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Hello Jaguars!

Below is your weekly work uploaded in case you need to spend some time at home.

For reading - The website Oxford Owl provides access to free e-books. Follow the link and you can sign up for free: When you are in the site, go to the e-book section. The books are interactive and some have activities to do as well.

If you have any questions or want to send me something, email me at

Week 3 - w/c 08.03.2021

Let me know how you're feeling today: 

Morning Starters: Y3 - DU-MW-YR3-WR-Length-and-Perimeter-Week-3-ewmrje.pptx     Y4 -  DU-Maths-MW-YR4-Fractions-Week-1-9s7kji.pptx

Writing:  English-PPT-Week-3.pptx   /    Lesson-Presentation-Apostrophes.ppt   /    Activity-Sheet-The-Dragons-Possessions.pdf   /    Activity-Sheet-Plural-Tastic.pdf   /    Gems-for-Sale-Model-Text.docx

Maths:  Maths-PPT-Week-3.pptx


RE:  Maximilian-Kolbe-PPT.ppt   /    Activity-Sheet-Maximilian-Kolbe.pdf

Art / DT:  My-Tunic-Design.docx   Google your family crest (using your last name) - we will be drawing these and adding these to our tunics.

Computing:  Worksheet-1-Responsible-Uses-Of-Technology-3.pdf   /    Worksheet-2-Responsible-Uses-Of-Technology-3.pdf


Science:  Plants-PPT.pptx

French: French-Booklet-Mr-French-Y3.pdf - Day 6  /   French-Booklet-Mr-French-Y456.pdf - Day 2   /   The website is

History:  Iron-Age-PPT-Week-3.pptx   /    Lesson-3-Iron-Age-factfile.pptx


 IMG 9341

Mental Health and Wellbeing: 


Have a fantastic week,

Mrs Griffin

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