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Hello Tigers!

It is our final week before we begin a spooky half term.

Here is our plan for the week!Week 7 Autumn 1

We are completing our instructional writing by writing our own spooky recipes.

We are going to learn how to add and subtract 3-digit numbers with 3-digit numbers.

How can we protect our eyes? (Light)

Can we timeline the events of the Invasion of Roman Britain?

RE The stories of the Gospels (Christianity)

Paint your clay pot!

If for any reason you are not able to attend school.
Please try to complete the work below:

Watch the video and complete the questions

Write your own spooky recipe using our toolkit and our model that I have boxed up below.
Boxing up Instructions


Here are your spellings for this week. Please use spelling shed to also help you to learn them.

Week 7 Spellings Year 3

Revise the set 3 sounds.


We are going to have a fantastic final week!

Miss Dudley-Smith






WEEK 6- 12/10/2020

Welcome to your class learning page. If you need to take time away from school then look at the tasks below.

This page is also for anyone in the class who would like to continue learning at home!
All of the activities are updated weekly and will help you to practise your learning, create new things and impress your family. 

Activities for 12/10/2020

We are reviewing addition and subtraction by column methods this week. For children who prefer, we are also using base 10 to help support our learning.
Use this link to watch a teacher take you through questions like the ones that we complete in class:


Watch this video to learn how to do column addition:



For our final 2 weeks before the holidays, we are learning about instructional writing.

Practice using imperative verbs correctly:



Practice writing instructions using your toolkit and our model text to help you:



Read as many books as possible and record them in your reading record. For every 3 times you read, you can still get a ticket for the reading raffle even if you are not at school.


Practice your set 3 sounds.




Here are this week’s spellings to practice:

Week 6 Spellings


History/ Geography/ Art

If you would like to complete your own project about the Romans at home then please do!

Remember so far you have learned about:

Life before the Romans
Where the Romans invaded
Who the Celts were
Why was Boudicca important to the Celts
How the Romans invaded
What the Romans wore during invasions
What architectural structures the Romans created
How the Romans lived
What the Romans did for entertainment
What was life like after the invasion


Have a fantastic week,

Miss Dudley-Smith


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