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 What a wonderful start to the year! Everyone have arrived with smiles and has shown how eager they are to start the year. We have been looking back over our summer holidays and sharing all of the wonderful things we have done. Our memory boxes were great fun to share. We were even luck to be able to see a real war vehicle used many years ago! KS2 had a break in their time table so we were able to sneak in and see a little something about what they have been learning.

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It has been a lot of changes to take in like different PE and new routines to remember and some challenges with writing but we have all been able to make a start and make Mr Marshall proud. We have been given lots opportunities to be independent too which we really enjoy, such as choosing where we work, who we work with and even when to work with some independent tasks. We don't get to play as much as we did in Owls class but its ok because we still get time to play in the day so Mr Marshall is alright by us.

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