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 This is Foxes class reporting live from a new classroom at the end of the corridor. 
Mysterious puffs of smoke have been seen rising from the classroom windows.
We sent our conscientious team of 25 to investigate further…

DragonFalse Alarm!

Thankfully Cedric, the friendly dragon, greeted us this morning as we arrived in our new room. Cedric had flown from the deepest depths of the darkest forest to come and help us to learn about our new topic ‘Turrets and Tiaras’.

Since Cedric arrived we have been learning about Medieval Castles in History. We have dived into medieval life and have explored different types of castle, weaponry and battles. We have decided that the Battle of Hastings is our favourite battle because the king was defeated by an arrow to the eye!  

Our new dragon also brought with him plenty of books. His favourite include tales of bravery, heroic characters and quests. We have been reading the stories together to help understand the role that knights had in stories. 

In Geography, we have been exploring how maps were used to navigate across the world. We are able to identify the continents and oceans. We have started to map our school grounds and draw a key that makes it easy for people to follow.

In Science we have been researching and experimenting with different materials to explore their properties. We are planning to experiment with different materials to find the most waterproof, strongest and safest to camp under. Our classroom knights need better structures to keep them safe on the battlefield! 

We have also finished learning about Place Value in Maths. Here are some questions that we have been trying in class that we could teach our grown-ups at home.

Place Value 1

Place Value 2









We have just began learning about Addition and Subtraction. Here are some questions that we can practice at home: 

Addition 1

Addition 3

Addition 2






To make our writing even better, we have been sharing the story of Little Red Riding Hood. We can show the story, with the actions, to our adults at home.

Stay tuned for more learning, live from Foxes...


Autumn Term Trip
Foxes found a Castle!

To learn more about our Turrets and Tiaras topic, Miss Dudley-Smith and Mrs Keeves found us a real castle to go and visit!
We had an amazing time and discovered the rich history of Warwick. 
Here are some photos of our day:

Warwick CastelWarwick Castle FalconFalconers Quest



Spring 2020!


Happy New Year from Foxes!


Down in the Jungle where the elephants go... Foxes are going to learn about the Rainforest! 

They have started their learning journey by imitating the story of 'The Papaya that Spoke!' Soon they will be ready to write their own stories in the style of 'The Papaya that Spoke,' with amazing character descriptions within them!

In Maths Foxes are learning to Multiply and Divide by 2,5 and 10. When we are more confident we will begin to investigate word problems.

At home see if you can answer these questions: 

5 and ten times table

Multiplication ReasoningMultiplication Reasoning 2times table question

In our other subjects we are going to look at: 


Come back soon to see more pictures of our learning. 


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