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An Advent Adventure

With Christmas fast upon us, it is time we remind ourselves of the meaning behind one of our favourite celebrations.

We were very privileged to be invited to the village hall to experience 'Advent Adventure'. We revisited the Christmas story from when Mary was told by by the angel she was going to have a baby, right up to the birth of Jesus in a Manger.

We had lots of questions, which we had answered by those who knew all the answers we needed, including  the vicar.

All around the hall were various Christmas crafts that we got to complete, including creating an advent wreath for our classroom.

The countdown to Christmas can officially begin!

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Solids, liquids and gases!

This term, in Science, we are focusing our learning on states of matter. We have been exploring what solids,liquids and gases are and their properties.

Many of us were challenged in our thinking when Miss Wells presented us with substances that appeared changed state. 

We all enjoyed 'dancing raisins'. We dropped raisins into different liquids, including lemonade to see what happened. We were surprised to see that the gas in the lemonade made the raisins rise and fall, creating the illusion of dancing.

We decided that the cups and the raisins were the solids. The Lemonade was the liquid and that the bubbles in the lemonade were the gas.

We are planning many more experiments, so watch this space!

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Our trip to Manor Farm

As we needed to become horse experts to truly understand what it means to look after a war horse, we went on a visit to Manor Farm, a local horse riding school.

We spent the day learning about all it takes to care for a horse. There were many horses at the stables and for some of us, this was the first time we had been this close to a horse before.

We listened to talks from the experienced staff on: nutrition for horses, grooming horse, mucking out and we watched a demonstration of horses being ridden.

Many of us did not realise we would get up close and personal with horse poo, but it wasn't too bad!

We had a great day and did not want to come back to school. Our new homes were in the meadows with our new four hooved friends!

We want to say a big thank you to the Harris' and all the other staff that made sure our day was brilliant :)

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 "Miss Wells there is a tank in the car park!"

Something very strange happened this morning! The class came rushing in to announce that there was a tank in the school car park! Surely this could not be true? 

Well, we went to investigate and it was not the class trying to cause mischief, there really was a heavily armoured, army vehicle parked up! 

We had an explore of both the inside and the outside of the vehicle. We were very impressed with the size and the power of the tank and could not believe that the wheels were almost the size of us.

When we went inside the tank, we had to duck right down and we thought that if we were finding it cramped, surely fully grown men must get very squashed cramming in together.

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Welcome Back!

Welcome back to a new academic year at Bozeat! We have so many new and exciting thins planned for this topic and it has been very difficult to keep everything a secret for so long! However, we can now reveal that our new topic is World War One. This decision was made to coincide with the centenary of the end of World War One. It is very important that we continue to remember the sacrifice that all the men, women and families made one hundred years ago to ensure the safety of future generations.

Tigers and Jaguars class will start their journey through the war, through the eyes of some of the animals of war-war horses! Before we can do this though, we have to become horse experts.

Keep your eyes peeled for how we are going to do this. All will be revealed soon...

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