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Our first half term is officially over and what a joy it has been. All the children settled in so well and despite being mixed around from last year, have built great relationships with their peers and are having fun getting to know each other more.

We started our topic of Ancient Egyptians and the children have loved getting involved. We have had many different objects brought in from home to share with the class; including ornaments such as a scarab beetle and an Egyptian boat, Egyptian postcards, many objects with hieroglyphs on, and one child even baked a cake decorated as a pyramid! The children seem to love the topic of Ancient Egypt and many know some interesting facts themselves that we have loved discussing. We have learnt about the geography of Egypt, Ancient Egyptian gods, pharaohs, mummification, and hieroglyphs (we had a lot of fun laughing at how difficult some of the hieroglyphs were to draw!). We will continue to explore more about the Ancient Egyptians on our run up to Christmas.

In English, we looked at how to plan and write a setting description within the context of a portal story. The children enjoyed discussing different examples of portal stories and were able to show me their fantastic imaginations when coming up with their own ideas for their stories. We explored using interesting writing features such as alliteration, similes, metaphors and personification to describe their settings – with a great emphasis on using our senses. We then moved on to looking at newspaper reports. The children were so excited one day to come in and find a crime scene had appeared in our classroom (see pictures)! They could not wait to write their reports about it. We focused on creating headlines to catch our reader’s attention and made sure to structure our reports clearly.

IMG 0023  IMG 0022

In maths, we were focusing on our place value, and addition and subtraction skills. The children learnt about roman numerals, rounding to the nearest 10, 100 and 1000, comparing and ordering numbers, and negative numbers – as well as consolidating and developing their knowledge of formal addition and subtraction methods.

The children made some lovely creations in art – working on their watercolour skills and cutting/sticking skills. We painted an Egyptian sunrise, as well as making our own scarab beetles. They turned out amazing – each one unique and different from the next.

IMG 20190925 070121 131   IMG 20191104 160358   IMG 20191104 160419

We also had great fun learning our song for the Harvest festival. The children enjoyed being able to learn something new as well as just sing a song. They were fantastic at picking up and remembering the sign language to go along with the words.

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