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PE: Children have Tennis on Tuesday and PE on Wednesday and Friday.

 6th May 2022
We have planted our own seeds this week!
In Science, we have started our 12 week project to grow our own plants. We will monitor the seeds that we have planted carefully and record how they are changing. This will mean that we have to make observations, find the similarities and differences between them and change the conditions that they are grown in to monitor the effect that it has. We can't wait to see what the seeds grow into!

In Writing this week we have been completing our 'Defeat the Monster' stories. We used the story of Little Red Riding Hood as our model text. We have explored how to use adjectives and adverbs to describe the events and we have began to use inverted commas correctly. We hope to complete these next week and share them with the rest of the school. 

In Maths we have been exploring how to find the answer to arithmetic questions that we aren't immediately able to recall. Some of us have been looking at the relationship between tens and ones and some of us have used grouping and sharing to answer division questions. 

Spellings for this week
Spellings Summer 3

29th April 2022
We have had a fantastic start to our new topic about 'Discovery and Exploration!'

So far we have started to learn about significant individuals who have made expeditions into space. In history we have created a fact file about Neil Armstrong. We have focused on the important mission that he took to be the first man to explore the moon!

In Geography we have been able to recognise the different continents and oceans around the world. We have been given the job of creating our own fantasy Island.
This week we have started to explore the best location for the Island, and we have begun to understand the key human and physical features that would be needed to keep our islands afloat!

In Art we have looked at the work of Peter Thorpe. He uses oil pastels to create works of art that are ‘out of this world!’ We have used oil pastels to practice key pastel skills of sgraffito, cross- hatching, pressure blending and oil blending.

Peter Thorpe



Miss Dudley-Smith 


Water: Children are encouraged to bring in a bottle of water each day which they can access at any time. Please ensure your child’s name is on their bottle.

Snack: KS1 children are provided with a piece of fruit at playtime if they want it. The Snack Shack is on the playground every breaktime from Tuesday-Friday for children to purchase a snack and a drink. Prices range from 20p to £1. 

Reading: Year 2 children read to adults at school, in pairs or independently everyday. They are able to change their reading book on any day of the week. Please ensure that they have their reading folder, reading book and reading record with them everyday. Children on the phonics programme need to also read their phonics book daily. 

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