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Things to remember this term: 

  • PE is on Wednesday and Friday. Children will need a full PE Kit including PE Shoes. 
  • Spellings are given out on Monday and tested the following Monday. 
  • TTRockstars and Spelling Shed logins are in the front of the reading record. If you need your login changing then please let me know at a Morning drop off.
  • Phonics books change weekly and basket books change as often as you need. 

Monday 15th November 
*Mufti day this Friday for Children in Need*

This week we are finishing our Addition and Subtraction unit in Maths. We will continue throughout the year to review some arithmetic questions in the mornings and in Friday maths lessons. We are also going to complete our Non-Chronological reports in Writing lessons. Children will have a completed report by Friday that has a title, sub-title, paragraphs, present tense and correctly spelt vocabulary. 

In our Computing Lessons we are currently learning about editing and taking photos. Last week the class learned how to take portrait and landscape photos. They then selected a photo to edit on Apple Markup. This week we are going to continue our photo editing. Next week we will post a gallery of our creations. 

Spelling for this week: 
The /l/ or /ul/ sound spelled -el



Monday 8th November
This week we are completing Pixl assessments to see where we can improve. When we have finished we will be given specific targets to work on. Please don't worry about the tests as the classroom environment is similar to normal. We will also do a phonics assessment this week to see if any children need more help in decoding. 

Christmas play practice begins this week. Children will have words to learn by Friday. Please see someone at drop off/ pick up if you need words re-printing. 

Spellings for this week: 
The /l/ or /ul/ sound spelled -le













Monday 1st November
We have had brilliant return to school. A mysterious, tatty suitcase appeared in our History lesson last week. We had to use the clues inside the suitcase to figure out who it belonged to. There were photographs, books, figures made from painted china and some written clues. We used all of the sources to work out that the suitcase was owned by Beatrix Potter. We then explored who Beatrix Potter was and why she was so important to children throughout history.

We have continued to learn about Non-chronological reports in Writing and can’t wait to write our own!


Spellings for this week: 











  • Here is our current homework choices grid: Autumn 1 Homework


Monday 18th October 2021

Last week we performed incredibly at the Harvest Festival. The Year 2 children had never completed a school performance or assembly before so they were very nervous. They overcame their fears with a fantastic Harvest Samba! 
All of the food donated is being given to Wollaston and Bozeat is Kind to distribute to those in need. 

We have challenge words this week from the Year 2 Common Exception word list:


In Maths this week we are starting to add 1 digit to a 2 digit number and subtract 1 digit from a digit number. We will focus particular attention to the mental strategies that are needed to calculate efficiently. If you would like to see some of the question types that we are going to try this week then watch the videos on this link: https://whiterosemaths.com/homelearning/year-2/week-7-number-addition-subtraction/

In Writing this week we are going start learning about Non Chronological Reports. We are going to learn out model text (available here on Thursday) and understand the organisational features needed to write a fantastic Non Chronological Report!

In Design Technology this week we are going to test and evaluate our moving vehicles.  In Geography we are going to compare and contrast human and physical features found in Africa and Europe. We will complete a Venn Diagram and be able to label clear differences in animals, landmarks and culture between the two continents. 

Venn Diagram Geography Africa vs Uk

Monday 11th October 2021

 The weeks are flying by for us now!

We have had a small timetable change for the next few weeks. PE days are still the same.

New Timetable 

On Tuesday we will be taking part in the Harvest Festival. We have been working hard to learn 'The Harvest Samba' and we are ready to perform to an audience!
Any food donations will be gratefully received and sent to Wollaston and Bozeat is Kind. 

Spellings for this week are words that sound like they have a 'n' but it is spelt kn or gn.











In Maths this week we are learning our number bonds to 100 and learning how to add and subtract ones for two digit numbers. Towards the end of the week we are going to learn how to add and subtract tens to two digit numbers. After lunch, we have started the 'Mastering Number' programme from the NCETM and our local Maths Hub. This project aims to secure firm foundations in the development of good number sense for all children from Reception through to Year 1 and Year 2. The aim over time is that children will leave KS1 with fluency in calculation and a confidence and flexibility with number. If you here your child talking about 'Rekonrek' then they are talking about this number programme. Rekonrek are small abacus-like bead frames that are used to strengthen the understanding of number and fluency with number facts. 

‘The Rekenrek looks like a simple piece of equipment, but it can be very powerful. Used by skilful, trained teachers it can help children move away from counting in ones to start doing basic mental calculations. We call this ‘number sense’, and research tells us that if children develop fluency and flexibility with number facts and relationships early on, they will make much more progress later, in both maths and other subjects.’

If you would like to see more about the Mastering Number Programme and how we use Rekonreks to expose mathematical structure then please watch this video:

In Writing this week we are going to independently write our own Wishing Tale. We will use everything that we have learned in this unit to be able to write our own. 

In Design Technology we have been making moving vehicles as a part of our woodwork unit. We have cut our own dowel and sandpapered our wheels to make magnificent structures. This week we will be completing the final finishing touches. Next week we will test and evaluate our models. 

Monday 4th October 2021

On Tuesday some children had the opportunity to take part in a Multi-Skills festival at the Pemberton Centre in Rushden. The children had a go at challenging activities which tested them in speed, agility and co-ordination. More importantly, the children displayed the qualities of good sports people. They persevered when it was difficult, supported each other to achieve the task and were incredibly polite to all of the other schools that took part. As teachers, we were incredibly proud of all of the participants!

Spellings for this week are words that sound like they have a 's' but it is spelt c before e, i and y.











In Maths this week we are completing our Place Value Unit. All children will now have a secure understanding of what a 2 digit number is and will be able to count forwards and backwards to 100. Some children are still reversing some of their numbers but are able to recognise and change them independently. If you notice this happening at home please just prompt your child to repeat the number the correct way a few times. This week were are starting to look at fact families and how we can use number facts that we already know to help us with larger calculations e.g. 2+5=7 so 20+50=70. 

In Writing we are learning how to write the start and the middle of a wishing story. To do this, we write each part of the story together then the children have time in the lesson to complete their own story. Their own story then gets checked as they write it to ensure that they can write clearly with capital letters, full stops and spaces. Many children who have already achieved these goals are focusing on using expanded noun phrases to add more detail to nouns. 

In Science this week we are exploring how animals move. Children will use iPad to watch videos of different animals moving. They will then record their ideas through sentences and pictures to be able to explain to someone else how their chosen animal moves. This will help us to describe and compare the structure of a variety of common animals. 

 Autumn Homework 2

We have created this homework grid for children to choose tasks to complete. These are enrichment tasks on top of the weekly spellings and reading. We are still encouraging children to jump onto TTrockstars/ Spelling Shed as often as possible too to learn their timetables and spellings. 



Monday 27th September 2021

On Monday we visited the Church. We had a look around the inside of St Mary's, Bozeat. 
We looked at different physical features inside and understood why they are significant to Christians. 
After we looked around the Church, Miss Dudley-Smith and Miss Cox set us some work to do with Christenings and Weddings. 

We found the Font and the Pulpit very interesting and even found a secret door behind the Pulpit!

Spellings for this week are words that sound like they have a 'J' in them but the sound is actually made by the 'g' spelling.











In Maths this week we are looking at Counting in 2s, Counting in 5s, Counting in 10s and Counting in 3s. 

In Writing this week we are looking at the Plot Pattern of a Wishing Tale. This week we will look at examples of each part of the pattern from our model text and we will start thinking about what we would like to include in our innovation. Here is the Plot Pattern for a Wishing Tale: Plot Pattern Wishing Tale

In Geography this week we are exploring the continent of Asia and are learning more specifically about Japan. We will learn about the toys that children play with in Japan and how they differ from the toys that are in England. By the end of the week we should be able to show anyone where England is on a map and where the continent of Asia is. 

Miss Dudley-Smith 

Monday 20th September 2021

KS1 Wow Day! 
We had an amazing time on Monday!

In the morning we explored a toy museum with toys from 'History off the Page'. 
We really enjoyed playing with the Whip and Top and the Hoop and Stick!
Then we got to explore some dig boxes and classify different types of toys. 

In the afternoon we made our own toys.
Here are some photos of our day!

 KS1 Wow Day Collage

 Spellings for this week are words that sound like they have a 'J' in them but the sound is actually made by the '-ge' spelling. 












In Maths this week we are learning how to use a place value chart, order objects and then order numbers up to 100. 


In Writing we are starting to compare different kinds of Wishing Tales.
Can you find any other wishing tales at home? 

We will keep you updated with our learning journey.



Miss Dudley-Smith 

Welcome Bitmoji2

Welcome to the Year 2 Class Blog!

On this page you will find out weekly updates about what we have been learning, photos showcasing our work and useful information to remember for the week ahead. 

Useful information for Autumn Term 1

PE is on Tuesday and Friday. Full labelled PE kit is needed for both days.
Spellings and homework are given out on Monday and tested on Monday. Spellings are always in the front of your reading record and on Spelling Shed. 
Monday 20th September is our first WOW day. Please make sure you have given your completed letter to the office. 

You will get a phonics book to read at home this year. Each phonics book is matched to what you are learning in your phonics lesson at school. Yellow, blue and grey group will have their books for 5 days  and purple group will have 1 book for 3 days. You will also get to choose a book from our book baskets. These baskets are aligned with the sounds that you are learning. When you are fluent and and answer questions easily about what you have read, then you may get to move into the next basket. You can change the basket book as often as you need to. Miss Dudley-Smith and Mrs Finch check all reading records daily. 

If you would like more Ebooks to read at home or audiobooks to listen to then you can use the link and class login below: 


Class login Oxford Owl:Oxford owl login


Every child has a login for TTRockstars and Spelling Shed. If you forget your usernames or passwords then look in the front of your reading record. 

Here is a timetable of what our week currently looks like:
Autumn Timetable




Alongside Spelling Shed and TTrockstars there are some there great online interactions to use:




https://www.phonicsbloom.com/ and https://www.phonicsplay.co.uk/



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