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Below are tasks for Year 2  

Hello Year 2, 

We are going to complete our Dinosaur learning this week. 

We are going to do these activities in the afternoons in our well being lessons: 
(You might want to try them at home).   

We are going to make Dinosaur Nests:

We are also going to forage for natural materials to investigate how to make our own Dino-pictures without paint brushes.  

Dino Printing

Please continue with your daily Maths and English lessons.

(We have listened to the story of the Battle of Troy in class, if you want to find out more about Odysseus listen to the link below:   ).

Science and History Project

This week I would like you to find out about Mary Anning. Present your findings in a creative way and send your pictures in, so that we can see them. You may choose to make a poster, leaflet or film about her. 

Here are some websites to get to started:    (This one is a brilliant video of her life!)


Year 2 transition 'Zoom' Meetings will happen on Wednesday. 

I will email the children who are going to be in Year 3 next year at 9.20 on Wednesday morning. Please be ready to start at 9.30 am. We will play a game, I will answer your questions and I will give you a task to complete over the summer. 

For the children who will move into Year 3/4, Mrs Griffin will email you at 9.50 am on Wednesday morning. Please be ready for your call at 10 am. She will answer your questions and give you a task to complete over the summer. 

Have a fantastic week!

Miss Dudley-Smith 

Hello Year 2,

The Keyworker children have been asking continuously to learn about Dinosaurs. Therefore, it is DINO-week!

Watch this assembly to start your week!


Begin your day with a comprehension, fit in your Maths and English and then choose an afternoon activity from the chart below!

Have a fantastic week, I can’t wait to see your photos.

Comprehension- 60 Second Read Challenges

Parents*- Year 2s should be able to read confidently without sounding out frequently. Usually reading more than 90 words in 60 seconds is a good indication that they are fluent readers.
Do not worry if your child reads naturally slower, we aim for phonetic accuracy over rushing to reach 90 words. 

Remember that comprehension means that you may be asked questions about:

  • Vocabulary- Look at how authors have chosen specific words.

  • Retrieving- Look into the text and take out the facts.

  • Sequencing- look at the order of the sentences.

  • Inference- Look for the clues about how someone might be feeling or why something is happening

  • Prediction-State what could happen next.


Grab a 60 second timer. Read normally and aloud. When the timer stops make a note of where you stopped (look at the numbers at the side). Carry on reading to the end and try the questions. See if you read more words or the same each amount each day. 





aths- Oak National Academy Lessons

Mon- To recall 3x table using skip counting
Tues- To recall 4x table using skip coutning
Wed- To use arrays for the 3x and 4x tables
Thurs- To know division facts for the 3 table
Fri- To know division fact for the 4x table

English- Oak National Academy Lessons

The Odyssey (Non-Chronological Text)

Mon- Non-Chronological Report Retrieval

Tues- Read as a writer Features: Heading, Subheadings, Questions, Subordinating Conjunctions (because, when, if) 

Wed- Subordinating Conjunctions

Thurs- Organise facts under subheadings

Fri- Write a Non-Chronological Report 




Choose some tasks to complete of of the lists below. 
It is your choice what you complete and how much detail you include. I can't wait to see which tasks you choose and how you choose to complete them. 

Image 28 06 2020 at 21.31 1
Image 28 06 2020 at 21.31 2Image 28 06 2020 at 21.31Image 28 06 2020 at 21.32 



Have a fantastic week,

Miss Dudley-Smith

Hello Foxes, 

Start your day with these comprehension questions. All of the comprehension questions will be about ' The Owl who was Afraid of the Dark'.  There is one chapter for each day. 

Watch this video if you do not have the book at home:

Monday Q




uesday Answers:


Tuesday Questions: 


Wednesday Questions:

Wednesday Answers: 


Thursday Questions:

Thursday Answers: 

Friday Questions: 

Friday Answers:



Try and complete the questions at the end of each lesson. 
By the end of Year 2 you should be able to:

  • add and subtract numbers using objects, pictures and


    Year 2 children should be able to add and subtract:

     a two-digit number and ones  (72-9=? or 23+6=?)

     a two-digit number and tens (22+20=? or 54-10=?)

     two two-digit numbers  (34+26=? or 53-19=?)

     adding three one-digit numbers (8+4+2=?)

    Year 2s should be checking their answers by doing the inverse of their calculation. 

*Parents: encourage children to draw and use resources to help them work out these questions. When they are confident in their methods encourage them to use mental strategies to help them to calculate. 


We are going to continue to read 'The Odyssey', retold by Louie Stowell.
This week our aim is to write a detailed character description.

All of our afternoons in Keyworker Club are going to be based on 'Bubbles'.

Try these activities at home!

Draw the perfect bubble!

Image 21 06 2020 at 20.11 2

Try this Crayola Bubble Tutorial

Image 21 06 2020 at 20.14

DT Design Competition: 

bubble wandbubble wand 3bubble wand 2
What material is best for making bubbles?

What shape makes the biggest bubbles?

Step 1: Choose a question to test.

Step 2: Design (on paper) and label a bubble wand to test your question out of things that you have around your house.

Think about:
What have you chosen and why?
What is the length in CM of your wand?
What makes your wand different from other children's? 

Step 3: Make your wand.
Step 4: Watch this video about how to make a fair test.

Complete this experiment sheet:

Step 5: Set up your fair test and test your wand.
Step 6: Evaluate what went well and what you would change next time. 


Send me your photos and let me know how your bubble experiment went!
Have a fantastic week,

Miss Dudley-Smith










 Hello Foxes, 

I am searching for a star of the week!

I would love to see what you have completed to help inform my decision. Please send me your photos to our class email address.

Here is what we are planning to do this week:

Foxes TimeTable 15 20

Maths and English are from Oak National Academy.



From 1st June:

All lessons will be available at 9.30 am.

Set 1, 2 and 3 Speed Sounds lessons will restart.
Set 2 and 3 Speed Sounds lessons will include new words for reading and spelling.

Fathers Day Activities:




Jo Wicks


Computing: Using the Internet Safety


We have started reading Olga de Polga by Michael Bond. 

If you want to know what the book is about, watch this trailer:

Keep Safe and have fun with your learning. 

Hope to speak to you all on Zoom on Tuesday.

Miss Dudley-Smith






Hello Foxes, 

We are learning about Space this week!
It's going to be out of this world!

The Key worker children are going to complete their astronaut training to see if they are ready to blast off!


Please watch these for more information: 



Below are some challenges for you to try at home: 

Please complete your daily Maths and English from Oak National Academy. 

When you have completed your work, you might like to play this game:

Have a fantastic week Foxes, please send your photos and space pictures to our class email address!

Miss Dudley-Smith

 Hello Foxes, 

I hope that you have all had a fantastic Half Term. 
This week, beginning on the 1st of June, many children across the country will start coming back to school. They will start a different kind of learning that will feel very strange for everyone. 
Most of the teachers will go back to school and some teachers will be teaching different classes. Some of you will also be coming into to school so that your parents can go back to work. 

It is because of this, that Year 2 and 3 are now mixed for the children of Key worker Parents. This means that some of the work that I add may feel a little bit tricky, but I would like you to have a go at it. 

This is our Plan for the Week: 

Return to School Week 1
You can which lessons you would like to complete from our plan.

Please continue to follow Oak National Academy for Year 2. 

We are going to use the Year 3 Lessons from Oak National Academy for this week. 
We are going to go into the Forest School and make our own comic books about our own adventures with Lego men, you could try this too at home!

Phonics and Reading are from: Read Write Inc.

Topic/ Wellbeing and Collective Worship Lessons are from a range of Websites. 


 will upload a selection of resources for these lessons during this week. 

Comic Book Adventures!
Make your own comic book. We have looked at the book 'Traction Man' and created our own version of events. 


Have a fantastic, safe week at home!

Miss Dudley-Smith 



Tasks for Half Term
Hi Foxes, I hope you have a brilliant Half Term.

I have created some activities for you to try at home this week.

Choose whichever activities you would like to complete. If possible, please take a photo/ drawing or write about it and send it to me. I can't wait to see what you get up to! 

Miss Dudley-Smith


Share your photos on our Facebook or Twitter page. We would love to see what you have accomplished!

Half Term Foxes FUN


Also, you could show your family some of the videos that we were using to help learn our times tables! 

There are no new lessons on our learning platforms this week. If you want to complete any work  have a look at these websites at work from the previous lessons:


Stay Safe! 
Have Fun!

I hope to see you all soon,

Miss Dudley-Smith

Week 5 18/05- 24/05


To identify unit fractions of quantity:

To identify fractions of a quantity and shape:

Part 1:

Part 2:

To identify equivalent fractions:

Times Table Competition: TTROCK Comp


Phonics: Ire Sound

Mixed Worksheets: 

Let's investigate shadows!

I can't wait to hear about your 
See you on Friday at 11 for another Zoom call!

Miss Dudley-Smith

Week 4- 11/05 to 17/05

Faith at home:


Maths: Fractions: 

Lesson 1: To relate halves and quarters to division

Lesson 2: To identify the parts of a fraction

Lesson 3: To identify half of a shape

Lesson 4: To identify halves, thirds and quarters of shape

Lesson 5: To identify fractions of shapes with different numerators

(Optional) Extra Fractions work: 


Videos from White Rose- Year 2 Summer Term 1: 


Mixed Problem Worksheets: 






English: Using Phonics in your writing

riting:   Talk-for-Writing-The-Magical-Teaching-Box.pdf

Science: Which Materials are Reflective ?

omputing: What is a computer code?

Art/ Science: Can you make an insect using natural materials?


 There is a national art competition that your children may be interested in. They need to create a piece of art inspired by nature and wildlife.




ColouringHeroes-VEFlyover-Spitfire.pdf Spitfire

Week 3 Monday 4th- 8th May


We have already completed our Shape topic in Year 2 but we are going to work on some of the trickier parts this week. On Monday we are going to explore rotation. On Tuesday we will look at patterns from rotation and on Wednesday we will look and position and directions. On Thursday and Friday we will practice what we have learned.

Week 3 maths Plan

Monday Maths - Use this website and watch the teacher teaching.

If you are following the video, this will be your independent task: 
Week 3 Monday Maths Task

If you are not following the video then please try these questions:         Rotating-shapes-Year-2.docx

Tuesday- Use this website and select lesson 12.

If you are not following the video try this task: 


Wednesday- Follow directions for a route on a map. Use Lesson 13.

If you are not following the academy videos then use these words to make your own map and see if your family can follow it!

Route on a map words

Thursday and Friday Maths: 
Here are some activities to try to keep up with all that you have learned so far!



Colouring Triangles
Age 5 to 7

What do you see below?

Coloured Triangles

What do you notice?
What is the same and what is different about the two pictures?
Now, it is your turn to colour!
Explore ways of colouring the black and white outline of the triangles:

Can you make symmetrical patterns? With two colours? Three colours?
More than three colours?

We would love to see the triangles you create. Do send them in along with your explanation of how you know the pattern is symmetrical.

This sheet of blank triangles might also be useful.


Play a maths game on:

English:(Try and complete this booklet by the end of this week).



Try the Isodora Moon guide to story Writing by Harriet Muncaster



Use the Oak National Academy Videos to learn about Light. 

Below are some Science activities that you could do with your family to investigate light.


Make a shadow puppet show!


Choose one of these activities to try:


andy goldsworthy 015

We are going to be creating a piece of work inspired by an artist called Andy Goldsworthy.We are going to be using items from nature, these can be from a local park or your garden. This lesson requires you to collect petals, leaves, sticks and other items to make a colourful picture. If you have already been on your one walk, run or cycle, don’t worry you can do this activity tomorrow. Or you can get extra creative and use colourful items from your home, like toys, fruit or clothes. 
I can't wait to see your creations !


Have a great week!

Feel free to email me your photos and questions:


Miss Dudley-Smith

Week 2 Monday 27th- Friday 1st

I will be calling you between Monday and Wednesday this week!  

Maths: (Everyday there is another lesson to complete)

English:(Use this booklet for the whole week).  


Daily live interactive literacy hour with Pie Corbett
Every weekday morning at 9.30am Pie presents on This is a free internet literacy radio show aimed at KS2 that includes language games, creative writing and guest input from famous authors such as Frank Cottrell-Boyce. The programmes are interactive – the children write during the programme and afterwards. All of the shows that have been broadcast are available to listen back to online at 

Foundation Subjects for your free time. 

Design Technology
Healthy Recipes - Little-Red-Riding-Hood-Recipe.pdf

Geography-Let's Explore the UK

istory- Learn about a 'F
amous Figure' in history.

Telling the Time- Can you learn to tell the time by the end of the week? 

Thinking about feelings-

Week 1

Monday 20th - Friday 24th 

I hope that you have all had a fantastic Easter.
I am going to continue to update this page with activities and challenges for you to complete at home. 
Miss Dudley-Smith


Parents Please read this article:

Children: Please continue to go to the White Rose website to watch the maths video and try the worksheets. 





*Friday Maths Challenge Coming Soon!



Please continue to access and engage with the Phonics videos daily (SET 3).




In October we experimented with the different properties of materials, We found out that there are many materials that are absorbent. We also investigated the difference between primary and secondary colours in art. This experiment combines both of these topics for you to have fun with!



Design Technology

If we were still at school we would be starting to learn about how to keep our bodies healthy. There would have been opportunities to cook and create meals that are inexpensive and nutritious. 

Here is a recipe below that you can try:  


Take a photo and send it in to school. I would love to see your creations!

The children learn to perfect their letter formation through the Kinetic Letters Scheme. They learn that the letters start at the Brave Monkey 'top line' or at Scared monkey ' mid line'. 

The letters are a part of families and the children learn families of letters together. 
The letters bounce and flick off of the bottom line so that the children are learning how to join quickly and easily. 

Kinetic Letters Capitals
It is really important that children hold their pencils correctly. This will stop their hands from hurting and will make joining easier later in the programme.
Kinetic Letters Pencil Hold
Usually in the programme we teach the letter with our bodies first then make the movement smaller until the children are ready to write on the line. 
Kinetic Letters
Here are the families:
 Kinetic Letters 1Kinetic Letters 2Kinetic Letters 3
Have a go at home. Remember that we need to have letters that are the same size, begin and end in the correct place and have flicks that are ready to join. 
If you think you can join then have a go!

Keep active and track what you are doing with the cards below. 


It was amazing to speak to so many of you last week!

Here are some Easter activities for you to complete with your family.
Choose to complete as many or as few as you like. I have also added some usual school work because so many children asked for specific subjects.

Miss Dudley-Smith 

Monday 6th April- 12th April 

Easter Challenges

Learn to tell the time - Dont-Be-Late-Easter-Bunny.pptx


Other Easter Ideas

Covid 19
Record this time with your family as a piece of History.
Here is a time capsule template for you to print and keep. 



Easter Egg Bar Chart

Easter Egg Bar Chart



Easter Maths 

 Easter Maths Day 1 Page 1Easter Maths Day 2 Page 2

Easter Make ItEaster Estimate It


Usual School Work 

Mixed Worksheets: 


Maths Lessons: Measuring Length


Reading/ Comprehension 


Phonics Update

Read Write Inc

Read Write Inc. are streaming three Speed Sounds lessons for children to watch at home every weekday on their YouTube channel. Each lesson is ten minutes long and available for 24 hours. 

Repeats of lessons streamed up until Friday 3rd April will be shown during the Easter holidays (excluding Bank Holidays).
• Set 1 Speed Sounds 9.30 am (BST) - for children in Nursery and Reception and children who are new to English
• Set 2 Speed Sounds 10.00 am - for children in Reception that can read Set 1 Speed Sounds and for children in Year 1 and 2
• Set 3 Speed Sounds 10.30 am - for children in Year 1 and 2 that can read Set 2 Speed Sounds

Storytime with Nick
From Monday 20th April, they are releasing 'Storytime with Nick'; films of well-loved stories read by Nick Cannon, a trained actor, teacher and trainer and a wonderful storyteller. 

Three stories will be published each week on the YouTube channel and are ideal for Nursery, Reception and KS1 children. So far, they are filming stories by Jeanne Willis, Tom Percival, Jill Murphy, Cressida Cowell and Claire Freedman.

Most films will be available for the period of school closure.

Oxford Owl Reading 

Oxford Owl

Oxford Owl have released a free ebook library for children that can be accessed with a free parents account.




From Wednesday to Friday (1st - 3rd March) I will be ringing you to check how you are getting on with your home learning tasks and how you are at home. Because of this I have put all of your tasks below for the next 3 days.  
You don't have to do all of the tasks but please have a go at some of them. 

I can't wait to speak to you all!
Miss Dudley-Smith

Wednesday- Friday 3rd March 2020


Maths- Lesson 2 video and answers are available through the link.

Before we finished school in March, many children asked if we could learn how to write newspaper articles and then publish their own in to a class newspaper.
I have included some resources below so that you can make your own. 
You can make a newspaper report about anything that interests you. It could be about 'Aliens landing', 'Cows escaping from a field' or even 'what I had for breakfast!'
You can even make up a story if you can't thing of anything that you have done that you can report about. 

1. Look at the powerpoint and think about the different parts of newspaper articles. 


2. Look at articles other people have already written and decide what features you could use in your own. 


3. Plan what you want to write in your article. 



4. Publish your article! 
When you have finished send them into school by email and I will publish them on here for everyone to read!



I can't wait to see them!
Miss Dudley-Smith


Tuesday 31/30/2020 (Day 7) 



Phonics- choose some of the sounds on the bottom two rows and play some of the sound games -

Phonics Lesson -


Maths- Lesson 2 video and answers are available through the link.


Religious Education: What the video then try the craft activity with anything that you can find at home. 

What is the Story of Easter?

Why do we have Easter Eggs?

Easter Craft





Monday 30/03/2020 (Day 6)


Phonics- choose some of the sounds on the bottom two rows and play some of the sound games -

Maths- Lesson 1 video and answers are available through the link.


Science- In your garden or on your daily exercise, can you identify which leaves and twigs are from evergreen or deciduous trees? 



Thank you for our postcards.  They were amazing!
Have fun, keep safe and try a few of the activities above.

Miss Dudley-Smith

Day 5-26/03/2020



Phonics Lesson- Set 3 -

Maths Lesson- Lesson 4 and 5

Science-  Plants.pptx

Science Challenge:  Y2-Sci-Plants-Depth-Tasks-1.pdf



Day 4- 25/03/2020

Mixed Worksheet-  Mixed-Worksheet-Day-4.pdf

Phonics- Help Phonics Frog get to the other side (Only jump on the real words)

Phonics Lesson- Set 3 -

Maths Lesson- Find-a-half-2019.pdf

Maths Challenge:  

Maths Challenge Day 4



Writing- Can you write a postcard telling me about all of the wonderful things that you have been doing at home?


You can take a picture of it when you are finished and email it to the school or you could tweet it, use:  @bozeatpri  


I hope you are all keeping active and reading your favourite books! 

Keep Safe, 

Miss Dudley-Smith


Day 3- 25/03/2020

Mixed Worksheet-  Mixed-Worksheet-Day-3.pdf
Phonics-     Ruth Miskin Phonics set 3 
Maths- Lesson 2 - Recognise a half
Writing-  Y2-W3i-Use-the-present-and-past-tense-consistently-including-the-progressive-form.pptx   Complete one of the 'Show Me' Tasks at the end of the powerpoint. 
Wellbeing/ PSHE-  YR-1-2-My-Mind-Being-Positive.pptx  Can you make the positive fan and draw the things that make you happy? 
Make sure you keep your body and mind healthy with some exercise at home. 
Keep safe, indoors!
Miss Dudley-Smith

Day 2 -  24/03/2020

Mixed Worksheet-  Mixed-Worksheet-Day-2.pdf
Maths- Lesson 1
Writing- Can you write a set of instructions? 
Think about your: 
  1. Capital Letters
  2. Spellings 
  3. Spaces
  4. Imperative verbs
  5. Commands
Reading Challenge: Can you get Bingo?Reading Challenge

I will update throughout the day with any more useful links that I can find. Stay safe, stay indoors and have fun learning!

Miss Dudley-Smith


Day 1- 23/03/2020

Mixed Worksheet-  Mixed-Worksheet-Day-1.pdf
Reading-  Year-2-Day-1-Reading-The-Kite.pdf
Maths- DU-YR2-PIM-Compare-Lengths.pdf
Common exception words-  Common-exception-words-year-2-Day-1.pdf
Do something today that makes you happy!
Stay safe and have fun at home.
Miss Dudley-Smith















 This is Foxes class reporting live from a new classroom at the end of the corridor. 
Mysterious puffs of smoke have been seen rising from the classroom windows.
We sent our conscientious team of 25 to investigate further…

DragonFalse Alarm!

Thankfully Cedric, the friendly dragon, greeted us this morning as we arrived in our new room. Cedric had flown from the deepest depths of the darkest forest to come and help us to learn about our new topic ‘Turrets and Tiaras’.

Since Cedric arrived we have been learning about Medieval Castles in History. We have dived into medieval life and have explored different types of castle, weaponry and battles. We have decided that the Battle of Hastings is our favourite battle because the king was defeated by an arrow to the eye!  

Our new dragon also brought with him plenty of books. His favourite include tales of bravery, heroic characters and quests. We have been reading the stories together to help understand the role that knights had in stories. 

In Geography, we have been exploring how maps were used to navigate across the world. We are able to identify the continents and oceans. We have started to map our school grounds and draw a key that makes it easy for people to follow.

In Science we have been researching and experimenting with different materials to explore their properties. We are planning to experiment with different materials to find the most waterproof, strongest and safest to camp under. Our classroom knights need better structures to keep them safe on the battlefield! 

We have also finished learning about Place Value in Maths. Here are some questions that we have been trying in class that we could teach our grown-ups at home.

Place Value 1

Place Value 2









We have just began learning about Addition and Subtraction. Here are some questions that we can practice at home: 

Addition 1

Addition 3

Addition 2






To make our writing even better, we have been sharing the story of Little Red Riding Hood. We can show the story, with the actions, to our adults at home.

Stay tuned for more learning, live from Foxes...


Autumn Term Trip
Foxes found a Castle!

To learn more about our Turrets and Tiaras topic, Miss Dudley-Smith and Mrs Keeves found us a real castle to go and visit!
We had an amazing time and discovered the rich history of Warwick. 
Here are some photos of our day:

Warwick CastelWarwick Castle FalconFalconers Quest



Spring 2020!


Happy New Year from Foxes!


Down in the Jungle where the elephants go... Foxes are going to learn about the Rainforest! 

They have started their learning journey by imitating the story of 'The Papaya that Spoke!' Soon they will be ready to write their own stories in the style of 'The Papaya that Spoke,' with amazing character descriptions within them!

In Maths Foxes are learning to Multiply and Divide by 2,5 and 10. When we are more confident we will begin to investigate word problems.

At home see if you can answer these questions: 

5 and ten times table

Multiplication ReasoningMultiplication Reasoning 2times table question

In our other subjects we are going to look at: 


Come back soon to see more pictures of our learning. 


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