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Our Spring Term began with a mysterious visitor in the school hall. When we entered the hall we could see some large black boxes and one of them seemed to be screeching! Our visitor was Dave, a Bird of Prey handler, who had come to the school to show us some of his birds and talk to us about them.


First, he showed us a White Faced Owl. This bird was really small but perfectly designed to hunt prey. It doesn't have very good eye sight but instead relies on its hearing to hunt for food. When the White Faced Owl flew across the hall, there was no sound from its wings. This is because it needs to be able to sneak up on its prey without being heard so it doesn't have time to escape.

Next we saw a Peregrine Falcon. This bird is Diurnal, which means it is awake during the day. When this bird flew across the hall we could hear its wings. It doesn't matter if the prey hears the Peregrine falcon because the Peregrine Falcon is far too quick so there is no danger of the prey escaping. Did you know that the Peregrine Falcon can reach a speed of 200mph during a diving swoop?

Then we saw a Harris Hawk. This was much larger than the Peregrine Falcon and has a huge wing span. The Harris Hawk is also Diurnal and hunts for food during the day.

Lastly we saw a Golden Eagle which was enormous compared to the other birds. This bird has massive, sharp talons to snatch up prey.

Apparently, in the Bird of Prey world, all females are much larger and stronger than the males of their species! Birds of Prey do not use their beak to catch prey, they use their talons, their beaks are used like knives and forks to help them eat their prey.

birds of prey

Some of us were lucky enough to handle the White Faced Owl. We had to wear a glove because the claws can be quite sharp. The owl was really light because it has hollow bones to enable it to fly.

birds of prey2                                                              birds of prey3

What an amazing start we have had to the term. Watch this space to see what else we get up to during the term!




Autumn Term 2018

Well what a busy term we have had and a great start in Key Stage Two! We began the term with a visit to Manor Farm Riding Stables. Whilst there we learnt about the food horses eat, the tack that horses need, how to groom a horse and we even mucked out a stable!

collage 3

After that we visited West Lodge Rural Centre to learn about harvesting and how it has changed over the years. We went on a tractor ride across the fields and found some hedgerows full of fruit to harvest. There were lots of blackberries so we picked enough to take back to school so we could make our own jam.

collage 2

Back at school we learnt how to country dance just like people did years ago to celebrate the end of harvest. We invited our family to a special harvest tea where we even managed to involve them in our country dancing! We also had scones to eat but unfortunately our jam was a little stiff and we couldn't actually get it out of the jar... thank goodness we had some shop bought jam!!

collage 1

This term we have also learnt to play the recorder. We learnt four different notes which enabled us to play some tunes. Also, we learnt how to read some basic notation and listen to each other so we could improve on our playing. At the end we performed a concert to our parents, we were amazing!!


Recently we have been reading War Horse and learning all about World War One. We have produced some great art work including poppy landscapes.

20181113 163916


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