills to help them write and spell words.


This week the children have been using songs and rhymes that include the counting sequence. They have been representing quantities to 10 and matching different representations. The children have been recognising numerals to 5 and developing their understanding of equal amounts.

Week Beginning 7th November

This week the children have been learning about Remembrance Day and why we wear poppies. They listened to Stuart from The Salvation Army tell a story about a war hero and made their own poppies, which they carried into the hall for our two-minute silence today. The children also made tissue paper poppies which you can see on our windows. Below is a link to a short film clip we watched to aid their understanding.




This week the children have been learning the Special Friends sounds ch and qu, we also looked at x. They have continued to use Fred talk to help them read green words. Below are some links to reinforce the learning in school.





The children have continued to look at the story of The Enormous Turnip. They identified the characters in the story and the order that they appear as well as picking out the key words and phrases such as 'once upon a time.' They can talk the story very confidently and have enjoyed using finger puppets to retell it with their friends.

YR Turnip


This week the children have continued their work with whole and parts. They recapped the parts that make 3 and then went on to decompose and compose 4 and 5. The children have used squares of paper and cubes to make stampoline patterns showing the parts of 4 and 5. Below is a link to the Numberblocks episode we have used in our lessons this week.


Yr Maths


Week Beginning 31st October

It was great to see everybody back in school after the half term holiday. This week we have been looking at fireworks and how to stay safe around them as well as how to stay safe around sparklers and bonfires. The children created some firework pictures, and some labelled them.


As the children have been discussing the colours and lights of the fireworks, we did a little investigation with torches to see which materials are transparent.



The children are now in two smaller groups for Phonics. This week they have been learning the Special Friends sounds: sh, th.



sh z th


This week we began our new story, The Enormous Turnip. We did some listening activities and joined in with some music. The children have started to learn to talk the story and include key actions. 


This week the children have been learning about 'part' and 'whole.' We have looked at toys with different parts and even different body parts, but the children learnt that all the parts together make a whole. The children then moved onto making sets of 2 and 3. They learnt that 1 and 2 are parts of 3. Below is a link to the Numberblocks episode that explores 'part' and 'whole'.





Week Beginning 17th October

The children enjoyed making their own porridge this week. They followed the instructions and observed the changes as the porridge cooked. The porridge was a resounding success and all the children enjoyed eating it with honey!

reception porridge


The children used their practical experience of making porridge to support the work this week. They used a map of the instructions to talk through and add actions. The children then wrote the instructions or ordered the pictures and added key words using their phonics knowledge to help spell words.

instruction writing


This new sounds for this week are; v, y, w. They have been reading the green words; fan, fun, fat, lip, log, let.

Please find some links below to reinforce this week's learning.





This week the children have been revisiting subitising numbers to 5 and have also been reinforcing their learning with more than and fewer than. They have also been sharing items so that each person has an equal amount as well as making towers with an equal number of cubes.

Rec. maths


Week Beginning 10th October

The children have continued to take an interest in Autumn this week and the changes they can see happening around them. We have had lots of discussions about the weather changes and the clothes we are now wearing and what happens to insects during Autumn and Winter. The children went on a leaf hunt and chose a leaf they found interesting to look at.

autumn leaves


This week the children have focussed on the sounds b, f and e. They have been word building and spelling the words; bin, cat, cot, can, kit, mud. Some children have progressed on from using magnetic letters and began to write the words, spelling them with Fred fingers. Please find some links below to reinforce their learning at home.




The story this week has been The Magic Porridge Pot. The children have learnt to say the story using a story map and key actions. They also looked at speech bubbles and what they are for. Some of the children used their phonics knowledge to write the key phrases 'cook little pot cook' and 'stop little pot stop' into a speech bubble. Next week we are going to make our own porridge!

magic porridge pot


This week the children have been using the song 'Five Little Peas' when looking at the number 5. They have been making collections of 5 using a hand template and then a die frame. The children soon realised that if you put two die frames together there are 10 in total - '5 and another 5 make 10 altogether.'




Week Beginning 3rd October


We have had a very busy week! On Tuesday we all walked down to the church with the rest of the school for our Harvest Festival, where the children sang the song 'Tractor Tractor.'

 Our story this week has been the Little Red Hen which has tied in quite nicely with Harvest. I have been quite impressed with the children's story telling skills and I have added some videos onto Tapestry so have a look! The children enjoyed making their own bread just like the Little Red Hen and they discussed all the different changes they could see during this process, from sticky to stretchy to soft & have learnt why yeast is needed when making bread. Afterwards they enjoyed eating their bread with some butter and the verdict was good!

bread 3

bread 2


As well as learning the story of The Little Red Hen, the children have been learning the new sounds l, h, r, j, as well as word building and word reading. Below you will find some links to access at home for the children to reinforce their learning.






This week the children have been comparing groups of objects, finding the group that has more or fewer. They have been using the stem sentences '.... has more than ...' '... has fewer than ...' The children have found the word 'fewer' a little tricky but have become more confident as the week has progressed. 



Week beginning 26th September

This week the children have begun to think about Harvest. We visited the church on Tuesday and took part in the Experience Harvest activities and have been practising our song ready for the Harvest festival next week.


Our story this week has been The Gingerbread Man. The children have been retelling the story with actions and have been using a story map to help them remember it. They then ordered the main parts of the story using pictures.

In Phonics the children have continued to read words using Fred talk and have been introduced to 'Fred in your head.' Below is a link to reinforce this learning at home.



YR LiteracyPhonics


This week the children have been subitising the numbers 1, 2, 3, & 4. They have looked at Numberblock 4 and used his blocks to create and describe different patterns. We talked about the word diagonal and what that would look like in a pattern.

YR Mathematics


This week we used gingerbread men for an experiment. We wanted to see what happened when we poured different liquids onto the gingerbread - we used water, oil, vinegar and lemon juice. The children helped to pour the liquids on and left them a while to see what happened. The children noticed that the water, vinegar and lemon juice had 'disappeared' or 'sucked up' and they started to remember the paper towel experiment a couple of weeks ago and make comparisons. After some discussion, the children realised that the liquids had been absorbed into the gingerbread. They also noticed that the oil did not get absorbed.


This week we started to talk about and recognise our feelings. We looked at the story of The Colour Monster and used the same colours to show how we are feeling. The children now have feelings jars in the classroom and they can add their lolly stick to a jar each morning to show how they are feeling.

YR SciencePSHE


Week beginning 19th September

Tuesday saw our first Book and Biscuit session of the new school year, thank you to those parents who attended. This will continue every Tuesday unless otherwise stated.


We focussed on the Set 1 sounds; k, u, c this week. The children were also introduced to word building using the magnetic letters and became very excited when they realised they were reading words for the first time! Below you will find some links to reinforce the learning.






This week the children have been looking at the composition of the numbers 2, 3 & 4. They have made their own collections of the numbers and are beginning to realise that the size, shape & colour of the objects does not change how many there are. The children have been introduced to the stem sentences; 1 and another 1 and another 1 is 3, 4 is made of 3 and 1 more.

collection of 3s


We began our 'four stories in four weeks' focus by learning the story of Mr Wiggle and Mr Waggle. The children have learnt to tell the story using key actions and have been introduced to a story map to help them remember it. Ask your children to tell you the story of Mr Wiggle and Mr Waggle!

Wig Wag Story Map


This week the children were thinking about their support system at home and in school - who can they go to if they need something or need help? They then completed their Network or Helping Hands by drawing a picture of the people they can turn to in school, this produced some interesting discussions about hair styles and hair colour of the adults in school!

helping hands


Week beginning 12th September

This week began with a really interactive assembly all about being active and it was great to see the children joining in.


This week we have focussed on the Set 1 sounds; i, n, p, g, o whilst reviewing the sounds from last week. We have continued to play some Fred talk games and the children are becoming quite confident in identifying Fred's words. Below you will find some links to virtual lessons on the portal to reinforce this week's sounds.






yr phonics


This week the children have been counting groups of objects. They have been using these rules to help them:

* always start at number 1

* count 1 by 1

* put them in a line

* the last number you say tells you how many there are

Understanding of the World

To continue our work on colour mixing, the children looked at a mini science investigation using kitchen roll and food colouring. 

The children saw the liquid move up the paper towel because it is absorbent. The colours then mixed once they joined in the middle.

yr science


Week beginning 5th September

Welcome back to the new school year! It has been lovely to see everybody back in school at the start of their Reception year. The children have settled quickly into the daily routine and are ready to learn - although I am sure they will sleep well over the weekend!


It was great to see some parents attend the information evening on Tuesday. I hope this proved informative and helpful and I plan to include more dates over the year as the children progress through their Phonics learning.

This week we have focussed on the Set 1 sounds; m, a, s, d, t. They have worked on recognising them and saying the pure sounds and have been writing them in sand trays. The children have also been doing some Fred games to help them hear the sounds in words and blend them together orally. Below are some links to some Fred games you can access on the portal at home to reinforce the learning.





This week the children began their Maths Mastery learning. This aims to develop good number sense for all children from Reception through to Years 1 & 2. The programme uses the Numberblocks characters to engage the children. This week we have been subitising numbers 1, 2 and 3 - being able to recognise a group of dots without counting them. The children have been great at spotting different groups of dots and have been able to quickly subitise the numbers.


The children have been learning about Primary Colours; red, blue, yellow. They went on a Primary Colour hunt and then learnt how to mix these colours to create green, purple and orange.

colour mixing




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