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So, the new school year has started, and what a start to the term it has been!

First day back, and a tank arrived on the school car park! Of course, staff and children alike were extremely excited about this and minds started racing as to what our topic could be.

Upon entering the classroom, the children began to gather clues about the new topic. They were greeted by new displays, a new classroom layout and lots of topic books to dive into – some were thrilled with the new armchair which makes up part of the living-room-style reading corner. It’s a hit with the staff too!

From the off, facts and family tales were shared and it was clear that this was a topic to get our teeth into!

Each class had the opportunity to visit the tank and have a look around! In Panthers class, every single one of us climbed into the tank and had our photo taken as if we were driving the tank ourselves. As well as this, the doors were closed and we experienced what it was like to journey inside a tank as a soldier. The small space was unbelievable; they must have felt very hot and claustrophobic!

We had a quiz in which the teams came up with WW2 related names, ranging from The Evacuees to Team Tank. In addition to this, we began to piece together a WW2 timeline, identifying key dates that influenced events during WW2.

On Monday, we welcomed History off the Page for another fantastic day of learning! We were joined by Captain Hatfield and experienced a day in the life of a child at school during WW2, working alongside evacuees. Ink and paper was provided for us to practise our handwriting; some of us found this very challenging (including Miss Hanlon).

Captain Hatfield

We were also shown how to apply gas masks and deal with a fire should one occur. Once again, Miss Hanlon had a go at this and then we watched two other evacuees demonstrate. They had to be quick!

History off the page
We learnt about money during WW2. There were so many coins to remember – who knew there were 240 pennies in a pound?!

To end our day at the WW2 school, we sang the National Anthem with Captain Hatfield. He certainly sang it with pride!

Since then, we have been immersed in everything WW2 related and placing ourselves in the shoes of an evacuee. We listened to Neville Chamberlain’s announcement of war, we have been reading Goodnight Mister Tom (which we are all thoroughly enjoying), we imagined we were evacuees journeying to our new homes and we even wrote letters as if we were an evacuee writing home to a family member!

In Science, we have been looking at materials and their properties and are starting to think about how we can relate this to WW2 and items in everyday life. Watch this space to find out what we have been investigating! Maybe you can think of a good investigation question for us related to materials and WW2!


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