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Hello Jaguars!

Good morning Jaguars. I am gutted that we can't be back together again for the last 2 days of term. I would like to wish you a fantastic half term and I will see you again on Monday 2nd of October. I also would like to wish Henry a very Happy Birthday for the 28th!

Welcome to your class learning page. If you need to take time away from school then you can complete the tasks below at home.
This page is also for anyone in the class who would like to continue learning at home!

All of the activities are updated weekly and will help you to practise your learning, create new things and impress your family.

Remember you can send any completed work through to me on I would love to see what you get done!

Activities for week of 19/10/2020


Remember to use TTRockstars, SpellingShed and read for at least 10 minutes each everyday.


Follow the PowerPoint to read the text and answer the questions.



We are currently learning about instructional writing.
Practise using imperative verbs and prepositions correctly.



Using the model text, our toolkit and the structure of writing, can you plan your own piece of instructional writing and write this up independently? Remember to edit and improve your work until you're positive it is the best you can do.





Daily booster powerpoints:



We are reviewing addition and subtraction by column method this week, using 3-digit, and up to 4-digit, numbers. For children who prefer, we are also using base 10 and place value counters to help support our learning.
Use this link to watch a teacher take you through questions like the ones that we complete in class:


Here are this week’s spellings to practice:


History / Geography

If you would like to complete your own project about the Romans at home then please do!

Remember so far you have learned about:

  1. Where the Romans invaded and how long it took
  2. Life before the Romans - who the Celts were (their housing, food, clothes, tribes, Boudicca)
  3. What architectural structures the Romans created, and which ones still exist
  4. The timeline of the Invasion of Britain
  5. The structure of the Roman Army, including their strategies, lifestyle and uniform

Have a fantastic week,
Mrs Griffin

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