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PE: Children have PE on Wednesday and Friday.

PE kits should be in school in preparation for these lessons.

 Friday 23rd September 2022

This week has flown by especially as we've had a shorter week after our bank holiday. Children have been working very hard!

In English we have planned our own version of the ending to our wishing tale based Lila and the secret of the rain. It has been an adventure and we've had some really exciting ideas!

In maths this week we have been learning about comparing objects and numbers to 50 and 100 by using symbols. We have also used place value charts and a variety of resources to support our learning.

In art, we continued to look at our artist Wassily Kandinsky and discussed how his paintings made us feel and how many shapes and colours we could see in them.

In Science we observed different varieties of fish and identified the parts of a  goldfish and described the structure  of this common pet. Children labelled and described the different parts of a goldfish.

In shared reading lessons, we have continued reading our fairy tale of Rumplestiltskin and found out more about the main character Lily and the goblin.


I have given out temporary reading records until we receive our delivery of new ones. When children read with their parent/adult they can record this into the reading records.

 We have started to practise our Harvest song. Please see the words below:

Harvest song for Tigers class
Cabbages and greens,
Beans and broccoli,
Cauliflower and roasted potatoes
Tastes so good to me!
Apricots and plums,
Ripened in the sun,
Oranges and yellow bananas
Good for everyone!
It’s another Harvest Festival,
When we bring our fruit and vegetables,
‘cause we want to share the best of all,
The good things that we’ve been given
It’s another opportunity,
To be grateful for the food we eat,
With a samba celebration,
To say thank you to God the father.

Golden corn and wheat,
Oats and sugar beet,
Fluffy rice and tasty spaghetti,
Wonderful to eat.
Coffee, cocoa, tea,
Growing naturally,
Herbal plants and all kinds of spices,
Very nice indeed!
Thank you for the harvest,
Thank you for the goodness,
For all the fruit and vegetables and the all the wonderful things that grow.

Spelling test results have been recorded in the reading records this week.

Spellings for this week please see below:

 Spellings week 3 Autumn 1


Friday 16th September 2022

This week has been another fun week of learning for Tigers.

In English we have continued with our wishing tale of Lila and the Secret of the Rain. Children have continued to study the text and looked at adjectives, nouns and verbs within the text. Children created human sentences in small groups to support their understanding of creating expanded noun phrases.

In maths children have used resources to support their learning of counting, ordering and using tens and ones to represent numbers to 100.

In Science we continued to look at a variety of birds that are visiting bird feeding tables in our gardens. We observed the parts of a Robin and completed a labelled a diagram. 

In RE children continued to discuss the Old Testament of the Bible and were able to identify the types of stories that we would find. 

In PE we worked in teams to collect PE objects in a relay style activity. Children worked collaboratively in a fun 'rock, paper, scissors game. 

In PHSE children participated in circle time to discuss their feelings. Children worked in small groups to act out different emotions and respond to each other to react positively to support their peers.

Thank you to all parents who attended the parent orientation evening on Tuesday and thank you to all the parents that sent their apologies who could not attend. Please see a copy of our weekly timetable below to give you an overview of your child's typical day at school. As discussed in the meeting, Northampton museum will be visiting Year 1 and 2 on November 10th 2022. This will support our topic of the History of shoes in Northamptonshire.

Spellings: Spellings will be sent out on Friday and available on the school blog. There will be ten spelling words per week. Spelling tests will take place on Fridays and the results will be written in your child's reading log weekly.

 Spelling Year 2 week 2



Hello and Welcome to the New Academic year for Tigers!

We have had an amazing start to the year and been working very hard during our first week of school.

This week in English we have started to look at the story of Lila and the Secret of the Rain which is set in Kenya. We have started reading and mapping out the story. We made wishes and put them into our wishing jar. Lila (the main character from the story) was so concerned about the lack of rain in her village that she sent our class a letter!

In maths we have been studying place value and used resources to compare, write and count numbers to 100.

In PHSE we discussed what would make an ideal classroom and made pledges to make it a positive place for us all to learn and thrive.

We thoroughly enjoyed our music lesson where we created performance poems about our feelings. Children confidently performed their poems to the class.

In Re we studied the Bible by looking at the New and Old Testament.

In Art we looked at mixing colours to make secondary colours and we will be studying the artist Wassily Kandinsky to observe shape and colour. 

In Science we observed and identified birds and that visit our bird feeding table at school. We will be keeping records of frequent visitors to the table.



Whilst we  are waiting for a delivery of new reading records, children will be given their reading book today. Where possible, please continue to use their old reading record until our delivery arrives. Children are expected to read at home every day and write in their reading record. 

This week were lucky to be introduced to a taster session of archery and dodgeball.

Tigers thoroughly enjoyed themselves and had lots of fun!Archery 6 3Archery 1 2  



Please see this week's spellings below:

Spellings week 1 Autumn 1


Friday 18th July 2022

Welcome to the last blog of the academic year for Tigers! They have been amazing students and I'm sure they will continue to shine in year 3.

Tigers have had a wonderful start to the week with Sports day. We met the inspiring athlete Ezekiel Ewulo who put us through our paces with a short workout at the start of the day. We had an amazing time and learnt so much about diet and training to be an athlete. A huge well done to all our amazing students for participating in the scorching weather for sports day. Also, a huge thank you to parents who came to support on the day. 

We had a wonderful treat during the week with the Rock Steady concert. Well done to Ethan, Isla, Dylan and Caitlyn who showed off their wonderful talents in their different bands.

In English we have continued with our instructional writing and started to structure and plan our own writing on how to make a rocket. We have looked at all the key features of writing instructions and our model text on how to build a castle to support our writing.

In maths we have been revising measures and looked at telling the time and adding money. We have used money resources to make different amounts of money and used part- models to represent the different amounts of money.

In PHSE we created a timeline of our lives so far for our topic on growing and changing.

In RE we created a set of instructions on how to make a samosa which made us very hungry as they looked so delicious! This was part of our topic on Hinduism and Hindu food.

In Science we have identified the trees in our environment when we became leaf detectives! We compared the sizes of the trees and observed the similarities and differences between the different trees. It was great fun to discover the different patterns of the bark when we did some  bark rubbing.

I hope you all have a lovely summer!

Miss Cheriton

Maths money 3 Leaf detective 3

 Leaf detective 5Leaf detective 4leaf detective 2Leaf detective 1



Welcome to Tigers' Blog!

Still life 5Still life 4Still life 3Still life 2Still life 1

PE: Children have PE on Wednesday and Friday.

8th July 2022

 I am excited to be working with Tigers class until the end of term whilst Miss Dudley- Thomas has started her maternity leave after the birth of the wonderful baby Theo.

Tigers class have a had a wonderful week of learning as they started off their week with two transition days with their new teacher. They thoroughly enjoyed their time with Miss Sanders in the Year 3 classroom and it's clear that they can't wait to start Year 3! 

This week in maths we have been continuing to look at measures with time and money topics. 

In English we have continued with our topic of instructions and looked at interesting vocabulary in preparation for our writing.

In art we have completed our drawings of plants and went onto start still life drawings and adding details to those drawings. Children did an amazing job and we clearly have some budding artists in Tiger's class!

In PHSE we discovered how much we've grown. We estimated our heights and then measured ourselves to compare with all the children in class.

In Reading we have continued with our book 'The fantastic Mr. Fox' which is a thoroughly enjoyable read.

In Science we have explored trees in our environment and discovered how tall they can grow. 

In computing we have continued with our topic on programming using the Sprite resource. 

Have a wonderful weekend!

Miss Cheriton





10th June 2022

This week we have been reading the book 'Fantastic Mr Fox' by Roald Dahl. We have be answering questions about the first 3 chapters and asking meaningful questions to help us further understand the text. 

We have also been completing our 'Meeting Tale' stories. We are almost ready to hot write and share our creations. 

In Maths we are learning about measurement. We have been problem solving questions about mass in grams and Kilograms. Next week we are going to move on to Capacity. Over the weekend see if you can find any bottles in your house and put them in order of size. Can you tell which bottle has the largest capacity? How do you know? If the bottle is not full then what is the volume inside the bottle? 


Out of this world trip!

Year 2 travelled to Leicester on Thursday to experience the Space Centre. They learned about the incredible discoveries that have been made by mankind in Space. 

Space Trip 2Space Centre


Miss Dudley-Smith 


Water: Children are encouraged to bring in a bottle of water each day which they can access at any time. Please ensure your child’s name is on their bottle.

Snack: KS1 children are provided with a piece of fruit at playtime if they want it. The Snack Shack is on the playground every breaktime from Tuesday-Friday for children to purchase a snack and a drink. Prices range from 20p to £1. 

Reading: Year 2 children read to adults at school, in pairs or independently everyday. They are able to change their reading book on any day of the week. Please ensure that they have their reading folder, reading book and reading record with them everyday. Children on the phonics programme need to also read their phonics book daily. 

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